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Version: V1.0
by: Xendrie [More]

This addon provides you with the location of all the critters regarding the 3 critters achievements, if they only spawn in a specific place of a zone It will be mentioned, otherwise it means the critter is spread around the map.

Location of the Critters for the following achievements:

  • To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before
  • To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life
  • Pest Control

This Addon doesn’t require any configuration, all you have to do is run the slash commands and start killing and loving those critters!

How it works

Calling the frame/Hiding:
Use the following slash comands: /CritterHelper or /critterhelper
You can hide it trough the Hide option in the drop down menu.

Moving the frame
Click the drop down menu and select the Move it tab, hit the on option and move the frame.
Start moving the frame by pressing your left button when your mouse is at the middle of the frame.
Once you're done you should lock it using the same method but this time selecting the off option in the Move it tab.

Additional addon install/uninstall information also included in the readme.txt

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