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Updated: 10-23-10 07:05 AM
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Updated:10-23-10 07:05 AM
Created:07-13-10 06:45 AM

oUF Kamii

Version: v3.14159265
by: kkam [More]

oUF_Kamii - a set of minimalistic unitframes
! read this please report any bugs you find :3.
ouf_kamii vπ has embedded oUF and oUF_smooth, AuraWatch and DebuffHighlight!

The unitframes are a visual recreation of Sovereignty's own, with a few modifications of personal preference.

The addon features
- player, target, focus, pet, party and raid frames (target of target is a textstring on top of target frame)
- player buffs, debuffs and temporary enchants (poisons, etc.) NOTE! canceling buffs does not work for now
- target buffs and debuffs (timers for player buffs and debuffs and target debuffs will be shown if you use a cooldown count addon, such as omniCC)
- castbars for player and target (a small spark acting as a castbar replacement on focus frame)

The main credits for this layout go to
Sovereignty - for the visual inspiration
Haleth - layout's code is now based on freeUI's unitframes! thanks <3

Have fun and don't forget to comment and give feedback (especially if something isn't working)!

- layout rewritten using haleth's code
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07-13-10 06:45 AM

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A Kobold Labourer

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I love your layout. seriously one of the best I have used. perfect party/raid frames. Easily movable. I use with my Shaman and LOVE it. decided to log on my rogue. Still LOVE it. Only downside... No combo points :'( I don't know lua coding well but if you could add in in an update I would love you even more.
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