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Group Spam

Version: 1.0
by: Jelly [More]

Group Spam is an addon that simply spams whatever you like into raid chat, when you use the slash command: /gspam

Currently, the only way to modify it is via Lua however, I suppose I could build some sort of UI for this in the future to incorporate Ventrilo servers, etc. I wouldn't hold your breath though.

The addon was specifically written for sunsmoon of the WoWLadies LiveJournal community. << shout out? :P

Editing the .lua file to spam out what you specifically want to say (for instance, your vent server as opposed to generic vent spam info) is a relatively painless process.

1. Open the file: GroupSpam.lua
2. Locate the block of text that looks like this: http://www.pastey.net/138013-1nmh
3. Edit the information as you please, while taking note that syntax matters. If you need to add a line, you must have the leading SCM(" and the following "), "RAID", nil, "RAID")

I've never been good at technical writing, even as trivial as this, so if you have any questions, please just comment.

ps: I don't care if my code is nasty or whatever ... it works. <3

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Thank you so much! I've been able to edit it completely for my needs, including making multiple custom slash commands! I owe you so much.
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