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Totem Functions

Version: 1.0
by: Vardelm [More]

TotemFunctions contains 3 new slash commands for assigning totem spells to the various "Call of" spells. The intent is that the user can easily create macros to set up standard sets of totems for various activites. For instance, 3 macros might be set up for PvP, solo PvE, and group PvE. All three Call spells can be set in the same macro, making it easy to switch between different activities.

The slash commands are /setcoe, /setcoa, and /setcos for Call of the Elements, Call of the Ancestors, and Call of the Spirits respectivly. All of them require the names of the totems to be specified after the /command. For instance:

/setcoe Searing Totem, Stoneclaw Totem, Mana Spring Totem, Grounding Totem

The totems must be in the order: fire, earth, water, air.

To make the commands shorter, 2 character abbreviations for each totem may be used instead of the name. The abbreviations are as follows:

cleansing ct
earthbind eb
earth elemental ee
fire elemental fe
fire resistance fr
frost resistance fs
flametongue ft
grounding gt
healing stream hs
mana tide mn
mana spring ms
magma mt
nature resistance nr
stoneclaw sc
strength of earth se
sentry sn
stoneskin ss
searing st
tremor tt
wrath of air wa
windfury wf
wrath wt

The example macro above would then be:

/setcoe st, sc, ms, gt

As mentioned, all 3 commands can be used in 1 macro to set all of them at once, such as:

/setcoe st, sc, hs, wf
/setcoa mt, ss, hs, wf
/setcos st, tt, hs, gt


1) The functions can't be used in combat. The totems for the Call spells can only be changed in combat via user interaction (clicking) as far as I'm aware.

2) The functions don't work with the TotemTimers addon. Apparently, the totem frames in TotemTimers are not set up to respond to the SetMultiCastSpell() function.

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