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oUF Ivoc

Version: 0.4
by: BOOBLIK [More]

! read this !
The current version does not support oUF 1.4. (Well, at least acording to my tests. I personally use 1.3.28.) I'll rewrite and clean up the code to get it compatible with 1.4 when I have free time. You can download older versions of oUF HERE.

Addon features:
- player, target, focus, tot and pet frames
- player buffs and debuffst
- target buffs and debuffs (timers for player buffs and debuffs and target debuffs will be shown if you use a cooldown count addon, such as omniCC)

Thanks to:
haste - for his awesome framework.
P3lim - used his oUF_P3lim as basis for my layout.
Viv - for idea of player buffs style.

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