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Badkitty Btex druid skin

Version: 1.0
by: coolhwip [More]

tiggy for the btex addon
Bornabe for bornabeui and the awsome skin.

The same great layout as Bornabe's druid skin, I only added dividers in the middle section and changed some of the pics for the bad kitty in you.

NOTE: You must have the Btex addon installed.

Extract the zip into the skins folder inside your World of Warcraft \ Interface \ Addons \ Btex folder.

The addons in my screenshot are bartender, icehud, chinchilla minimap, minimapbuttonframe, titan panel and buttonfacade. also Zmob for the full size animated portraits in the center of the skin.

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A Kobold Labourer

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How can i change it

Hi i like Btex very much.
There was 1 thing i was wondering about your art UI.
How can i change it in bigger blocks?
Want the same setting you have, it looks great.
All i get are even blocks or big empty holes in it.
Hope you can help me with it.
Greetings Dragonlove.
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