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Matron Patron

Version: 1
by: v6o [More]

I have very little time to play WoW and even less time to code addons. As such I've dropped all development of all my addons. If you want to continue any addon or make a fork then feel free to do so. This is your permission slip.

Best regards, v6

Hides the system message when gaining or losing the Matron and Patron titles.

Some effects that trigger this title change

Male: Brunnhildar Village Disguise
Female: Deathbringer's Will, Iron Boot Flask, Frenzyheart Brew.

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My wife doesn't have the mentioned item, but her Matron/Patron status will randomly swap alot, even while standing around in Dalaran. I might sneak this mod on her computer so she doesn't complain about it anymore. lol
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