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Updated: 03-12-13 07:46 PM
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Updated:03-12-13 07:46 PM
Created:05-16-10 12:51 AM

nutti ui 1440x900[wide] UPDATED!!

Version: 5.2
by: nöttä [More]

Hello, long time since i updated my UI, and now i've done it but its noooooot at all like it was before!

since i switched class to rogue this UI will work best with rogue (obviously) but not only, healing classes like shaman/disc/monk also got some Weakauras imported, and currently lvling a shaman and will do another UI for that like the one i had before for the people who missed it! (me i guess?)

Change font's and "overall look" of the UI cause i mainly self like it more now!
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