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DerpyUI (alpha)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: Step 8 D
by: AlleyKat [More]

Please don`t use small map right now :<, looks like some error
This is temporarily update. Just to make it work until new version will be completed.
Some stuff is disabled.

Hold SHIFT OR ALT OR CTRL (depends of your settings) BUTTON while moving spells on Action Bars or press ESC / Interface / ActionBars and check secure option

This is not complited, testing version of UI

DerpyUI Made in Love For The Name of Goodness

To Install:
1. Put all in %World of Warcraft%/Interface/AddOns
2. Run It
3. Use /py to call configuration frame

AddOn List:
DerpyMedia | Main
DerpyActionBars | Action buttons replacement, destroys stance bar, creates additional side panel on right, hold buttons colors, has cooldown count, totems, pet, micro menus, markbar.
DerpyChat | Chat replacement with 2 resizable windows and chatbar
DerpyNameplates | Nameplates replacement with filter and color replacement functions
DerpyNavigation | Maps, buffs, Minimap and etc
DerpyRaid | DPS style raid on topleft side
DerpyStats | Configurable stats on topleft corner
DerpyStuffing | Bugs replacement, has search and sort functions
DerpyTweaks | Tooltip, Loot, and other skins for default UI
DerpyUnitFrames | Unit Frames, based on oUF
DerpyXCT | Edit XCT addon
oUF | makes unit frames works

Me, haste, dawn, tukz, elv, alza, shestak and others (wowinterface.com and tukui.org community)

Step 8 :: because ETA expired
- some changes in font`s:
"koKR" = Fonts\2002.TTF
"zhTW" = Fonts\bLEI00D.ttf
"zhCN" = Fonts\ZYKai_C.TTF
- some visual changes
- watchframe block fix
- extrabutton mover
- unit frame menu remaked, but not fulled complitly
- if enemy color ~ RED, health bar takes blue color
- some init fixes
>> Step 8 was realized coz eta expired, arena frames and party frames almost ready but unstable

Step 7 ::
- "MOVE SOMETHING" is now menu
- PetActionBar, MainBar optimization
- Add Outsize CastBar
- And other minnor fixes and updates

Step 6A2 :: Chatbar load fail ಠ_ಠ

Step 6A1 :: Hotfixes
- Chatfiting to action bars
- Exit button animation
- Stuffing frizes on sorting

Step 6A ::
- Quoting by clicking on timeStamps
- Tooltip itemLVL and GuildRang
- Stuffing Sorting changed (empty slots on top now)
- Shaman bar blocking in combat and high cpu usage fixed
- And other minnor fixes

Step 6 :: Internal changes mostly ::
- Can be loaded in combat as full as posible
- Minimap arrow changed
- Roles
- To disable cast bar, now switch castbar heigh to 0
- Isf_offset option fixed
- Some changes in animation
- And other small fixes and optimizations

Step 5A :: Bugfixes only ::

Step 5 ::
- Blizzard Party Frames removed
- Watch Frame alt holder (must be enabled in chat settings)
- Player Durrability reuse
- 2 new commands:
/pyposlist (get list of saved positions)
/pyposrm <name> (remove saved position from DB, exaple: /pyposrm PLAYER will reset player pos)
- Other small bugfixes and optimizations

Step 4F :: Another one ::
- fps drop fix
- Chat channels names fix
- New font (DerpyMedia/media/standart.ttf), no longer can use Myriad Pro, but any time u can return old one back

Step 4E :: Hotfix for WatchFrame`s fps drop ::

Step 4D :: Hotfix for chat highlight ::

Step 4С :: Bugfixes only ::
- Battleground nointerface/blackscreen
- MainMenu player model is back
- Chat bugs
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Well it's about time AlleyKat!! I was waiting for so long I had to make my own UI. I'm excited to try this out though. Nice work!
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