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Looking For More

Version: 1.0b
by: DaemonSambe [More]

Looking For More tool to help build your raids.

Specify your raid, and decide what you need:
2 tanks
3 healers
5 dps
Optionally select specific classes for each role to fill.
Announce your LFM to the usual lfg channels ( General, Trade-City, LookingForGroup). Announcements will rotate thru your available channels (it will figure out what they are).
Will optionally send to guild, if selected, but only once.
While the frame is open, it will parse incoming whispers in the right window, and keep track of your numbers in the left.

No configuration needed (or available), and everything should be easy to follow.

/lfm to toggle on/off
/lfm t to test your announce string without sending to channels

1. Add a timer for automatic spam.
2. Filter whispers completely so they don't show up in WIM as well.
3. Fix the IncTells frame to scroll to the bottom as new whispers come in. (this really annoys me)
4. Monitor channels for anyone lookingforgroup, that matches your group.

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el labero
A Defias Bandit

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cool look of your addon^^
i also like the funktion
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