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Bati's UI Grid Layout  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: Bati's Ui Grid Layout
by: Bati [More]

This is only my Grid set up and can be used without my entire compilation (Bati's UI).
All the credits go to addon's Authors.

WoW Insider Review of Layouts - Click

The file contains:

  • Grid
  • GridConfigIcons
  • GridCooldownText
  • GridIndicatorCornerIcons
  • GridIndicatorCornerText
  • GridIndicatorSideIcons
  • GridIndicatorSidePlus
  • GridManaBars
  • GridStatusHots
  • GridStatusRaidDebuff
  • GridStatusRD_BC
  • GridStatusRD_WotLK
  • GridStatusRaidIcons
  • GridStatusShield
  • GridStatusTankCooldown
  • Ferous Media
  • OmniCC

How you use it?

  • Unzip the file and put all the folders in Interface/Addons
  • take the grid.lua file and put it in: WTF/Account/Your Account Name/Saved Variables
    (example: world of warcraft/WTF/Account/covrigul24/Saved Variables)
  • make sure all the above grid mods are enables or "load out of data addons" and... for a look exactly as in screen shots you will need
    Ferous Media (textures and fonts) and
    OmniCC to have timers displayed on the icons.
  • log in to game and type: /grid config
  • go to profiles and choose what profile you want to use.

Available profiles
  • Orenishi - for paladin
  • Bati healer - for priest (includes Shield, Weakened Soul, Renew, Prayer of Mending, Abolish Disease)
  • Jandrill - shaman - Earth shield, earthliving and riptide will be tracked... but I admit I haven't test it
  • Maiie - for druid
  • Bati4.0.1 - not a big thing... but in case you are using my Ui and you don't play a healing class this set up should fit just good top left corner of the screen

As a final note, expect to find on those grid frames everything you need to see... and maybe more. Also, I did test the paladin, priest and druid version... but didn't had a voluntary shaman so any sort of feed back is welcome.

- added Cyclone to debuffs
- added Ferous Media and OmniCC
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WTB feed back on this one :P
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