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Updated: 10-14-14 12:02 PM
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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
Escalation (5.3)
Updated:10-14-14 12:02 PM
Created:07-13-10 07:11 AM

MapCoords  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0.18
by: Jim-Bim [More]

Hello MapCoords User!

I took the outdated MapCoords (0.3) from ReCover and keep it up to date.
My latest version works fine with the current Patch 6.0, so have fun!
Recent Changes:
Click on tab "Change Log"!
Use "/mc" or "/mapcoords" to print all available slash commands into the chat.
NEW: You can now change all slash command options via checkboxes in the Interface options!
This is an AddOn that shows the cursor & player coordinates on the worldmap.
As of 0.3 it also shows coords below your and your party members portrait.
And since 0.16 it can also show coords below your minimap (optional).
Options to toggle the display of every single label are available.

0.18 - Updated TOC for Patch 6.0 and fixed coords in minimized worldmap
0.17 - Updated TOC for Patch 5.4 and added default settings to options
0.16 - Updated TOC for Patch 5.3 and added minimap coords option
0.15 - Updated TOC for Patch 5.2 and coords of invisible frames are hidden
0.14 - Updated TOC for Patch 5.1
0.13 - Updated TOC for Patch 5.0 and fixed group number
0.12 - Fixed API call error (MoP)
0.11 - Only updated TOC for Patch 4.3
0.10 - Only updated TOC for Patch 4.2
0.9a - Added new coords position for small map modes
0.9 - Updated TOC for Patch 4.1 and movable/minimized map mode fixes
0.8 - Updated TOC for Patch 4.0 and corrected text placement in minimized map
0.7 - Updated TOC for Patch 3.3 and fixed cursor coords for new map modes
0.6 - Only updated TOC for Patch 3.2
0.5 - Added French localization (thanks Mordroba!)
0.4 - Released by Jim-Bim! Highlights: GUI, German translation, changeable decimals
0.33 - Thanks to svarv for the code to display the coord-decimals
0.32 - Added German tooltip in the addon overview and updated TOC
0.3 - Countless TOC Updates by Urmelus
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This is perfect. Thanks for doing this.
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