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Updated:07-29-10 06:18 AM
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Krahg's Functions

Version: v07-29-2010
by: krahg [More]

This add-on contains actions I do repeatatively but that are to complex for the in game macro system.


CheckForQuest() - Get's items from the bank needed to complete the daily Northrend Cooking and Jewelcrafting quest.

GetItemFromBank(ItemName, qty) - Gets the qty of ItemName from the open bank.

WhichBagIsEmpty() - Returns a number of the first character bag with an empty slot.

DoesBagHaveOne(ItemName) - Returns true if the character has ItemName in bags.

MailLeather(ItemName) - Mails Borean Leather to a specific character hard coded into the lua file along with gold and a message. WARNING THIS FUNCTION SENDS GOLD TO ANOTHER CHARACTER. It will not function until you manually edit this in the LUA file.

SellAnItem(ItemToSell) - Sells all of an ItemName found in the bags and provides a summary.

RepToExalted(step, qty) - Summarizes the amount of Reputation needed to reach exalted with the watched faction. Step is the number of points per quest or gain, qty is the number of items needed per quest.

SetUpUI() - A customized Screenshot configuration which toggles when called.

loopPrint(xx1) - A recursive function which lists the Child name of a frame named xx1

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DoesBagHaveOne(ItemName) - Returns true if the character has ItemName in bags.
Is there something wrong with the GetItemCount API?
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