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Broker H3Skills

Version: r003
by: SuranthianH3 [More]

This requires a databroker addon such as
Chocolate Bar or TitanPanel.

Broker_H3Skills is only available in English and was designed for enUS.

Broker H3 Skills is a somewhat simple skill rank display addon for broker that I made to learn how to modify tooltips using different libraries and decided I would release it.

Please provide feedback in comments, even if it's just "Great addon.". Also provide suggestions for more features. I will update with a list of features I plan on adding when there are enough.

It is important that if you find a bug that you make a comment here, otherwise the bug will not be fixed.


  • Showing the primary and secondary skills for your current character or all of your characters on the server you are currently on sorted into 3 columns:
    • The name of the skill (Herbalism, Skinning, Lockpicking, etc.)
    • Your estimated level for that skill (300 is 60, 100 is 20, 40 is 14, etc.), which is colored according to how close it is to the toon's level. (Skinning's estimated max mob level is not 100% accurate as I'm not certain of the formula for 300+)
    • The skill's rank followed by the maximum rank for that skill.
  • *NEW* Tradeskill cooldowns for all characters on your current server.
  • Several options such as:
    • Changing the tooltip's font and various text sizes for the tooltip.
    • Enabling/disabling the display of Primary or Secondary skills.
    • Toggling whether it only shows the icon.
    • Toggling whether character names are colored by class (and all class colors and the default name color can be changed)

Revision 003 - IMPORTANT - Added garbage collection! Get this or the addon will hog A LOT of addon memory!! This is a temporary fix until I can find some source of the problem. Also added tradeskill cooldowns.

Revision 002 - Added instant fade on leaving the tooltip. Added sorting. Removed skinning level for inaccuracy. Changed mount level.

Revision 001 - Initial release.
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