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oUF PredatorSimple  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.2
by: Mischback [More]


oUF_PredatorSimple is a layout for the plugin oUF by Haste, you will need oUF to make this work! Please make sure to grab the latest version of oUF!


oUF_PredatorSimple supports the following units:

  • player
  • target
  • focus
  • targettarget
  • party
  • raid*
  • mt
*raidframes come with two different layouts: One is for tanks/DPS, one is for healers. Basically the healer-version is slightly bigger to fit the hp-deficits into the frame.

Supportet oUF-plugins:This list is not finished yet, more plugins will be supported, if I feel like needing them.

More features:
  • aggro indicator on frames (border-color)
  • possible buff/debuff-filterring
  • rune bar
  • combo points
  • per character saved positions, buff-filter, etc.
  • LFD-role-icons (toggleable) on group frames

The layout is "raid-tested" and since PvE is my focus, it's not optimized on PvP/Arena.


All configuration is done in a SavedVariables-file, per character.
You can find this file in [WOW]/WTF/Account/[ACCOUNTNAME]/[SERVERNAME]/[CHARACTERNAME]/SavedVariables/oUF_PredatorSimple*.
It is pretty much self-explanatory, you can modify positions and some settings.
I didn't include the option to move the frames in-game, and I don't tend to do so, since I don't alter my interface on-the-fly, but with some thoughts put into it once every month or so. You'll have to deal with it.

*the file should be there AFTER you first login into your character. Log off again and you may alter the values.


I implemented a little system to provide you some means for filtering buffs/debuffs.
Please note, that Buffs/Debuffs are only available on player-, target-, focus- and maintank-frames.
You can find a table with options in your SavedVariables-file (see above). You will find ["playerBuffs"], ["playerDebuffs"], ["friendsBuffs"], ["friendDebuffs"], ["enemyBuffs"] and ["enemyDebuffs"].
Every of this elements has two "childs", ["mode"] and ["list"].
With ["mode"] you can switch between blacklisting and whitelisting. Set it to "blacklist" / "whitelist" to fit your needs.
The buffs/debuffs are filtered with the parameter ["list"]. You can insert Spell-IDs or the buffs you want to filter. Spell-IDs can easily be found on wowhead.com.
By enabling this addon you're collecting buff-/debuff-IDs for yourself. They are stored in [WOW]/WTF/Account/[ACCOUNTNAME]/SavedVariables/oUF_PredatorSimple.lua. You may open this file with any text-editor and simply search for the buff's name you want to filter and can get the ID easily.

1.2 again
* now with the correct file!

* some minor changes I can't exactly remember
* added aura-tooltips

* re-added oUF-dependency. Thanks to PingHansen for pointing this out...

* updating to oUF 1.5 (by haste)
* added oUF_boring_totembar support (really nice addon, if you're a shaman, check it out!)
* added EclipseBar
* added HolyPower
* added Soul Shards

* more work on the ComboPoints

* there was a nice thread in the oUF-forums, which made me update the combo-point display

* removed the embedded oUF, since haste fixed my issues with his latest release. Be sure to grab it!
* launched 1.0, since everything is working like expected

* embedded a hacked oUF-core, to make buff-/debuff-filtering work, like I descriped it in http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33680 (pls make sure to deactivate the "real" oUF)
* added LFDRole-Icons (configurable)

* embedded a hacked oUF-core, to make buff-/debuff-filtering work, like I descriped it in http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33680
* added a buff-/debuff-spellID-collector: While you're playing, you collect those spell-IDs which are used for buff-filtering. They are stored in [WoW]/WTF/Account/[ACCOUNTNAME]/SavedVariables/oUF_PredatorSimple.lua . With this, it should be easier to set up buff-filters.
* some code-beautifying

* fixed range-check, using oUFs internal module.
* fixed debuff-highlighting (shows only, if you can cure the debuff)
* added detection of 'dead', 'ghost' and 'offline' to the frames
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Unread 07-09-10, 11:35 AM  
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nice looking addon. positions dont seem to work. as where you have your player and target is where i have mine. but mine are a bit higher so i edited the SV like you said in the notes. as im used to editing the addon and reloading the ui.

so i did like you said
positions by editing your character specific SavedVars file.
with no luck. all i can see is that you have to log out and back in again. to have changes, but that cant be so. there seems to be some override blocking it. ie maybe the positions in the addon is effecting the SV. if you could fix this that would be good.

i think the font on the party and taget ect is to big.

the cast bar in the targets and such as ace. i like it. a shame its not the same for the player.
but i see that if you target your self when casting. it don't sit right with the name.

the age old. LFD looter leader afk dnd dead ghost ellite ect seems to be missing.

and also. when you target say a npc. to hand in a quest. and walk away. it will stay like you was still next to the npc. and not fade out. i guess like a range check. would be good.

its a shame as it ticks so many box's. great job.
i will miss playing with this UI. as i spent a few days just relaxing with this.

so i will look forward to your next update
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Unread 07-07-10, 09:25 AM  
Arodin Lame-Soleil
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Awesome layout thank you
Yesterday is a story,today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery
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