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Updated: 07-12-10 02:02 PM
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Updated:07-12-10 02:02 PM
Created:07-12-10 02:02 PM


Version: 1.0-b
by: miros [More]

Working 'pet' tab for your enslaved demons.
It will let you see resistances, power, intellect, damage and such.

I strongly recommend the use of CloseUp, as sometimes you won't be able to see the model completely/properly.

This mod was born as an attempt to honor the log-time-dead EnslaveFix.

I truly hope everything is working, but there might be one lua error or another.
If this happened, just go to the 'help' section inside the 'interface' tab of the 'ESC' menu and toggle 'display lua errors'. That should solve it (for now).

Good luck, fellow warlocks. Happy hunting

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