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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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Created:05-21-10 01:14 PM
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TinyDPS  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

by: Talyrius, Sideshow

TinyDPS is a lightweight damage and healing meter.

Looking for an addon to measure damage and healing without adversely affecting your gameplay experience? TinyDPS should suit your needs. By excluding unnecessary features (graphs, pie charts, extensive data collection, etc.) and offering a minimalistic interface, TinyDPS attempts to maintain a balance between information and performance.


  • Options are available by right-clicking on the frame or minimap button.
  • To move the frame or button, while holding the Shift key, click and drag to the desired location.
  • For resizing of the frame, click and drag the bottom-right corner.
  • Toggling frame visibility can be accomplished by clicking on the minimap button or typing /tdps.
  • In addition to the option in the right-click menu (under Fight), all data can be reset by middle-clicking the frame or minimap button. Similarly, the back and forward mouse buttons will allow for quickly switching between displaying overall or just the current fight's damage/healing.
  • Available slash commands (/tdps <command>):
    help or ?, reset or r, damage or d, healing or h, visiblebars <number>, whisper <name>, reportlength <number>
Known Issues and Limitations
Intended Behavior
  • Pet data is attributed to the owner.
  • Vehicle/mounted combat data is ignored.
  • Overhealing is ignored.
  • Absorbs are added to healing.
  • Unlike damage, healing won't start a new fight.
Bug Reports and Feature Requests
Please submit bug reports and feature requests using the GitHub issue tracker.

You may leave comments at WoWInterface.

  • Updated for Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus.
  • Fixed PlaySound calls by making use of the SoundKit.
  • Added an option to automatically hide in pet battles.
  • The minimap button's tooltip will now take the 'short format' option into account.

  • Adjusted argument return order for combat events to account for multistrikes being removed.
  • Damage absorbed by Soul Capacitor's Spirit Shift is now ignored.
  • Damage dealt to Soul Effigy is now ignored.

  • Updated for Patch 7.0.3: Legion.
  • Damage dealt to absorbs is now tracked.
  • Damage dealt to Prismatic Crystals is now correctly being ignored.
  • Replaced removed animation SetChange method with SetFromAlpha and SetToAlpha methods.
  • Added esES/esMX localization (thanks to chronojean).
  • Updated the README.

  • Improved zone detection; no longer interferes with the player's map viewing experience.
  • Confined garbage collection use to outside of combat.
  • Prevented word wrap from occurring to the text displayed on bars.
  • Fixed integer overflow errors.

  • Updated for Patch 6.2: Fury of Hellfire.
  • Added Ashran as an area to check for when the 'hide in PvP' option is used.
  • Removed redundant code.
  • Added more comprehensive support for absorbs.

  • Updated for Patch 6.1: The Adventure Continues.
  • Added zhCN localization (thanks to cbdgv).
  • Assigned a color to the "UNKNOWN" class to avoid an error.
  • Added support for Clarity of Will.
  • Fixed data not being reset when joining a new group with the option enabled.

  • Fixed boss fight detection and performed some code cleanup.

  • Updated for Patch 6.0.2: The Iron Tide.
  • Removed a string substitution that is no longer necessary.

  • Updated for Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar.

  • Updated for Patch 5.3: Escalation.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented hiding in combat from working as expected.
  • The 'hide [in/out of] combat' options are now mutually exclusive.
  • Added itIT localization (thanks to Oz).

  • Fixed the way in which NPC ID's are extracted to allow Throne of Thunder boss fights to be saved.

  • Fixed an error caused by hunters' Stampede ability.

  • Updated for Patch 5.2: The Thunder King.

  • Added the Instance channel as a report destination.
  • Added frFR localization (thanks to ckeurk).

  • Updated for Patch 5.1: Landfall.
  • Prevent frames from being dragged off the screen.
  • Fixed a typo and simplified the zone checking function.

  • Fixed all of the group (party/raid) detection checks.
  • Improved and optimized PvP zone detection.

  • Added a small ruRU locale update and error fix (thanks to Shestak).

  • Properly implemented LibBossIDs-1.0.
  • Performed code reformatting and optimization.
  • Added support for cross-realm reporting.
  • Removed backward compatibility for Patch 4.3.
  • Added a README and LICENSE file.
  • Added new absorption spells/pet exclusions and removed those that no longer exist.

Version 0.941
  • Added initial Mists of Pandaria compatibility.

Version 0.94
  • Updated for Patch 4.3.
  • Updated LibBossIDs-1.0.

Version 0.939
  • Updated for Patch 4.2.

Version 0.938
  • Updated LibBossIDs-1.0.
  • Added option "Hide In Combat" (Options -> Various).
  • Using the "/tdps" command has now permanent effect.
  • Middle clicking the frame resets all data which is now also the case for the minimap button.

Version 0.937
  • Updated for Patch 4.2.

Version 0.936
  • Corrected issue with auto hide in PvP.

Version 0.935
  • Updated LibBossIDs-1.0.
  • Resize grip has now zero opacity until hovered.

Version 0.934
  • Updated LibBossIDs-1.0.

Version 0.933
  • Changes to report and bar menu.
  • Small fix concerning bar width.
  • Adding a custom font is now easier.
  • Default custom font is from TukUI.

Version 0.932
  • Wintergrasp battles will now hide TinyDPS if needed.

Version 0.931
  • Simplified color handling.
  • Support for CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS.

Version 0.93
  • Reworked DropDownMenu.
  • Reworked tooltip on minimap button.
  • deDE localization (thanks to ac3r).
  • ruRU localization (thanks to mupymupa).

Version 0.91
  • Tweaked short number format.
  • Updated LibBossIDs-1.0.
  • DropDownMenu creates much less garbage memory.
  • Tooltips do not create garbage memory anymore.
  • Text on statusbars has been lowered by 1 pixel.
  • Fixed absorbs (spell_aura_removed) and updated id's.
  • Excluded fonts due to licenses, added default system fonts.
  • Added koKR localization (thanks to eastkiki for help and testing).

Version 0.90
  • Fixed bug with 'Hide When Solo.'
  • Fixed bug with 'Short Format.'
  • Reworked frame positioning.
  • Tweaked starting of new fights.
  • Updated list of excluded pets.
  • Added absorbs: Val'anyr Hammer of Ancient Kings.

Version 0.89
  • Fixed bug with frame width; this also fixes ocasionally 'empty' bars.
  • Added Sacred Shield and Guarded by the Light to absorb list.
  • Various tweaks.

Version 0.88
  • Healing now includes (trackable) absorbs.
  • Optimized CPU usage: 'OnUpdate' halted when out of combat.
  • Optimized CPU usage: Refreshing bar text is now much faster.
  • Various other optimizations, changes and tweaks.

Version 0.86
  • Fixed tiny bug when swapping bar/text color.
  • Fixed boss tracking due to changes in Patch 4.0.1.

Version 0.85
  • Complete rewrite of data handling (collection and storage).
  • => fight history is now dynamic and can be completely turned off (default).
  • Non-damage pets (Wrath of Air Totem, etc.) are now ignored much faster (all languages, only english before).
  • Changed some functions to prevent problems with saved variables and version.
  • Fixed a little bug with melee in the spell tracker.
  • Unchecking 'track spells' will now delete all spell data.
  • Resetting TinyDPS will not change to 'current fight' anymore.
  • Refreshing of bars can now be set to 1 second (default: 2).
  • Minimap button is now disabled by default.
  • Lots of function rewrites and alround code cleaning.

Version 0.84
  • Added: The position of the frame is now saved for all characters.
  • Added: A explicit reset of all saved variables and settings to prevent a bug with the spelltracker.

Version 0.83
  • Fixed: Bug with spell tracking.

Version 0.82
  • Added: Officer channel.
  • Fixed: Cataclysm compatibility.

Version 0.81
  • Fixed: Tiny bug with raid colors from previous version. This changes nothing to the add-on actually, but it's just better.

Version 0.80
  • Fixed: Tiny bug with outline monochrome.
  • Changed: The default style is now more sexy. ;)
  • Changed: Tracking of spells has been rewritten.
  • Changed: Class colors will now use RAID_CLASS_COLORS (this changes nothing for most of us).
  • Added: Option to disable spell tracking completely (saves CPU and ram for the sake of tinyness).
  • The usual tiny adjustments and polish.

Version 0.79
  • (Re-)added: Option to autohide in PvP.
  • (Re-)added: Option to autohide when solo.
  • Your DPS is shown in the button tooltip (minimap).
  • Some tiny adjustments not really worth mentioning.

Version 0.78
  • Fixed: Tiny bug with percentages (introduced in previous update).
  • Changed: Tiny adjustment in reporting.
  • Changed: Simplified options menu.
  • Changed: Updating TinyDPS will not reset your settings anymore.

Version 0.77
  • Fixed: Tiny bug with auto reset.
  • Fixed: Evading mobs are now ignored (this fixes occasional empty fights).
  • Added: Option to only keep boss segments.
  • Cleaned up some scripts.

Version 0.76
  • Fixed: Some saved variables had the wrong location.
  • Fixed: On some rare occasion, bars would not update.
  • Optimized: "OnUpdate" event.
  • Optimized: "autoreset" on new group.
  • Optimized: Combat check and fight splitting.
  • Optimized: Updating of bars.
  • => overall CPU savings up to 25%.
  • Added: you can now report top 3.
  • Minor interface adjustments.

Version 0.71
  • Fixed: Small bug with overall healing.
  • Changed: Settings are now saved per account.
  • Changed: Tried to improve the options menu again.
  • Changed: Command options (/tdps ? for help).
  • Added: You can now report to channels.
  • Added: Options for font shadow and outline.
  • Added: Optional minimap button.
  • Re-added: "show only yourself".
  • Loads of code tweaks.

Version 0.62-Beta
  • Fixed: Hitching problem.
  • Changed: Context menu.
  • Added: Option to hide when not in a group.

Version 0.61-Beta
  • Fixed: Bug causing an error upon displaying damage.

Version 0.60-Beta
  • Added: Auto reset on new group.
  • Added: Option to hide in PvP.
  • Added: Spell detail.
  • Added: Fight history.
  • Lots of code rewrite.

Version 0.42-Beta
  • Fixed: Detecting of pets (read: Greater Fire/Earth Elementals).
  • Changed: Resizing is now with a tiny grip (bottom-right of the frame).
  • Added: You can now scroll.
  • Added: Short DPS format.
  • Many code tweaks.

Version 0.41-Beta
  • Fixed: Better pet tracking (also tracks Water Elementals now).
  • Changed: Reporting menu and code.
  • Changed: Reworked color code and menu.
  • Added: There is now an option to show rank numbers.
  • Added: MouseButton3 resets data, MouseButton4 shows overall data, MouseButton5 shows current fight.

Version 0.40-Beta
  • Fixed: Problem with tracking of (some) players.
  • Fixed: Bug with 'hide out of combat.'
  • Fixed: Bug in reporting.
  • Changed: A new fight will now be started even when the first hit is a miss.
  • Changed: Function names for scope security.
  • Added: You can change the anchor, meaning the frame can grow upwards now.
  • Added: You can separately show and hide damage, percentage or DPS.
  • Added: No shared media yet, but I added a pixel-font for those who care. :)

Version 0.39-Beta
  • Fixed: Error in option 'show only yourself.'
  • Change: Context menu cleaned once again.
  • Added: Option to auto hide out of combat.
  • Added: Commands: /tdps show | hide | reset.
  • Added: Option to enable or disable DPS and Percent.
  • Code optimization.

Version 0.37-Beta
  • Initial public release.
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Unread 10-23-14, 02:24 PM  
A Murloc Raider
cbdgv's Avatar

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if GetLocale() == 'zhCN' then
tdpsL.fight = "战斗"
tdpsL.allFight = "总体 所有战斗"
tdpsL.current = "当前"
tdpsL.resetAllData = "重置所有数据"
tdpsL.showDamage = "显示伤害"
tdpsL.showHealing = "显示治疗"

tdpsL.report = "报告"
tdpsL.top3 = "前3"
tdpsL.top5 = "前5"
tdpsL.top10 = "前10"
tdpsL.say = "说话"
tdpsL.instance = "副本"
tdpsL.raid = "团队"
tdpsL.party = "队伍"
tdpsL.guild = "公会"
tdpsL.officer = "官员"
tdpsL.whisper = "密语目标"
tdpsL.whisper2 = "密语 <名字>"
tdpsL.channel = "频道"

tdpsL.options = "选项"
tdpsL.text = "文字"
tdpsL.size = "大小"
tdpsL.increase = "增加"
tdpsL.decrease = "减少"
tdpsL.font = "字体"
tdpsL.layout = "布局"
tdpsL.outline = "描边"
tdpsL.nudge = "微调"

tdpsL.dps = "DPS"
tdpsL.rank = "排名"
tdpsL.percent = "百分比"
tdpsL.amount = "总量"
tdpsL.short = "缩略模式"
tdpsL.none = "无"
tdpsL.thin = "细"
tdpsL.thick = "粗"
tdpsL.shadow = "阴影"
tdpsL.mono = "单色"

tdpsL.bars = "计量条"
tdpsL.height = "高"
tdpsL.spacing = "间距"
tdpsL.maximum = "最多显示"
tdpsL.oneYourself = "1 (自己)"
tdpsL.five = "5"
tdpsL.ten = "10"
tdpsL.fifteen = "15"
tdpsL.twenty = "20"
tdpsL.unlimited = "? (所有)"

tdpsL.colors = "颜色"
tdpsL.barBackdrop = "计量条背景"
tdpsL.frameBorder = "框架边框"
tdpsL.frameBackdrop = "框架背景"
tdpsL.dimClassColors = "暗淡职业颜色"
tdpsL.resetClassColors = "重置职业颜色"
tdpsL.swapBarTextColor = "互换计量条/文字颜色"

tdpsL.history = " %i 历史战斗记录"
tdpsL.keepOnlyBossFights = "只保留boss战斗记录"

tdpsL.various = "个性化"
tdpsL.hideAlways = "始终隐藏"
tdpsL.hideInPvP = "PVP时隐藏"
tdpsL.hideWhenSolo = "Solo时隐藏"
tdpsL.hideInCombat = "战斗中隐藏"
tdpsL.hideOutOfCombat = "脱离战斗后隐藏"
tdpsL.growUpwards = "计量条向上增长"
tdpsL.minimapButton = "小地图按钮"
tdpsL.trackSpellDetails = "显示法术详情"
tdpsL.resetOnNewGroup = "新队伍时重置"
tdpsL.refreshEverySecond = "每秒刷新"

tdpsL.spells = " 前 %i 技能"
tdpsL.targets = " 前 %i 目标"

tdpsL.close = "关闭"
tdpsL.empty = "<空>"

tdpsL.helpVersion = "版本"
tdpsL.helpMove = '移动: 按住 shift 鼠标左键拖动'
tdpsL.helpResize = '宽: 右下角调整宽度'
tdpsL.helpToggle = "输入: type /tdps 隐藏或显示"
tdpsL.helpParameters1 = "/tdps help | reset | damage | healing | whisper <name>"
tdpsL.helpParameters2 = "/tdps visiblebars <number> | reportlength <number>"

tdpsL.allClear = "所有数据已被重置"
tdpsL.personal = '玩家'
tdpsL.byPets = '宠物(s)'
tdpsL.topAbilities = '技能'
tdpsL.topTargets = '目标'

tdpsL.noTarget = "无效或没有目标选择"
tdpsL.noData = "没有数据报告"

tdpsL.tipPrefix = {
d = "伤害为",
h = "治疗为",
tdpsL.repPrefix = {
d = "伤害输出为",
h = "治疗量为",
tdpsL.overallData = "所有战斗"
tdpsL.currentFight = "当前战斗"
tdpsL.lastFight = "上次战斗"
tdpsL.melee = "肉搏"
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Unread 10-22-14, 05:20 PM  
An Onyxian Warder
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It definitely does—I just verified. Look at the tooltip (mouseover yourself in the meter) while attacking and you'll see how much damage your pets are doing.
Last edited by Talyrius : 10-22-14 at 05:21 PM.
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Unread 10-22-14, 05:10 PM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker

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This does not seem to collect hunter pet damage at all.
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Unread 10-22-14, 02:56 PM  
An Onyxian Warder
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Forum posts: 354
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Uploads: 1
  • Fixed boss fight detection and performed some code cleanup
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Unread 10-15-14, 02:49 AM  
An Onyxian Warder
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Forum posts: 354
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Uploads: 1
  • Updated for Patch 6.0.2: The Iron Tide
  • Removed a string substitution that is no longer necessary
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Unread 10-09-14, 05:17 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Originally Posted by Talyrius
Yes, it will continue to be updated.
Great news, can't thank you enough for this one. My memory-deficient laptop makes everything a misery, and yours is the only meter I can use that doesn't crash my game.
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Unread 09-18-14, 02:05 PM  
An Onyxian Warder
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Yes, it will continue to be updated.
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Unread 09-18-14, 01:48 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr

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PLEASE tell me you're going to keep this going for WoD. There aren't very many lightweight / reliable meters out there. Most are too heavy or inaccurate.
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Unread 03-19-14, 03:08 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Is there any way to show 2 TDPS frames at the same time? If not then I am suggesting it I'd like to be able to monitor both healing and DPS at the same time without having to switch between them, so I can see what heals are actually doing their jobs.
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Unread 03-14-14, 11:14 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I got this error:
6x TinyDPS\TinyDPS- attempt to index field "?" (a nil value)
TinyDPS\TinyDPS- in function "initFunction"
FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:69: in function "UIDropDownMenu_Initialize"
FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:884: in function "ToggleDropDownMenu"
<string>:"*:OnEnter":5: in function <string>:"*:OnEnter":1

frame = tdpsDropDown {
 0 = <userdata>
 displayMode = "MENU"
 initialize = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\TinyDPS\TinyDPS.lua:1768
initFunction = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\TinyDPS\TinyDPS.lua:1768
displayMode = nil
level = 2
menuList = nil
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Unread 12-07-13, 12:46 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Is there any way to track healing done on Malkorok?
Currently i have to log out and enable another meter addon for that boss fight since TinyDps only counts the absorbs and not the actual healing done due to the shield.
Last edited by Louna : 12-07-13 at 12:47 AM.
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Unread 11-01-13, 10:43 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I'm very glad to have stumbled upon this damage meter! I am coming across an issue, however - I can't seem to get certain settings to save. For example frame backdrop and bar spacing always seem to reset when I reload.
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Unread 10-16-13, 12:54 PM  
An Onyxian Warder
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TinyDPS has always sorted by damage done, not DPS. However, there is already a feature request for this on the CurseForge ticket system.
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Unread 10-16-13, 05:29 AM  
A Cliff Giant
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I know this isn't under maintenance that much, but i noticed that the meter sorts by damage and not dps anymore. Any way to change it back?

Being boring is fine too.
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Unread 09-26-13, 05:01 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr

Forum posts: 28
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Thank you, I needed a lightweight, super easy to use DPS meter. This is perfect!

*edit* Tried this out last night - WOW. I can't believe the memory usage is SO low. And it's so accurate! My husband and I were comparing numbers (he uses Recount) and I think I might have converted him. ;-)

Again thank you, keep up the great work!
Last edited by meljen : 09-27-13 at 02:05 PM.
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