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Mists of Pandaria (5.0.4)
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oUF Kui  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 7.98
by: SlikerHawk [More]
Requires oUF 1.6
(unfinished) layout for Haste's oUF.
Configurable through the slash commands /oufk or /oufkui.
Designed to match KuiNameplates.

7.9x should definitely be considered a beta release. It is transitory to 008, getting most of the improvements out but it hasn't been fully tested and there are a lot of incomplete configuration options. But I'm working on that.

Supported plugins:Current features/frames:
  • Player
  • Pet
  • Pet target
  • Target
  • Target of Target
  • Focus
  • Party
  • Raid (w/buff indicators)
  • Secondary powers (eclipse, holy power, etc)
  • Druid mana bar
  • Totem bars
  • Combo points (and ability stack tracking)
  • Curable-debuff highlighting
Things I need to add but haven't gotten round to yet:
  • Boss and arena frames
  • Support for a few more plugins
- fixed for 5.1
- class bars: chi now works with 5.1
- added sacred shield as a raid indicator for paladins
- bumped TOC to 50100

- fixed issues with the right click menu not working on certain units
- fixed issue where combat feedback text would appear behind the target highlight border on group and pet frames
- fixed issue where the target highlight border would not disappear when the currently targeted group member left the group
- important buffs now have the capability to appear on raid frames (however i still need to whitelist buffs for each class)
- moved and reduced spacing of raid buff indicators (as above...)
- the stay of execution HOT is now tracked as an important buff for paladins
- some paladin abilities (blessings, BoL) have been added as buffs to display as indicators on raid frames
- important spell whitelist has been moved into a separate library (kuispelllist)
- fixed issue with ace libraries being included in the wrong order
- kui minor bumped to 2

- ClassBars has significantly changed again but there shouldn't be any noticeable differences
- ClassBars now has bars for druid mushrooms
- Classbars chi (monk) colour has been changed
- changed method of scanning for curable debuff types, now works properly for druids (and would for shaman if IsSpellKnown was working with Purify Spirit)
- important spell whitelist completed for monks

- fixed global variable taint on: _, name, icon, count
- fixed tainting the blizzard glyph ui
- druid eclipse bar is a bit less shiny
- druid eclipse bar position has been fixed
- DebuffFlash now won't highlight units with debuffs which you don't have the skill to cure
- DebuffFlash has been adjusted for 5.0.x talents
- DebuffFlash now highlights for debuffs which monks can cure

- added option to use class colour on the player's health bar (previous default behaviour, now disabled by default)
- added option to change the colour of the player's health bar
- health bars on frames with vertical power bars should now fill the correct area after displaying a unit with no power bar
- vertical power bars on group frames are now on the correct side
- sorting auras by time remaining still wasn't working properly so I've disabled the option for now

- the frame shadow is no longer extends the click-box of its parent (and as such, raid position settings may need to be changed/reset to default)
- barfader no longer keeps bars faded in when power is below 90%
- buffs on party frames should now be sized/aligned correctly
- count on de/buffs has been repositioned slightly
- combat feedback on the player and target frames has been repositioned slightly
- "big" and "name" text on thin frames has been repositioned slightly
- auras on the target frame should now be pixel perfect (at good scales)
- if vertical power bars is enabled on group frames, it will also be used on the pet and pettarget frames (yay, consistency)
- modified important spells for paladins
- completed important spells for warlocks
- completed important spells for priests
- class bars should now correctly fill the full available width
- omnicc will no longer display a timer on auras (over the included timers)
- auras now correctly sort by their time remaining, no longer jump around on party frames

- changed: power bar no longer fades out when bar fading is enabled
- changed: resting/status text is now correctly aligned to the vertical centre of the health bar
- changed: small health text is now correctly aligned beneath the big health text on the player frame
- fixed: the pet and pet target frame are now correctly aligned beneath the player frame

r007.91 (just pushing the change log)
- bumped toc interface version to 50001
- raid frames position/size can now be configured (this and ace3 config profiles replaces the named heal mode)
- text displayed on raid frames can now be hidden
- raid frame power bars can now be disabled (and are disabled by default)
- bar fader now only fades health/power/class bars rather than the entire frame
- bar fader uses kui.frameFade rather than animation groups
- class bars are now horizontal
- class bars now support changing PowerMax values
- class bars now support changing alternate powers
- class bars now support a bunch of new alternate powers
- "combat" "pvp" and "resting" flags on the player frame are now trendy and avant garde
- removed frame background (so they look cool)
- combo points now hide when out of combat
- aura-combo-points now support debuffs on the target as well as buffs on the player
- the highlighted-target border is now easier to see
- class bars now hide when dead (like the power bar)
- the coloured background of all bars is now slightly more opaque
- now only using spellID for aura filters (rather than spell name)
- changed position of power bar text
- the portrait shade is now slightly more transparent
- repositioned player/target cast bar
- added arcane charge "combo point" tracking for arcane mages
- re-added backdraft tracking for warlocks
- changed: moved cast bar upwards
- changed: create backdrop for .group and .mini frames
- reverted to standard layout from my custom layout
- updated spell whitelist for warlocks, shaman, warriors, paladins and death knights.
* customConfig.lua (customConfig-rename.lua) is no longer used and can be deleted.
* temporarily disabled sorting auras by time remaining due to possible ouf bug
* ClassBars temporary fix for possible oUF RegisterEvent bug

- i wonder if there's some sort of version... control... system i could use to avoid making silly mistakes?

- I made a silly mistake again

- transitory beta release for patch 5.0.4 and beta compatibility. Many changes. Many bugs.
- configuration is available with the slash command /oufk. It's now provided by Ace3. There are some incomplete options. Out of date configuration will be reset. Some manually changeable options still exist at the top of config.lua.
- the important abilities whitelist has been cleared to make it easier to manage with all the spell changes. It's been partially filled for warriors, paladins and shaman but remains incomplete.
- ClassBars has changed significantly, with support for most of the new alternate powers.
- Raid and party frames may not display correctly in some (or all) circumstances.
- no significant change log will be provided until 008 is released.

- changed: updated kui

* All valid classes now have raid indicators for certain important abilities.
* Non-heal mode group frames can be activated (/oufk group healmode) but they are just placeholders. They still can't be moved, resized or disabled. This will be coming "soon" though.
- added: slash commands for configuration with /oufk or /oufkui. Most configuration has been moved into these, but sizes and castbar settings are still in config.lua. Configuration is currently saved for all characters.
- added: illuminated healing as an important ability for paladins.
- added: hammer of justice as an important ability for paladins.
- changed: bump TOC to 40200
- changed: the included file customConfig.lua is now called customConfig-Rename.lua. It should be renamed to customConfig.lua to be used.
- changed: the raid debuffs setting has been renamed to debufficon (/oufk all debufficon)
- changed: the debuff icon setting is now disabled by default
- fixed: debuff highlights will now correctly show when enabled (this shouldn't have affected 007.1.7)

- added: Thrash as an important ability for feral druids.
- added: Exorcism (DOT) as an important ability for paladins.
- added: Jinx as an important ability for warlocks.
- fixed: BarFader now works. Broken since 4.1 as PetHappiness was removed.

- added: option to hide/show combo points (enabled by default, config.Frames.showComboPoints)
- fixed: threat highlights work again. This is a /very/ old bug which I completely missed, sorry about that.
- fixed: options to show/hide debuff highlights/icons now.. work. Again, very old bug.
- fixed: the low health flash now correctly resets when a unit changes

- fixed: DebuffFlash will no longer sometimes cause an error
- [multiple small back end changes]

- changed: bump TOC to 40100
- changed: raid buffs now act like vertical progress bars when they have less than 4 seconds remaining
- changed: raid buffs now fade out according to number of applications; e.g. lifebloom is fully visible at 3 applications.
- changed*: simplify PostUpdateHealth

- added: preliminary DPS mode support for group frames. Positions still aren't configurable, that'll come soon (tm etc). Enable it in config.lua.
- added: options to resize all frames, at the bottom of config.lua.
- changed: all frames now fetch their sizes from config.Sizes
- fixed: thin-small frames now correctly fetch sizes from config.lua
- fixed: the focustarget frame will no longer display incorrectly when vertical power bars are enabled
- fixed: the power bar should be correctly displayed in all instances (this was slightly broken with an oUF update)
- fixed: names which are less than four characters long will now display correctly on raid frames

- fixed: issue where debuff highlights on raid and party frames are anchored to the uiparent

- added: options to disable threat highlighting, debuff icons and debuff highlighting
- added*: frame independent options for the above for the KuiDebuffPulse element
- fixed: character names with utf8 characters will no longer display a question mark if they are shortened to just after that character
- fixed: Thunderstruck is now correctly tracked as a combo point ability for Warriors
- fixed: DPS mode party frames are now correctly disabled.

- added: druid mana bar. Shown in the same location as the eclipse bar when you have less than 100% mana and are in a form which does not use mana
- changed: class bars now arrange themselves dynamically. This mainly affects totem bars; if only air and water totems are up, there is no longer a gap between the bars and the player frame

- added: raid frames.
- added: changed reaction/reputation colours. Can be disabled in config.lua.
- added: party and raid units now fade out when they are out of range. Can be disabled.
- added: spell icons to cast bars.
- added: pet spell bar. The spell name is not shown, but the icon is visible.
- added: focus frame, with important auras, debuffs and a cast bar. Curable debuffs and highlighting on friendly units.
- added: focus target frame.
- added: curable debuff icons and their stack count.
- added: option to show your character's name and level on the player frame
- added: party (and raid) frames now display a shortened version of that character's name
- added: role text now displays on raid frames.
- changed: auras on raid frames are now displayed in the style of grid indicators. Each buff has a unique colour, set in whitelist.lua. Buffs will fade out when they have less than 2 seconds remaining.
- changed: current health now displays on raid frames (rather than only displaying the deficit)
- changed: raid frames are very slightly wider
- changed: the debuff pulse is now slightly more transparent
- changed: raid frames are now separated by groups
- changed: raid units are now sorted by index, upwards rather than downwards (such that the first member of a group is at the bottom of the raid frame)
- changed: the debuff highlight pulse no longer fades all the way to 0 - it is always visible for as long as that unit has a debuff.
- changed: Debuff highlighting and debuff icons are now in front of any element on the bar that it is parented to.
- changed: the appropriate number of de/buffs are now shown on the target frame for three rows.
- changed*: custom oUF tags and colours have been moved into global.lua
- changed*: it is now possible to sort auras by time remaining when they do not have a custom cooldown count.
- fixed: combat feedback now displays on raid frames
- fixed: buff, debuff and aura frames should now all be the correct height
- fixed: the target buff frame will set its height correctly when there is a multiple of 6 buffs visible
- fixed: the target castbar is now anchored to the target-target's debuff frame when a target-target is visible (i.e., debuffs will no longer appear over the cast bar)
- fixed*: DebuffFlash no longer inserts properties directly into the bar it is parented to; now makes a less ambiguously named table in the bar.
- fixed*: code to check which column a party frame is displayed on is now only performed once
- removed: unfinished support for vertical cast bars

- added: player status text to player frame. This shows when you're resting, in combat and if you're PVP'd (and a countdown until you're not). PVP status is never shown if you are manually flagged for PVP.
- changed*: spell white lists have been moved into a different file, whitelist.lua
- changed*: some settings in config.lua have been moved into their own tables
- changed: all important class abilities now use GetSpellInfo
- changed: all important class abilities have been updated for 4.0.
- fixed: role text (tank/healer/DPS) displays on party frames correctly now
- fixed: text tags now have the relevant events registered to them
- fixed: auras will no longer print a unit name (or nil) to the default chat frame when they are created

- changed: warlock and paladin class bars are now displayed in a single column of multiple bars rather than 3 large vertical bars
- changed: totem timers are now displayed in 2 columns of 2 bars
- changed: runes are now displayed in 3 columns of 2 bars
- changed: runes are now faded out until they are charged
- changed: rune colours
- changed*: removed version from TOC
- fixed: issue where totem bars' tool-tip would cause an error if the totem had less than 60 seconds remaining

- changed: default font, to a rounder one
- changed: sorting auras by time remaining is now enabled by default
- changed: class bars are now vertical and positioned to the right of the player frame
- changed: eclipse class bar is now a single bar which changes colour between lunar and solar
- changed: paladin class bars are now hidden when you have no holy power
- changed: warlock class bars are now hidden when you have all three soul shards
- changed: combat feedback on the player & target frames is now slightly further away from those frames
- changed: party frames are now anchored closer to each other vertically.
- changed: fully updated death knight abilities for 4.0
- changed: cast bars are now anchored in a more consistent position
- changed: debuffs are now shown on the pet frame
- changed*: Debuff Highlighting now returns more information about the debuff (which will be used in a future release)
- changed*: code to set positions of text on health bars is much nicer now
- changed*: class bars now have a container frame
- changed*: removed version from TOC
- fixed: the right-click menu on frames should work again
- fixed: font sizes are now correctly fetched from config.lua
- fixed: font outline style is now correctly fetched from config.lua
- fixed: bug where debuff frames were created for party frames even though they were never used
- fixed: the portrait shade no longer has a global name
- fixed*: removed some unused/unusable values from config.lua
- removed*: function allowing frames to be hooked to the display of class bars
- removed*: unused code to create buff display for the player frame

- added: repentance as an important ability for paladins
- added: totem bars now have a mouse-over tool-tip
- changed: important auras on the target frame are now sorted by time remaining if enabled
- changed: barfader will now fade frames in when the mouse enters them
- changed: number of buffs/debuffs per row on the target frame has been increased to 6, from 5.
- changed: improved BarFader technically (still disabled by default).
- changed: BarFader now fades in quickly and out slowly.
- changed*: functions and callbacks moved into a separate file, global.lua
- fixed: debuff highlights now correctly appear on *target frames
- fixed: debuff highlights will now correctly flash health bars of units when they are taken below 20% while playing any class
- fixed: debuffs on the target will now be anchored to the correct position regardless of the presence of any buffs
- fixed: debuff highlights will no longer flash a unit if it changes to one with less than 20% health from one with more
- fixed: barfader now correctly fades out frames for warriors and death knights when they have less than 10 rage or runic power
- fixed: bar fader now correctly fades in the pet frame when the pet has a hostile target
- fixed: hunter pet health is now correctly coloured by happiness
- fixed: BarFader no longer has a delay before reacting to a target change.
- fixed: debuffs on the target frame are now correctly separated from buffs.
- fixed: oUF_DebuffHighlight is now correctly not an optional dependency
- issue: sorting auras by time remaining probably still occasionally breaks

- added: debuff highlighting. Friendly units will pulsate when they have a debuff curable by the player (assuming certain talents are taken - this'll be fixed in a later release).
- added: health bars flash red when a unit is taken below 20% (mainly for abilities like execute).
- fixed: size of debuffs on the target-target frame is correct now
- fixed: number of debuffs shown on the target-target frame now allows for 2 rows
- removed: support for oUF_DebuffHighlight, as it's been replaced.

- added: cast bar latency zone. This can be disabled in config.lua.
- added: option to disable all cast bars.
- changed: right-aligned unit bars (target, tot and pet target) are now reversed by default. This can be disabled in config.lua.
- changed: combat feedback is now enabled on the pet frame
- fixed: heal predictions now display correctly on reversed bars

- added: support for ouf_CombatFeedback
- added: support for heal predictions (and options to turn it off)
- changed: fully updated warlock abilities for 4.0
- changed: warlock abilities now use GetSpellInfo
- fixed: Kui is now a required dependency
- fixed: all currently supported plug-ins are now optional dependencies

r006.4.1 (minor)
- changed: disabled sorting auras by time remaining as it occasionally breaks everything ever
- fixed: threat highlighting actually works now
- fixed: cast bars will no longer break after dismissing/exiting or otherwise losing a pet or vehicle

- added: option to sort auras on group frames by their time remaining.
- added: configuration for the cast bar. Most of it is unfinished.
- added: Living Seed, Thorns, Mark of the Wild and Entangling Roots as important abilities for druids.
- added: Arcane Blast as an important ability for magi.
- added: Holy Wrath as an important ability for paladins.
- changed: threat highlighting moved into its own element
- changed: druid, warrior and paladin important abilities now use GetSpellInfo.
- fixed: threat highlighting should work a little better now
- fixed: automatic scaling should be more accurate now, particularly when not using uiscale.
- fixed: correct number of important auras should be shown on group and target frames
- fixed: issue where frames sometimes wouldn't load upon first log in
- fixed: size of auras on the target frame

- added: option to invert health bar colour for all frames and to disable it on group frames
- added: option to use vertical power bars on all frames and to disable them on group frames
- added: option to disable portraits on group frames
- changed: configuration for group frames is now separated from global configuration
- changed: important spells for shaman now uses GetSpellInfo for localisation purposes. Other classes will be changed soon.
- changed: the frame font is now fetched from config.fonts.n rather than kui.m.f.swis
- changed: portraitShade texture is now fetched from config.txts.pshade rather than kui.m.t.innerShade
- fixed: aura timers will now correctly display on auras with 20 seconds or less remaining
- fixed: an issue where power bars would rarely not be re-shown upon resurrection
- probably fixed: an issue where threat highlighting would not update correctly on the target frame

r006.2 (unreleased)
- added: frames will attempt to automatically scale correctly
- added: Sunfire as an important ability for druids
- added: Colossus Smash as an important ability for warriors
- changed: scale setting in config.lua is now relative. Setting it to 1 will approximately double the size of the frames.
- changed: re-enabled the cooldown model for auras with cooldown timers
- fixed: cooldown timers now display on debuffs as well as buffs.
- fixed: party frames now go right and up, from the bottom left (rather than down and left from the top right).
- fixed: druids' eclipse bar will now show/hide correctly upon logging in

- known issue: party frames are not anchored correctly with certain uiscale/scale settings.
- known issue: after starting the game and logging in for the first time, the unit frames may not load without error.

- fixed: issue where unit frames would not load for druids

- added: aura timers, now displayed on party frames & important auras on the target
- added: option to disable inverted health bar colours for party frames
- added: kui.FormatTime to format a given amount of seconds
- fixed: buff counts now display above the cooldown model
- fixed: greatly improved display of eclipse for druids' class bars (at least in terms of consistency)
- fixed: issue where totem timers would appear white upon login regardless of the presence of any totems. Runes however still do this.
- fixed: class bars should be of the correct width now
- fixed: kui.UnitLevel now returns red as difficulty colour on units with a visible level of '??'
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