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EventHorizon Continued (Beta release)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v1.9.3
by: Brusalk [More]

This is NOT a working version of EventHorizon for MoP! Please check out the link below for the working live version!!!
-Brusalk (Bronzebeard-US)

EventHorizon Continued

Beta notes:
v1.9.3: Mmm, ticks. And math. And updates.
* Core: Tick detection has been completely rewritten and is nearly 100% accurate. I'll spare the details here, check beta comments for how it all works.
* Core: Added a NewSpell flag, 'smallCooldown', indended to improve visibility of certain auras without removing their cooldowns. See the Priest config (Devouring Plague bar) for usage.
* Core: Redshift may now be enabled via slash command when disabled via config.lua. (see note)
* Core: Single spell stack numbers (or spells that show a single stack for no reason) are no longer displayed.
* Core: Recast lines were using some incorrect info in certain conditions.
* Core: Buffs cast by other players should no longer cause EH to panic.
* Core: Various module API refinements, little fixes across the board, and probably a lot of stuff I haven't mentioned in the changelog so far.
* Config: Added a new entry for use with the tick-related changes, nonAffectingHaste = {spellID,multiplier} or {{spellID,multiplier},{spellID,multiplier},...}.
- Warlocks seem to be the only ones needing this at present. If you find other spells affecting cast haste but not tick haste, and your ticks are improperly calculated because of it, by all means let me know.
* Config: Added a new entry to the layout section for the smallCooldown NewSpell flag.
* Druid: Removed Omen of Clarity across all specs. Revive used as haste comparison.
- Feral/Cat: Bars reorganized to better reflect priorities.
- Feral/Bear: Added Swipe CD to Pulverize. Enrage removed (commented out if you prefer seeing it).
- Balance: Shooting Stars added to Starsurge.
- Resto: Tweaks a'la malsudon.
+ Moved Swiftmend cooldown to the Rejuvenation bar.
+ Added Nature's Swiftness cooldown to the casted heals bar.
+ Added Tree of Life.
* Mage: Conjure Refreshment used as haste comparison.
* Hunter: Steady/Cobra bar now tracks Improved Steady Shot (with recast segment).
- BM: Usability tweaks.
+ Frenzy bar now tracks Focus Fire cooldown, Focus Fire buff is no longer tracked (same CD as buff time).
+ Killing Streak is now shown on Kill Command as originally intended.
- Marks: Aimed Shot cast and Master Marksman buffs moved to Chimaera Shot bar.
* Paladin: Redemption used as haste comparison.
* Priest: Resurrection used as haste comparison.
- All specs: Evangelism and Archangel folded into a single bar.
- Shadow: Please spend some time on the target dummy to get used to the changes. Most will find the layout more intuitive than it has been in recent releases.
+ Moved Shadowfiend CD to the Devouring Plague bar. Uses the new smallCooldown flag to improve usability.
+ Filler separated into two bars. Cast filler tracks Mind Melt buff, channel filler tracks Shadow Orbs.
+ Moved Shadow Word: Death CD to the channel filler bar.
* Shaman: Ancestral Spirit used as haste comparison.
* Warlock: Create Healthstone used as haste comparison. Eradication defined as not affecting DoT haste.

Redshift note: You may need to repeat the command a couple of times due to an elusive little glitch, but the settings stick between login/reloadui without further issues.
Redshift remembers your last enableRedshift setting from config.lua. If that's changed, Redshift will default to whatever the new setting is.

v1.9.2: Switched to Git, revision numbers go byebye.
* Core: Added a 'recast' NewSpell flag. 'recast = true,' (or really anything but nil/false) will force the recast segment to show for any aura on the bar.
* Core: Recast lines will try to use the most recent tracked spellcast. (see note)
* Probably some more fixes and changes here and there, but not many. Been focusing on getting things set up with the new repository.

Note: Let's say a bar is tracking a proc and two spells with differing cast times, with the recast flag on. The following situation may happen:
1 - Begin a 1.5 second cast (which procs the aura)
2 - Cast completes and spell's in the air. Begin a 3 second cast (which doesn't proc the aura)
3 - The procced aura appears with a 3 second recast segment, which probably isn't what you wanted to see.
I'll be adding a way to set which casts affect the recast duration in a later release, probably in v1.9.2. For now I don't believe it'll be a huge issue to leave it as is.

v1.9 r378: Eep again.
* Core: Aura info is no longer indexed by spellID. EH now behaves much better in a raid environment.

v1.9 r377: Eep.
* Core: Fixed error spam when mouseover units are being actively tracked.
* Core: Increased the period between mouseover aura checks from ~100ms to ~150ms.

v1.9 r376: Hopefully that's the last time I'll have to fix Redshift.
* Core: Made some huge changes to how aura information is collected and stored. (see note)
* Core: Redshift now has (almost) complete control over frame visibility when enabled.
* Core: Indicators now use the API methods introduced in 4.0.1 to set their drawing order, instead of relying on framelevel hacks. Less CPU usage, more stable ordering.
* Core: Cooldowns are now prioritized over [de]buffs in terms of drawing order.

Note: I haven't had the opportunity to test every variation, but it seems stable enough. Let me know of any issues.

v1.9 r370: Trinket bars will be disabled by default from this release onward.
* Core: Cast-time debuffs no longer leave a bar segment behind when dispelled or the target dies.
* Core: itemID bars now use the correct GetSpellCooldown syntax.
* Core: Fixed some load order issues that were preventing Redshift from doing its thing at login.
* Core: Added a few API triggers for module usage, fixed some event assignments, and cleaned up a few bits of code.
* Config: Trinket bars are now disabled by default. Look for "config.showTrinketBars" in config.lua if you prefer to see them.
* Class Config: Added an 'icon' NewSpell flag - Sets a static icon for the bar. Can use a spellID, itemID, or texture path. Not usable with equipment slot bars.
* Paladin: Holy Shield has been fixed and folded into the CS/HotR bar, Sacred Duty added to Prot Judgement.
* Warlock: Corruption bar now uses only the Corruption icon. Chaos Bolt's cast is no longer missing from the Destro filler bar.

v1.9 r362: SavedVariable wipe for people affected by r335 quirks. The new class config system has been delayed for now.
* Core: Talent/glyph checks are now throttled and delayed using the same method as gear checks.
* Core: The recast bar segment should no longer glitch out when recasting or refreshing dots.
* Core: The hideIcons option was broken in a namespace cleanup a while back. This has been corrected.
* Core: Most bar components and some portions of the EventHorizon window may now have their blending mode adjusted. (see note)
* Config: Added config.blendModes to config.lua. See the notes there for usage. (note again)
* Config: The default channel tick color has been changed from class color to castbar color.
* Class Config: Removed 3.3.5 compatibility code.
* DK: Fixed up a couple entries. Trying a new spellID for Unholy Blight, the old one apparently wasn't working (haven't had a chance to check myself).
* Priest/Healer: Greater Heal is now shown on the casted-heals bar.
* Priest/Shadow: Added Shadowfiend CD.
* Rogue: Fixed up an entry or two.
* Warlock: Moved Immolation Aura to the bottom of the list. Corruption now shows for all specs.

Note: Try setting some blend modes to "ADD" if you're curious. This can be very useful for some UIs, and does allow for more visible bars depending on your settings, monitor, and perception of color.
Changelog may be incomplete for this release.

v1.9 r335: TOC fix. My packaging script apparently doesn't like changes. Global savedvariables are actually used now, like they were supposed to be forever ago...
r335-2: Corrected some copypasta, sorry about that.

v1.9 r334:
* Core: Killed off some debug code that snuck into r333.

v1.9 r333: Note - SavedVariables wipe, sorry for any inconvenience. Untested in beta, haven't had an opportunity.
* Core: Trinkets and other gear checks now use savedvariables to avoid constant GetItemInfo calls and at least somewhat remedy the related Beta/PTR issues.
* API: Modules are now loaded before checking talents, allowing modules to use EH's talent checks instead of their own.

Note: Beta/PTR users may notice missing trinkets when logging in for the first time. Entering combat, using a spell/skill with a cooldown, or swapping trinkets should fix that.

v1.9 r329:
* Core: Fixed stance/form detection.
* Priest (Beta/PTR): Filler bar now tracks Shadow Orbs instead of Mind Spike stacks.

v1.9 r327: Warlock love inc.
* Core: Bypassed a check in UPDATE_SHAPESHIFT_FORM when playing a Warlock. The Immolation Aura bar now appears as intended.
* Warlock (Beta/PTR): Removed Curse bar.
- Demonology: Immolation Aura now appears as intended when in metamorphosis. Bar order has been adjusted.
* Warlock (Live): Adjusted Demonology bar order to closer reflect Beta bars. New filler bar, showing Molten Core procs instead of ISB.

v1.9 r322: SVN messed up EventHorizon.lua in r321, sorry about that.

v1.9 r321: Bunch of workarounds because Blizzard hates me.
* Core: Bars with both channeled spells and auras (Warlock, Priest, Mage) will no longer lose their channel ticks on aura changes.
* Core: Logging in, reloading your UI, or changing gear sets will no longer trigger multiple layout checks at once. Instead, a 2-second delay is used with a single mass update at the end. (note 1)
* Core: Gear checks have been revamped a bit to reduce errors, oddities, and CPU usage.
* Core: Blank trinket bars at login: Added an extra post-load check for trinket bars, using the glyph redetection workaround. (note 2)
* Core: Leveling up will now trigger a layout check.
* Core: Added a couple new slash commands: "/ehz lock" (toggles the drag-handle), and "/ehz status" (shows a list of modules and shown bars). "/ehz help" has been reformatted a bit. (note 3)
* Config: A new color and layout has been added for channeled ticks.
* Config: Changed the bar layouts a bit. Ticks are a little shorter, bars a little taller.
* Mage (Beta/PTR): Corrected Living Bomb's DoT interval.

1) This effectively cuts the number of talent checks and layout updates in half. Yay efficiency.
2) The item cache is pretty screwy. Nothing but the itemID is available at login during the loading process. ReloadUI or logging out and back in fixes it.
+ Using the dissapearing-glyph workaround seems to work decently for now. I'll see about a better solution if people still have blank trinket bars.
3) Using "/ehz lock" when the frame would not normally have a handle does nothing, and will tell you that.
4) I'm still looking for inaccuracies and missing procs in the class config. Let me know if you feel like your bars are missing something that should be there.

v1.9 r312: Maintenance release with Cataclysm and PTR compatibility while I break things for Axis. I had this release planned long ago, sorry for the delay.
* NOTE: This release is compatible with live realms, PTRs, and the Cataclysm beta. PTR and Beta players will notice new bar layouts.
* Class Config: Added two new flags to NewSpell:
- requiredTree = <tree> or {tree, tree, ...} - Adds a dominant talent tree requirement to the bar. This follows the order on your talent sheet (ie, Arms Warrior = 1, Shadow Priest = 3)
- requiredLevel = <level> - Adds a level requirement to the bar.
* Core: Internal cooldowns have been adjusted to behave a bit better.
* Core: Made some huge changes to EH's internal table structure. (/dump EventHorizon.vars if you're interested)
* Core: config.past and config.future have been sanitized and will no accept both positive and negative numbers with no ill effect.
* Config: The default cooldown color has changed to a mute blue/teal and made a touch more opaque. (0.6, 0.8, 1, 0.3)
* Config: The default cast color has also been changed slightly and made a little less opaque. (0, 1, 0.2, 0.25)

WotLK class config:
* Priest: Vampiric Touch is down to 5 expected ticks. t9 is no longer default. Change it to 7 if you use it.
* Shaman: The Ele bars did feel funky how they were. Sorry about that.
- Elemental: Lava Burst is back on its own bar. Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning are shared below it.

Notes: This is beta. It's largely untested and things will probably break. I'll update as often as I can.
* GetItemCooldown seems pretty well screwed, let me know if you get errors related to it and which trinkets you're using if you run into problems.
* Several Cataclysm/PTR configs are completely untested.

Cataclysm class configs (copypasted from the main release comments):

- General -
Frost Fever
Blood Plague
Blood Tap

- Blood -
Rune Tap
Vampiric Blood
Bone Shield
Dancing Rune Weapon

- Frost -
Pillar of Frost

- Unholy -
Unholy Blight
Sudden Doom
Shadow Infusion + Dark Transformation (note: They're definitely exclusive, so the bar will alternate)
Druid (probably not final, see above posts):
- Balance -
Wrath + Eclipse (Solar)
Starfire + Eclipse (Lunar)
Insect Swarm

- Resto -
Direct Heals (Regrowth, Nourish, Healing Touch) + Swiftmend CD

- Feral / Cat -
Savage Roar
Mangle (along with all +bleed damage effects I can find)

- Feral / Bear -
Lacerate + Thrash CD
Pulverize (should hopefully show the buff, unable to test atm)

- General -
Omen of Clarity
Hunter: Frenzy is missing a spellID, got the most likely candidate in for now. If someone wouldn't mind checking ingame - Check the buff name on your pet, then use /dump UnitBuff('pet','Buff Name Here'). I'm not going to be using the PTR for testing, and I have no hunter on the beta.

- BM -
Serpent Sting
Kill Command
Focus Fire (buff + CD)
Frenzy (min stacks 5, for Focus Fire) - MISSING SPELLID
Bestial Wrath

- Marks -
Serpent Sting
Chimaera Shot
Steady/Cobra/Aimed + Master Marksman ("Ready, Set, Aim...", "Fire!")

- Survival -
Serpent Sting
Black Arrow
Explosive Shot
Steady/Cobra + Lock and Load
- General -
Casts + AM/Hot Streak/Brain Freeze proc

- Arcane -
Arcane Blast + [de]buff + ABar CD
Arcane Power
Presence of Mind

- Fire -
Fire Blast + Impact
Living Bomb

- Frost -
Deep Freeze + Fingers of Frost
Icy Veins
Paladin (input needed):
- Holy -
Judgement + Judgements of the Pure
Holy Shock + Denounce
Casts (HL, DL, FoL, Exorcism) + Infusion of Light
Light of Dawn
Holy Radiance

- Prot -
Crusader Strike / HotR
Avenger's Shield
Judgement + Vindication
Holy Shield (buff only, as it's a proc effect)

- Ret -
Judgement + Judgements of the Pure
Crusader Strike + Art of War
- Discipline -
Casts + Borrowed Time
Penance + Grace
Weakened Soul

- Holy -
Casts + Serendipity
Holy Word: Chastise/Aspire/Serenity (hopefully got spellIDs correct)
Circle of Healing + Twirling Light
Chakra + corresponding effects

- Shadow - Healing spells will no longer show outside Shadowform
Devouring Plague
Shadow Word: Pain + Shadow Word: Death CD
Vampiric Touch
Mind Flay/Sear/Blast/Spike + Spike buff

- All Specs - Using requiredTalent for now, hopefully Blizz doesn't change the index again.
[Dark] Evangelism
[Dark] Archangel
- Assassination -
Slice and Dice
Deadly Poison

- Combat - Blade Flurry and Bandit's Guile are in there, but commented out - Too many bars for comfort.
Slice and Dice
Revealing Strike
Killing Spree
Adrenaline Rush
Deadly Poison

- Subtlety -
Slice and Dice
Shadow Dance
Deadly Poison
Note: Unleash Elements doesn't show its own buff/debuff info and probably won't until Axis.
- Elemental -
Unleash Elements (requires level 81)
Flame Shock
Lava Burst
LB + CL + Earthquake (+ Lightning Shield charges when at 4+)
Elemental Mastery
Fire Nova + Clearcasting

- Enhancement - Note: Need someone to provide the Searing Flames debuff spellID.
Unleash Elements + Maelstrom Weapon (second entry, requires level 59)
Storm/Primal Strike
Lava Lash (+ Searing Flames debuff when found)
Fire Nova

- Restoration -
Unleash Elements (uses the Elemental bar)
Single Target Casts + Focused Insight + Shock CD
Chain Heal + Healing Rain + Tidal Waves
Earth Shield
- Affliction -
Unstable Affliction
[Seed of] Corruption
Other casts/channels + Shadow Embrace

- Demonology -
Immolation Aura (when morphed)
Hand of Gul'dan + Decimation (for lack of a more relevant spot)
Other casts/channels + Molten Core

- Destruction -
Conflagrate + Backdraft
Other casts/channels + "Soul Fire!" proc
Just listing these in the order they appear, with their requirements. Warrior is complex, yes?

Colossus Smash - Battle/Berserker, lvl 81
Rend - Battle/Defensive, lvl 4
Strike - Zero talents
Mortal Strike + Lambs to the Slaughter + Slam - Arms
Raging Blow + Enrage effects - Fury, lvl 39
Bloodthirst + Bloodrage - Fury
Shield Slam + Sword and Board - Prot
Revenge + Impending Victory - Defensive, lvl 40
Shield Block - Defensive, lvl 28
Shockwave + Thunderstruck - Prot, lvl 69
Thunder Clap - Prot or zero talents, not Berserker, lvl 6
Demoralizing Shout - Prot, lvl 52
Whirlwind + Meat Cleaver - Berserker, lvl 36
Taste for Blood - requiredTalent, not Berserker
HS/Cleave + Incite - lvl 14
Shouts - lvl 32
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v1.9 r335-2
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v1.9 r335
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1.9 r321
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1.9 (r312)
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1.9 (r210)
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1.9 (r208)
05-24-10 07:48 PM
1.9 (r202)
05-24-10 01:43 AM
1.9 (r196)
05-22-10 02:17 PM
1.9 (r190)
05-19-10 01:38 PM
1.9 (r182)
05-16-10 07:44 AM
1.9 (r180)
05-14-10 01:58 PM
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Unread 10-22-10, 03:05 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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This may have been asked before, and I apologize if this is a double post, but I was wondering what changes are required in the config to make other casts show when to cast to refresh something. For example, the way that VT shows when to start your cast to re-apply on time. I was hoping to show that for imp. steady shot. I'm not sure how to go about it though since its a buff rather than a debuff.

Thanks for any help!
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Unread 10-22-10, 08:04 AM  
A Cyclonian
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Not really sure how I missed this one in the update spam... Changelog was changed, so I'm assuming I was just going too quick. =P
Former author of EventHorizon Continued and Other Releases.
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Unread 10-19-10, 08:20 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Nah, its cool. I just don't like seeing my trinkets on some fights to clear up space to see effects, and so i drag them under the bars, but it's not a big deal. I'll probably be changing my UI again soon anyway.
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Unread 10-18-10, 08:04 AM  
A Cyclonian
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That's a side effect of having multiple overlaid objects that need to be displayed in a specific order. Why not just move EH?

There's some new texture manipulation tools in the 4.0 API, but it may be a bit before I can get around to using them.
Former author of EventHorizon Continued and Other Releases.
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Unread 10-18-10, 01:00 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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This is what I am referencing. Some bars are over, while others are under. Not sure if this is a UI issue with blizzard, the addon, or my unitframes addon (shadowed unit frames), I like to hide my trinket section under the unitframes while PvPing and on certain boss fights where it doesn't matter as much.
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Unread 10-17-10, 09:44 PM  
A Cyclonian
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Uhh... what?

If this is actually a problem, screenshot. Otherwise... I have no idea what you're talking about.
Former author of EventHorizon Continued and Other Releases.
Last edited by Taroven : 10-17-10 at 09:46 PM.
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Unread 10-17-10, 09:08 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Got another bug, not sure if it's EH or Shadowed Unit Frames, but the timer for my trinkets is covering up my unit frames (just the cooldown bar, the rest are fine). I'd prefer if it went under and was covered by the unit frame, as I like seeing trinkets on certain fights, but others I don't care if they're covered..

Update: The vertical bar for '0' or current time is also covering my SUF too.
Last edited by Der_Idiot : 10-17-10 at 09:22 PM.
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Unread 10-17-10, 07:26 AM  
A Cyclonian
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Yeah, that one's on my end. Pretty easy to fix, but it may be a few days (busy as all hell IRL).

If you use a bomb belt tinker, tracking by slotID should do the trick until I can get around to that.
If you don't... why not? =P

Edit: Alternate solution is to add this line to the statement around line 1910 in EventHorizon.lua.
spellframe.cooldownID = config.itemID
For some reason I was thinking it would take more than that.
Former author of EventHorizon Continued and Other Releases.
Last edited by Taroven : 10-17-10 at 07:44 AM.
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Unread 10-17-10, 01:43 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I'm getting the following after enabling saronite bombs for my rogue. Might be something on my side (I used the same code as you listed below), but figured I'd inform you. This was added to the General section of the Rogue myconfig.lua, and running build 362

Also, you are my hero for the week because of this addon, it really is a fantastic little addition and I'm very happy you're continuing it


Message: Interface\AddOns\EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1260: Usage: GetItemCooldown(itemID)
Time: 10/17/10 02:42:08
Count: 8
Stack: [C]: in function `CooldownFunction'
Interface\AddOns\EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1260: in function `f'
Interface\AddOns\EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:452: in function <Interface\AddOns\EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:448>

Locals: (*temporary) = "Saronite Bomb"
Last edited by Der_Idiot : 10-17-10 at 01:45 AM.
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Unread 10-16-10, 06:39 PM  
A Cyclonian
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Re: Seperating Bars

1) I'm aware, it'll be fixed soon.

2) Take a look into the class config files, they're surprisingly easy to edit. You can find the spellIDs you need in the files themselves or on wowhead (look up the spell, the ID is the set of digits in its URL).
Former author of EventHorizon Continued and Other Releases.
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Unread 10-16-10, 05:20 PM  
Alpha Dog
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker
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Seperating Bars

Thanks for this addon, I would be lost without it

2 issues that I'm having that I didn't see on any other write-ups.

1-Redshift only works when I manually turn it OFF & ON. Then it works fine (I made a macro for that) I'm not getting any errors though.
I have a myconfig file & I have tried every combo I could think of but, no joy yet.

2-I'm having a very hard time getting used to the combined bars.
I play sPriest, Hunter & destro lock, & I like BARZ, () so, I read the last 5 pages of write-ups & saw a reference to seperating them, but I can't find info on how to seperate them, lol
I would love to get my bars back.

btw, Im not into lua or programming.

Thanks again & any help would be appriciated.
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Unread 10-16-10, 06:05 AM  
A Cyclonian
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Sorry about that, there's a speed code issue in r335 that I've hammered down and nearly forgotten about already on my end.

Open up the DK config file (EventHorizon_Deathknight/config.lua), search for this line:
requiredTree = true
...and change the true to 3.

Side effect of rushing the Cata-ready stuff and not testing thoroughly on all chars.

Edit: The SVN is here: http://code.google.com/p/eventhorizon-taroven
Former author of EventHorizon Continued and Other Releases.
Last edited by Taroven : 10-16-10 at 06:05 AM.
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Unread 10-15-10, 11:56 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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File comments: 2
Uploads: 0
Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful addon. I've never found anything that comes close to this. I'm really glad you are maintaining it.

I am having some trouble with the DK list since 4.0.1 hit. I get the following error upon loading with the addon. Digging through the lua, at first I thought it was a lack of a proper spec, but my DK has two valid specs (34/0/2) and (2/31/3). I'm not sure what's causing the issue. The end result is that there are no spells shown in eventhorizon and therefore no bars, just an empty frame a few pixels high.

I looked around for the SVN, I didn't see the repository and googling got me an old one. If this is fixed already, I apologize and I'd appreciate if you could just point me to the svn. Cheers.

1x EventHorizon-1.9 r346\EventHorizon.lua:1677: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got boolean)
EventHorizon-1.9 r346\EventHorizon.lua:1677: in function `CheckTalents'
EventHorizon-1.9 r346\EventHorizon.lua:2512: in function `Initialize'
EventHorizon-1.9 r346\EventHorizon.lua:2717: in function `f'
EventHorizon-1.9 r346\EventHorizon.lua:457: in function <EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:454>

self = <table> {
CreateSpellBar = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2153:
Activate = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2257:
otherIDs = <table> {}
layouts = <table> {}
SetFrameDimensions = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1481:
Deactivate = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2278:
defaultDBG = <table> {}
mainframe = <unnamed> {}
trinkets = <table> {}
defaultcolors = <table> {}
defaultconfig = <table> {}
InitDB = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2290:
NewSpell = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1877:
AddCheckedTalent = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1589:
ToggleModule = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2249:
currentTalents = <table> {}
defaultDB = <table> {}
frames = <table> {}
CheckTalents = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1601:
LoadClassModule = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1844:
db = <table> {}
dbg = <table> {}
DeactivateModule = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2240:
styleframe = <unnamed> {}
classcolor = <table> {}
InitializeClass = <function> @ EventHorizon_Deathknight\config.lua:5:
RegisterModule = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2698:
SetupStyleFrame = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2668:
ActivateModule = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2231:
talents = <table> {}
glyphs = <table> {}
ApplyConfig = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2516:
config = <table> {}
colors = <table> {}
vars = <table> {}
modules = <table> {}
CheckMouseover = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1793:
defaultlayouts = <table> {}
UpdateConfig = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:2579:
(for generator) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
(for state) = <table> {
1 = <table> {}
2 = <table> {}
3 = <table> {}
4 = <table> {}
5 = <table> {}
6 = <table> {}
7 = <table> {}
8 = <table> {}
9 = <table> {}
10 = <table> {}
11 = <table> {}
12 = <table> {}
13 = <table> {}
14 = <table> {}
(for control) = 10
i = 10
config = <table> {
requiredTree = true
playerbuff = true
spellID = 49194
rT = nil
rG = nil
rS = true
rL = 1
haveTalentReq = true
haveGlyphReq = true
haveSpecReq = nil
haveLevelReq = true
vars = <table> {
barheight = 18
currentLevel = 80
scale = 0.066666666666667
playerguid = "0x0180000002B8BFA8"
activeTalentGroup = 1
activeSpec = <table> {}
currentProfile = <table> {}
activeTree = 1
classburn = 0.7
nowleft = 47.5
texturealpha = 2
bartexture = "EventHorizon\Smooth"
barwidth = 150
barspacing = 0
config = <table> {}
castLine = 0
texturedbars = true
onepixelwide = 1.3157894901952
visibleFrame = true
numframes = 0
future = 12
past = -3
barbgcolor = <table> {}
classalpha = 0.3
mainframe = <unnamed> {
0 = <userdata>
UPDATE_SHAPESHIFT_FORM = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1717:
COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1831:
PLAYER_LEVEL_UP = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1713:
PLAYER_TALENT_UPDATE = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1470:
numframes = 7
framebyspell = <table> {}
CLEU_OtherInterestingSpell = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:939:
SPELL_UPDATE_COOLDOWN = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1800:
UPDATE_SHAPESHIFT_FORMS = <function> @ EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:1717:

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Unread 10-15-10, 11:39 PM  
A Cyclonian
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Update for those watching the SVN: Just made a somewhat big commit, still not release-ready (refreshable recast bars are still fucked) but it's getting there. More tomorrow.
Former author of EventHorizon Continued and Other Releases.
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Unread 10-15-10, 11:31 PM  
A Cyclonian
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Forum posts: 49
File comments: 837
Uploads: 14
Re: Cooldown Bars...?

It's probably one of those cases where I'll have to dig out my Druid and go through every bar, buff, and debuff to see wtf is going on. I'll prolly do that tomorrow once I fix some other issues. Thanks for the report.
Former author of EventHorizon Continued and Other Releases.
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