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Version: 1.0
by: Nafe [More]

I've seen a few complaints about the new Battle.net (RealID) Toast window popping up and screwing up players' gameplay during combat. This addon is in response to a simple request to disable the Toast window in combat.
No more obscured unitframes, PvP targets, mobs, or the like. Enjoy the benefit of the Toasts while in between combat, but don't worry that they will screw you up - you won't even see them.

ToastQuench ensures that the Toast window is quenched in the fray of combat.

Why the name?
Quenching is an antonym for toasting, so putting the two together seemed like a fun name. Hopefully it's understandable.

There isn't any configuration needed nor possible. Just make sure the addon is enabled, and it will automatically do the job for you.

Known Quirks/Issues

  • None currently!

Possible Future Features
  • Ability to print out the toast messages into the chat frame if in combat. (Does the default UI do this already?) Does anybody actually want this?

Want to help?
I'm always interested in Bug Reports and Feature Requests. I try to keep this addon lightweight and simple, so in some cases I may turn down extensive requests.
I'm also a recent college graduate paying off my loans from undergraduate+graduate school. Any donations you feel like sending my way would be gratefully appreciated and allow me more time to work on addons

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