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Updated: 07-12-10 05:42 PM
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Updated:07-12-10 05:42 PM
Created:07-12-10 05:42 PM

Broker LFD

Version: v1.3
by: ulic, Jzar

Displays the status dialog from an LDB instead of the minimap icon.

Also, thanks to Antiarc, display a nice tooltip showing how long a role can expect to wait for a group, also shows a text based status for each roll for your proposed group.

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Unread 07-31-10, 03:48 PM  
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All this plugin shows in Docking Station is the text LFD, I was hoping for at least the same functionally of the built in, as shown in the screenshot.

OK 1.3.1 (from Curse) works correctly.
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