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Updated: 07-13-10 04:32 PM
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Updated:07-13-10 04:32 PM
Created:07-13-10 04:32 PM


Version: 0.8b
by: Elhana [More]

Basic interrupt tracker. Ive coded and used this since RoS encounter in TBC.

When someone uses interrupt spell bars will appear. Green = ready. Blue = landed, interrupted. Yellow = missed. Red = pool energy, cd ready soon (3 sec)

Alt-Click will let you move it around your screen. Alt-Right click hides it (until next interrupt, can be disabled in addon options).

Bars disappear after 30 secs of inactivity.

You can disable it from addon options uncheck enabled. I never bother to disable it myself, it doesn't take much screen space on my resolution and most of the times stays hidden until it's needed.

- GUI is not complete
- There is legacy code for RoS encounter which should probably be removed (hiding Deaden castbar and some party/channel spam with some hardcoded values)

Feel free to copy, modify and distribute as you wish.

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