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Finalfantasylization "My soundpackname" Included

Version: 3.3.5
by: erson [More]

Simply Extract the contents to your program files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ directory.
Be sure to enable the addon in the addon list.

If you where downloading this somewhere else than kirest.com, please ope the web shortcut in this archive to download the latest version that includes the music files

Type /FFSound and then the command that you wish to use:

/FFSound enable - Enables the addon*
/FFSound disable - Disables the addon*
/FFSound music - Toggles if music are allowed to be played or not
/FFSound sound - Toggles if sounds are allowed to be played or not
/FFSound debug - Toggles debug mode

Note: Enabling and Disabling by the ingame command will not enable or disable the addon itself, it will only prevent it to play any kinds of music or sounds. This is mostly for disabling and enabling it while in Raids (or when your tired of FF VII)

My soundpackname addon can you easily edit your soundtracks in each of the zones. Read more in the included readme file.

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