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Santa UI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.6.1
by: Santur [More]

A collection of simple modifications to the default UI

Aiming to remove unimportant information and “eye candy”, while making important things easier to track. Originally built for Arenas on low resolution monitors to present relevant information more clearly while keeping screen clutter to a minimum using Blizzards default UI. Works at any resolution and UI scale.

If you want to use the darker textures that can be seen in the 3rd screenshot, you can download it here: SantaUI Textures. It’s not needed, and SantaUI works just the same without them.

Action bars
- Stripped from all graphics and positioned at the bottom of the screen.
- Redone the "Multibar Right" actionbar to be horizontal and repositioned for a total of 4 actionbars at the bottom of the screen.
- Pet and shapeshifting bars are hidden unless you mouse over them.
- Bag bar is hidden unless you mouse over it. Positioned in the bottom right corner.
- Micro menu is hidden unless you mouse over it. Positioned under the minimap.

Unit frames
- Rescaled for better visibility.
- Repositioned to be more compact.
- Names are class colored.
- Health can be shown as percent, with mana staying numeric so execute classes easier can spot ret/enh specs.

Arena frames
- Rescaled and repositioned for better visibility.

Cast bars
- Larger player and target cast bars.
- Larger focus cast bar anchored in the center of the screen.

Chat frame
- Cleaned up frame and tabs.
- Chat buttons are hidden unless you mouse over them.

- Minimap buttons are hidden unless you mouse over them.

There is no in-game configuration available, but changing the settings isn’t hard! For example, if you want the unit frames positioned like the 3rd screenshot, simply open the “UnitFrames.lua” file in your favourite text editor and change the line at the top that says “unitframes_position = 0” to “unitframes_position = 1” and /reload the game!

More configurations can be found in the other .lua files inside the SantaUI folder. They are all at the top of the files.

hide_hotkeys = true/false hide hotkeys on actionbars.
hide_macro_names = true/false hide macro names on actionbars.
show_all_bags = true/false show all bags, or just backpack. If only backpack, all bags will open when you click it.

focus_castbar_centered = true/false big centered focus castbar.

hide_background = true/false hide the chat background.

target_mana_number = true/false always display mana as a number.

True/false on all the available frames for mouseover. Won't list them since there are quite a few, but you'll figure it out :P

- Yet another small fix for the XP bar. Hopefully the last one.

I tried to better the performance with this release, and the addon should now use less than 1/100 of the CPU it did before. Not that it used much to begin with, but still ;)
- Removed all(?) tainted code.
- Rewritten targets "mana text". Now uses a lot less CPU power.
- Changed class colored healthbars to class colored names. Uses much less CPU power.
- Bag bar should behave better on mouseover.
- Added option in "Actionbars.lua" to show all bags.
- XP bar should no longer break when entering/leaving battlegrounds while leveling.

- Fixed dissapearing action button textures after moving skills on the actionbar.
- Shaman pet frame should no longer collide with totem durations (with top left unitframe position).
- Shapeshifting bar should now behave better on mouseover.
- Added key button next to the bag. Grouped in the same mouseover.
- Chat scroll up/down/bottom buttons are now grouped in the same mouseover.
- Chat menu and social button are now grouped in the same mouseover.
- Actionbar "paging" buttons are now grouped in the same mouseover. Will also display current bar number.
- Minimap zoom in/out buttons are now grouped in the same mouseover.
- Added option to enable/disable the chat frame background in "Chat.lua"

- Rewritten/simplified a lot of the code.
- Fixed a bug where exiting a vehicle in combat would break the actionbars.
- A working fix for the Watch Frame (Quest Tracker) has been integrated into the addon. You can remove the "MoveQuestTracker" addon.
- Fixed the XP and reputation bars for both max level, and lower level characters.
- All standard buttons around the minimap are now hidden unless you mouse over them.

- Unitframes should not break after using vehicles (tested on 4.0.3 PTR).
- Added a 4th actionbar at the bottom (or rather, moved one of the actionbars from the right side of the screen there).
- Quest Tracker should not overlap with the micro menu if you enable the "MoveQuestTracker" addon. More info about this in the description.

- Updated for 4.0
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Nice and Simple

Keep it up.

It's always nice to see people use the default UI and just tweak it.
4 Years later I returned to find Shaman still suck.
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