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Button Forge  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v0.9.46
by: Alternator [More]

Button Forge is an Action Bar addon that allows you to create completely new Action Bars (as many as you want). Each bar can have up to 1500 buttons organised into rows and columns (up to 5000 buttons total).

Your existing UI wont be changed by Button Forge, it will continue to function and look how it currently does. The bars you create are totally independent allowing you to simply and cleanly add additional action bars to your UI.

The new buttons operate almost identically to the default action buttons (i.e. drag and drop actions as you normally would, etc); there are a few subtle differences though, such as the ability to drop non usable items into the buttons (handy for keeping count of items you're harvesting).

Creation and configuration of the bars is done via the mouse using a GUI interface. This GUI is designed to be straight forward and easy to use, although there is documentation for both basic and advanced configuration options below.


  • Create as many bars as you wish (theoretical limit is 5000)
  • Create as many buttons as you wish (up to 1500 per bar with a total maximum of 5000)
  • Fully graphical configuration
  • Key Bindings
  • Drag and drop actions to buttons (spells, items, macros, companions, equipment sets, Button Forge commands)
  • Set the scale of the Bars
  • Control how many rows and columns of buttons are on a bar
  • Setup visibility macros for your bars so that they can be shown and hidden (such as during combat, when mounted, stealthed, etc...)
  • Bonus Bar:5 support (create and customise one or more bars for use when in a vehicle or possessing etc)
  • Button Facade Support

  • enUS
  • koKR Translation provided by chkid (주시자의눈 of Elune)
  • ruRU Translation provided by Another
  • zhCN Translation provided by s.F

How Do I (Basics)

Enter into configuration mode
Configuration mode is where you will do things such as create new bars and buttons, position them, etc...
There are several ways to enter this mode, any of the following can be used:
  • Enter the Button Forge page in Interface->Addons and use the button found there
  • Create a Key Binding in the Key Bindings menu under the Button Forge section (recommended)
  • Drag the Configuration Mode button found on the Button Forge toolbar onto a Button Forge bar, it can then be used to quickly enter and exit configuration mode (also recommended)

Exit configuration mode
All of the ways to activate config mode will also deactivate it

Create a bar
Click the Create Bar button, then click on screen where you want your new bar

Destroy a bar
Click the Destroy Bar button, then click on the bar you wish to destroy

Add or remove rows and columns of buttons on a bar
Use the Column and Row drag icons on the bar to adjust how many rows and columns of buttons there are

Change the scale of a bar
Use the Scale icon on the bar to adjust the size of the buttons

Position the bar
Click on the bar background and drag it to the desired location

Make the bar only visible for a given talent spec
Use the Spec 1/2 Buttons found on the left side of the bar (a faded icon means it wont be displayed for that talent spec)

Make the bar visible when in a vehicle
By default bars are invisible while in a vehicle, use the vehicle button found on the left side of the bar to change this (a faded icon means it wont be displayed while in a vehicle)

How Do I (Advanced)

Enable advanced configuration controls for the bars
Click the advanced tools button on the Button Forge toolbar to toggle the display of the advanced options

Set key bindings for the buttons
  1. Click the keyboard icon on the bar to enter Key Bind mode
  2. Click the button you wish to set a binding for
  3. On the binding dialog that has popped up click the key binding button (similar to the standard Key Binding UI)
  4. Press the key binding you want to assign
  5. The dialog can be closed by clicking the x this will close the dialog but leave the bar in Key Bind mode, or press esc to completely exit Key Bind mode

  • Key Bindings in Button Forge are implemented as overrides, this means that any existing bindings wont be removed, but if identical the override will be triggered instead (at least provided the bar is visible on screen)
  • Button Forge currently wont inform you if the binding already exists on another Button Forge button and it will allow multiple bars to have the same binding, this feature allows some advance ui configurations to be created which will be described further down
  • If multiple Button Forge bars have the same key binding it will be ambiguous which button will be triggered, however if only one bar is currently visible that is the button that will be triggered
  • The Button Forge UI for Key Bindings may see some alteration in v1 (I feel the flow of creating bindings is not yet as smooth as it could be)

Make a bar only visible while in combat... or out of combat, or while stealthed, cat form, etc...
Any macro conditional in the game can potentially also be used to control if a Button Forge bar is hidden or visible (even during combat)

To setup a visibility macro click the Eye icon and type in the conditional and then press enter (or escape to cancel)... Some basic examples are:
  • [combat] hide; show
  • [stealth, harm] show; hide
  • [form:3] show; hide

  • Visibility macros are more commonly known as visibility state drivers (I just call them visibility macros to draw attention to the fact that you use macro conditionals to control the visibility)
  • The Spec and Vehicle show/hide options (the ones just above the eye icon) also use the visibility macro to control when the bar is displayed. If you specify a visibility conditional and also have one or more of the Spec/Vehicle options set to hide then behind the scenes the necessary rules will be prepended to your visibility macro for the bar...
    • Spec 1 is hidden, and Vehicle is hidden, no visibility macro is set would result in the following state driver: [spec:1] hide; [vehicleui] hide; show
    • Vehicle hidden, and the combat macro example from above is set would result in the following state driver: [spec:1] hide; [vehicleui] hide; [combat] hide; show
    • Spec 1/2 both shown, Vehicle shown and no visibility macro set: ...No visibility driver will be set for the bar, and it will always be visible

Make the actions on a bar change depending on combat status, or while stealthed, or cat form, etc...
This actually can't be done, but the same effect can be achieved by taking visibility macros a step further.
You can place several bars into the same position on screen and setup visibility macros so that only 1 is displayed at any given time, I will describe the following example to illustrate how to do this.

Lets say you are a druid and want a bar in the center of the screen to have actions for catform and bearform in the same position, and to swap between them depending on your current form:
  1. Create a bar and position it where you want, set it's scale and the number of buttons you want on it
  2. Optionally add a label to it to help identify it easier in the interface (lets make this one the bear bar)
  3. Drag the abilities you want on to it
  4. Set the visibility macro to [bonusbar:3] show; hide
  5. Create another bar place it in the same position as the first one... You might notice that it has docking to make this really easy
  6. Double click the scale button to default the bar to have the same scale as the first bar (double click again will revert back to the standard scale of 1)
  7. Optionally label the bar (for cat form this time)
  8. Drag the abilities you want to it
  9. Set the visibility macro to [bonusbar:1] show; hide
  10. Exit configuration mode and give it a try

If you also wanted to setup key bindings you could do this as well since you can reuse bindings. The buttons in each position on the two bars can have the same binding since only one bar will show up at a time (if at all).
Also note that if you want to alternate between which bar you are working on during configuration mode you can use the Send to Front and Send to Back icons so you don't have to move bars out of the way.

Make tabs for bars so that it is easier to configure bars located in the same place on screen
Set a label for the bar and position the top left corner of the bar be the same as another bars. Each bar that has a label set will have that label organised from left to right above the bars. Clicking the respective tab (label) will bring that bar to the top.

Note: Even without a tab for the bar you can still bring it to the front or send it to the back by clicking on it's Send To Front and Senf To Back buttons respectively.

Create a bonus bar (contains the abilities when you enter a vehicle, possess another unit, or the special abilities given during specific fights)
This can be done using the Create Bonus Bar button. Note that the standard Bonus Bar will continue to function as normal so creating a Button Forge bonus bar is purely optional.

  • The Button Forge bonus bar is a clone of Bonus Bar 5; that is the action bar that receives special actions at certain times during game play (e.g. the actions you can use in a vehicle, or while possessing another unit, etc)
  • It is possible to create multiple BF bonus bars
  • The BF Bonus Bar is almost identical to a standard BF Bar except for the following:
    • It is green in configuration mode
    • By default standard BF bars will hide when BonusBar 5 is active, whereas by default BF bonus bars will display (handled via the visibility macro)
    • Several of the default settings for the BF bonus bar are different to the standard BF bars
    • It starts populated with Bonus Actions 1 - 12, leave vehicle, and cancel possession
    • Whenever the Bonus Bar has the number of cols or rows updated it will attempt to replace any missing bonus actions if they have been removed from the bar (this makes it easy to change from a horizontal to vertical bar)
  • All the actions found on the Button Forge bonus bar can be dragged into different positions, and also onto other BF bars (by default the Bonus Bar has the buttons locked, so this would need to be changed first)
  • Changing around the actions on a BF bonus bar will have no effect on the normal Bonus Bar

Enable Right Click Self Cast
This can be done using the Right Click Self Cast button.

You may have some questions not covered above, I will try to address those here.

Why do all bars and buttons show up in configuration mode even when some are configured not to show up currently?
This is done so that you always can configure a bar even if it has a rule set to prevent it from being visible. This also means you can assign actions to bars that you otherwise wouldn't be able to without having to temporarily unset their visibility macro etc...

Why do certain bars/buttons hide in configuration mode when I enter combat?
This happens because sometimes combat may happen when you least expect it. So that you don't have a messy UI which could make it very hard for you to respond to the threat, the Bars and buttons will obey their display rules when in combat regardless of if you are in configuration mode or not.

Why does my key combination trigger some strange action when in configuration mode?
If you have the same key binding for multiple buttons it could be triggering any of them... and most likely not the one you intend! This is because while in configuration mode all buttons are visible and so it is ambigous which key binding to use, while this is annoying (it even trips me up sometimes) it will correct itself once you exit configuration mode (or enter combat).

Why does my key combination trigger some strange action when not in configuration mode?
This will most likely be because you have used the same key binding for multiple buttons and those buttons are visible at the same time, in such a case you will need to either choose a different binding, or configure the display rules for the bars such that only one of the buttons is visible at a time (please note that even if empty buttons are hidden, the key binding will still apply... it is only when the bar itself is configured to hide that the binding wont apply).

Why can't I allocated more buttons to my bar?
Several configuration options wont work while in combat. Or alternatively you may have hit the upper limit for the number of buttons on the bar (currently 1500), or the total number of allowed buttons may be exceeded (currently 5000).

Why can't I set the scale?
Several configuration options wont work while in combat. Or alternatively the desired scale may cause the bar to exceed the size of the screen in which case the scale will be rejected.

I've setup bars for my different druid forms but when switching between them the bars dissappear briefly?!
This is because the visibility rules are treated exactly and there may be a brief swap over period where none of the conditionals are true.

E.g. If you were using [form:1] show; hide for Bear, and [form:3] show; hide for cat to show the bar, when you switch between cat and bear form there is actually a brief period where you are neither of those forms and so neither of those bars will show.

To get around this issue use the [bonusbar:#] conditional in place of the form conditional. It responds to shapeshift changes etc but will keep the bar available the same length of time the default ui keeps it available. (this could also apply to other classes and conditionals where the bonusbar may be a slightly better choice)

Why doesn't my bar have a tab?
Either the bar has not been assigned a label, or its the only bar with its Top Left corner in that position...
If you wish for the bar to have a tab either assign it a label and/or align its top left corner to another bars top left corner (auto docking will take care of this when dragging the bar close to another... except in the case mentioned next)

Why aren't my bars auto-docking?
This is most likely because you are in combat, it is not possible to autodock in this case unfortunately... Note also that auto docking will only take place when the top left corner of two bars get fairly close to each other.

Bonus Actions are appearing on my Bonus Bar when I change the number of rows/cols, why?
This is intentional so that changing the orientation of the bar is easy... Note that having multiple rows and columns could sometimes result in the abilities being repopulated into locations which might seem strange, this is due to the specific rules of how the bonus actions are repopulated (always remember an action wont be populated back onto the bar if it is already there, and also that button positions are always counted from left to right, top to bottom)

Why can I sometimes trigger actions on the BF bonus bar even when Bonus Bar 5 is not active (and I'm seeing the blue Bonus Action number icons)
This is because sometimes the bonus actions assigned remain available even after the bonus bar is gone (e.g. Mind of the Beast), I believe this is the case when it is for actions you could trigger anyway (e.g. if a hunter possesses his pet, even after the possession ends all the pets actions are still available and valid).

The default (and recommended) behaviour is for the bonus bar to be hidden when not available.

There are no raise and lower aim commands on the Bonus Bar even while in a vehicle that supports them
This is because the action that the standard raise and lower buttons have (which is raise/lower while held down) cannot be duplicated by an addon; instead the the aim can only be raised/lowered in increments. For this first release of BF with Bonus Bar support I have decided to not create buttons to do this... (If people request it I can look to introduce it however).

Note that using mouse look to raise lower will work as normal, as will the standard raise and lower buttons

Addon Status:
As the addon has only recently been released I have marked it as beta, although it is intended to be fit for use.
I am still performing fine tuning both to the GUI and also to the display update of actions on the buttons (particularly surrounding macros and low mana/energy/rage/runic power situations).

The following is a general list of what I am looking at:
  • Low mana/energy/rage/runic power situations
  • Go through and check that all macro conditionals cause macro display updates (this is actually quite an involved process...)
  • Improve companion (mount/critter) usability indicators
  • Review how key bindings are configured (I anticipate that I will be adjusting this as I feel it is not yet a smooth process)
  • Fine tune general aspects of the GUI
  • Look into providing a couple of different button skins to choose from - (ButtonFacade is not an option at this point in time)
  • Add information messages for when configuration actions fail (e.g. because of combat)
  • bar show/hide groups (something along the lines of profiles to allow different bar sets for different situations... this will be a bit different to the visibility macros)

04-October-2016 v0.9.46
- Fixed Icon display for Equipment Sets... Again! (also some corrections for talents etc which were actually added in .45 I believe?!, my book keeping on this one has been a bit iffy :S)

09-August-2016 v0.9.45
- Fixed Icon display for Equipment Sets on Button Forge

01-August-2016 v0.9.44
- Fixed problem causing talent abilities to show up as '?'
- Fixed BF load error affecting some players that utilise the profiles functionality
- Effectively eliminated the few cases that Button Forge uses the /Run command removing the need to enable scripts to run (see notes below)
- Summon Mounts, switched back to using a spell cast
- Summon battlepets, now uses the /summonpet macro command
- Exit vehicle, now uses /leavevehicle macro command
- Cancel Possession, this button has been removed (the BF bonus bar typically does not appear for possession anyway, unless specifically setup to by the player)
- Summon Favorite mount, this is coded to force load the Blizzard Collections addon, and /click the Favorite Mount button
- Added a new global setting for Button Forge "-usecollectionsfavoritemountbutton" with the following behaviour
- set False: Uses a /run command and will need scripts enabled by the player (advantage is it doesn't rely on the Blizzard Collections module so wont force load it)
- set True: Uses a /click of the Favorite Button in the Collections Module, and forces it to load
- On introduction of the setting
- Defaults to False if allow dangerous scripts is already enabled by the player
- Defaults to True if allow dangerous scripts is not enabled by the player
- NOTE: Basically don't worry about this setting unless there is a very specific reason to alter it

25-July-2016 v0.9.43
- Added safety check for the mount to clear it if it's not properly detected
- Fixed macrocheckdelay so that it doesn't cause an error (note this setting is not recommended to alter)

24-July-2016 v0.9.42
- Added support for toggling all specialisations on and off

24-July-2016 v0.9.41
- Updated for WoW v7.0
- Updated how Mounts are handled (Bliz keep tinkering with the API in this area)

01-July-2015 v0.9.40
- Updated for WoW v6.2
- Fixed issue with mounts - as the previous hack is no longer needed, and due to a slight change with GetCursorInfo became incompatible
- Toys should now show up more correctly on BF bars
- Battlepets should now have Tooltips
- Added zhTW locale that was supplied by Moripi

28-February-2015 v0.9.39
Updated for WoW v6.1
Bars will not be clamped to screen in this version; due to clamp offsets becoming broken
this will be reveresed at a later date when the clamp offsets work again

--- Missing change log entries (opps) ---

20-Novemeber-2013 v0.9.32
- Fixed unrecognised Flyout actions causing an error on when on BF bars (either from loading a profile, or from inherited settings from a prior same named character)
- Also corrected issue that caused flyout actions to not correctly be put on the cursor when removed from BF bars

20-September-2013 v0.9.31
Updated for WoW v5.4 Added Profile functionality to ButtonForge It is now possible to save the current BF layout and use it on either the current character or other characters, either with the actions, or with just the bar/button layouts (and keybindings etc) The new commands are
-saveprofile (saves the current setup as a profile for later use)
-loadprofile (loads a profile, along with all actions on the buttons - this can even be done for diff classes, the actions simply wont be recognised in some cases)
-loadprofiletemplate (loads a profile but all buttons are blanked, treating the profile as a template for other chars)
-undoprofile (reverts back to the setup prior to the last loadprofile, even if that was a previous session... note this itself can not be undone, so beware)
-deleteprofile (simply deletes a previously saved profile)

04-June-2013 v0.9.30
Button Forge will now cast keybindings on the key down phase in the same manner the standard action buttons do, this behaviour is also toggled using the standard Interface-Combat option "Cast action keybinds on key down"*
* Added a new global setting for Button Forge "ForceOffCastOnKeyDown" that will override the above feature so that it is always off if desired, you must log back in for this setting to take effect
(When ForceOffCastOnKeyDown is set, it will actually cause the original ButtonForge click handling pre v0.9.30 to apply)

24-May-2013 v0.9.29
Fixed issue in previous version preventing non-masque users from running Button Forge

23-May-2013 v0.9.28
Update to work against wow v5.3
Improved support of Masque skinning
Slightly update look of Buttons to match with the current style of the standard buttons in wow

06-March-2013 v0.9.27
Updated for WoW v5.2

13-December-2012 v0.9.26
More support for spell charges (i.e. for warlock demonology spells that have charges)
slash commands that accept yes/no will now also accept toggle

09-December-2012 v0.9.25
Button Forge will now display spell charges on its buttons when appropriate (this also applies if the spell is from a macro)
A new slash command -hidepetbattle allows making it so that Button Forge bars can stay visible during a pet battle (by turning that option for the bar off, by default it's on)

02-December-2012 v0.9.24
Updated Button Forge for WoW v5.1
Fixed Button Forge to support battlepets again (under the hood they were subtly changed in how they work)

17-October-2012 v0.9.23
BattlePets can now be added to Button Forge bars (tooltips are not yet available for them)
All Button Forge bars will hide during Pet Battles

09-September-2012 v0.9.22
Fixed the Button Forge Bonusbar (now the vehicle/override bar) to work again.
Also fixed dragging button forge custom icons to not show a blackbox while dragging

03-September-2012 v0.9.21
Fixed to hide bars by default when the Override Bar is active (this used to be BonusBar:5)

28-August-2012 v0.9.20
Updated for WoW v5.0.4[indent]Issues that were resolved for the updated WoW API:
  • Lua errors prevening Button Forge even working
  • Cooldown error for mounts and companion pets
  • Picking up spells wasn't working
  • Handling of dynamic spells was largely unusable
Still outstanding:
  • Now that pets are battle pets they can't be set or activated from Button Forge (your existing pets still show up and can be picked up and moved, but that's it)
  • Flyout spells (the one with the little arrow) is dropped rather than put on the cursor when removing from Button Forge
  • Also a minor graphic glitch that the little arrow sometimes doesn't show for the flyouts
  • Dragging Button Forge specific actions (e.g. the open Button Forge config button) has a black square
  • Some code tidy up to remove redundant code (there are now better options to achieving some functionality)
  • Others???

06-February-2012 v0.9.17
  • New bar option 'GUI' available via /bufo commands. defaults to 'on'. Turning the gui off for a bar will cause it to be hidden and to no longer interact with the mouse but its keybindings will be unaffected (think of it as Key Bind only mode). The GUI will be temporarily forced 'on' provided you're not in combat, and are in Button Forge config mode, or are holding the Shift key while also have an item on the cursor (this is to ease setting the bar up how you want it)
  • New bar option 'Alpha' available via /bufo commands, defaults to 1. This will simply change the opacity of the bar, the mouse will still interact with the bar, even if it's fully transparent (unlike the new 'GUI' option, the alpha will not be forced up when in config mode etc...)
  • Localisation support added for 'deDE', translation supplied by Rumorix/PUNK2018
Fixed: Button Forge will now only show the action tooltip for a macro if the macro has the #showtooltip tag in it

11-December-2011 v0.9.16
Updated Button Forge to be compatible with WoW v4.3
  • Macro issue still lingered for some users - a 3second delay has been added at login before buttonforge will prune missing macros
  • If the delay does not work, a final option to disable RemoveMissingMacros is now available (type /bufo in game to see slash commands)
  • Bars with a small buttongap and hard against the side of the screen would bounce out a bit when logging in, this has been resolved
Made change to cause ButtonForge to name the widget Frames that control button visibility - for advanced users only, see readme.txt for more info[/list]
19-September-2011 v0.9.15
  • Fixed: Macros were sometimes disappearing from Button Forge bars
  • Feature: Localisation support for zhCN has been added - Translation provided by s.F

23-July-2011 v0.9.14
  • Updated Button Forge to be compatible with WoW v4.2

28-April-2011 v0.9.13
  • Many more of the gui configuration options are now available via slash commands
  • Added slash only command to change the gap between buttons
  • Added slash only command to disable and enable bars
  • Added slash command to read out info for a bar
  • Improved the feedback when slash commands are not correctly supplied
  • Added a basic API to allow other addons to query information from Button Forge
  • Buttons weren't being properly deallocated when a bar was destroyed
  • In very rare situations item caching in Button Forge was causing a lua error
16-January-2011 v0.9.12
  • Slash commands are now available (/buttonforge or /bufo)
  • Slash commands include abiltity to turn off keybind and macro name plates
  • Holding shift will override button locks (same as the default UI)
  • Holding shift will bring Button Forge bars to the top if holding an item with the cursor
  • Macros can now have the same name (although this is still not advised!)
  • Macro tracking will be a little more resilient (this affects when macros are changed). NB, this can never be perfect with the way the game currently works
  • Auto-alignement could sometimes have a lua error if other mods changed the default bars, this should not happen now
  • Spells with the same name would sometimes display as though they were the other spell, this should now be resolved
03-January-2011 v0.9.11
  • Button Forge Buttons will come to the foreground when the mouse has a placeable action (except items) to make placing spells easier
  • Key-binding has been tweaked to be more streamlined
  • While dragging bars, auto-alignment will now work off all sides of the bar and also provide guide lines
  • Better detection of shapeshift has been added (this allows icons for macros with forms rules to visually update a bit more quickly in some cases)
  • Archaeology Buttons will now check and uncheck correctly
22-Decembet-2010 v0.9.10
  • Localisation support for
  • koKR Translation provided by chkid (주시자의눈 of Elune)
  • ruRU Translation provided by Another
  • ButtonFacade keybindings will not dissappear now
  • Improved how wisp spell detection works (made it independant of localisation)
13-December-2010 v0.9.9
  • Button Facade Support!
  • Corrected issue preventing binding of mouse buttons (note that the left and right button cannot be bound ever)
18-October-2010 v0.9.8
  • Putting Companions and Mounts on the Bar was bugged, this has been fixed (any companions or mounts that are permanently highlighted should be removed and readded)
18-October-2010 v0.9.7
  • Support for Flyout spells
  • Support for Glow effect on certain spells (e.g. Hunter Traps when Trap Launcher is active)
  • Attempt to resolve the issue preventing certain spells from being put on the Button Forge Bars (primarily this issue was affecting Hunter Traps)

13-October-2010 v0.9.6
  • Macros that use items are having a problem with the cooldown display, this has been fixed.
  • Picking up most items wasn't causing button grids that were hidden to show (while out of combat), this has also been fixed

12-October-2010 v0.9.5
  • Updated to be compatible with WoW v4.0.1
  • Item counts will now show counts for items that use a consumable reagent
  • Spells will no longer inadvertently change rank when switching talents (a non issue now that WoW v4 is available anyway)

02-September-2010 v0.9.4
  • Creating a macro with an empty body or deleting a macro could sometimes cause visual errors in Button Forge, this has been resolved
  • Tooltips for companions were dissappearing very quickly after displaying, this has been resolved

26-August-2010 v0.9.3
  • Bonus Bars (Bonus Bar 5) are now supported
  • A Right Click Self Casting option is now available
  • Tooltips now refresh while being displayed
  • In some cases (particularly macros) item display was not updating, this has been resolved

10-August-2010 v0.9.2
  • Updated the GUI appearance
  • Bar labels will now organise themselves for so they can be clicked to allow tabbing between bars if bars are in the same position
  • Bar controls will now rearrange themselves to better use the space around the Action buttons
  • Scale - The Double Click default sometimes wouldn't detect the settings of a bar if one was in the same position, this has been resolved
  • Dragging Custom Actions (Button Forge Configuration options) - These would sometimes drop straight off the cursor, this has been resolved
  • Key Bind dialog has been shifted to appear above other UI elements (it is also possible to drag this dialog)

05-August-2010 v0.9.1
  • Set a limit of 1500 buttons per bar and 5000 buttons total
  • Added button for configuration mode
  • Added ability to drag Button Forge Toolbar buttons to Button Forge bars
  • Updated tooltip information
  • Equipment Sets will now be placed on the cursor when picked up off a Button Forge Bar
  • Resolved stack overflow when creating excessively large bars (e.g. over 1000 buttons)
  • Resolved issues causing some newly allocated buttons to be hidden and the bar to sometimes dissappear when allocating buttons

31-July-2010 v0.9.0
Beta version of Button Forge
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08-25-10 09:59 PM
08-10-10 03:46 AM
08-05-10 03:49 AM
07-31-10 12:25 AM

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Unread 09-14-10, 02:40 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Originally posted by Bandes
I need an Visible Macro.
I will see my Buttons when my Mouse over the Button...
The Code [Mouseover]show; is not right or ?!
That can't be done using visibility macros unfortunately. the [target=mouseover] conditional will only apply to other players and npc's in the game
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Unread 09-16-10, 08:26 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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You will add the function for Mouseover ?!
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Unread 09-16-10, 02:41 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Originally posted by Bandes
You will add the function for Mouseover ?!
At this stage I wont be adding the ability to only show the bar when the mouse is over it.
The number one goal for this addon is to maintain ease of use, which is unfortunately tricky as more features are added - so I'm balancing them against that.

However, down the track (Cata) I am hoping to redesign the bar a little bit and add additional ways of hiding and showing bars, so I will keep this in mind as a possibility to include then.
Last edited by Alternator : 09-16-10 at 04:46 PM.
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Unread 09-25-10, 09:10 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Just a quick notification of two bugs I've become aware of and hope to fix soonish:

1. Item Count - for items which use an ingredient the count does not reflect this (it continues to show the count of the actual item rather than how many casts of it you have... e.g. 'Light-Blessed Relic')

2. On a Talent spec swap there is a bug which has a chance of causing the Button Forge to choose a lowered spell rank
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Unread 09-26-10, 02:52 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I tried this on the PTR and couldn't get it to create a bar. Is this supposed to be compatible yet?
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Unread 09-26-10, 03:04 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Originally posted by Deltam
I tried this on the PTR and couldn't get it to create a bar. Is this supposed to be compatible yet?
No it isn't compatible as yet. I am planning a compatible version to be available for Cata... But if they are releasing the talent/spell changes early I will try to make sure to have a version available that can cope with that (hopefully they wait till after brewfest!!!).
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Unread 10-05-10, 11:04 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Does this work with button facade?
How can I make buttons in perfect circle shape? (like bar not like circle)
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Unread 10-05-10, 05:06 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Originally posted by drakeh
Does this work with button facade?
Changes are in the works which will probably (fingers crossed) mean that I can introduce Button Facade support, but I wont be looking at this until after Button Forge is cataclysm ready.

Originally posted by drakeh
How can I make buttons in perfect circle shape? (like bar not like circle) [/b]
If you are referring to arranging the buttons in a circular pattern, this is not really an option in Button Forge at present.
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Unread 10-11-10, 11:28 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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V4.0.1 Patch

Just a quick notice that v0.9.5 is almost ready and is compatible with WoW v4.0.1.

I've still got a little bit of testing to go but plan to upload that tonight.

Please note that due to several changes to the spell system most spells will most likely not be recognised when you log back in, those spells will appear as ?'s on your buttons.

I've also observed that some companions and mounts have had a slight name change, these will be automatically cleared from the bars and you will need to re-add them (e.g. 'Mechano-hog' is now 'Mechano-Hog')

Update: I have now uploaded v0.9.5, be gentle as there may still be some kinks to work through (This version was developed against the Cata Beta)
Last edited by Alternator : 10-12-10 at 02:59 AM.
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Unread 10-12-10, 05:52 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Have you thought of the ability to attach a bar to a frame?
i.e When a bar is attached to a raid frame, its' position is anchored to it and all the buttons on that bar target the raid member.

Kind of like the old group buttons. Would make a fantastic addition to this addon.
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Unread 10-12-10, 06:26 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Exclamation v0.9.6

There were two issues that needed to be resolved in yesterdays upload.

v0.9.6 is now uploaded and should resolve both the following issues:
- a problem with cooldowns for macros containing item usage
- hidden empty buttons were not displaying when picking up an object while out of combat

Originally posted by abinning
Have you thought of the ability to attach a bar to a frame?
i.e When a bar is attached to a raid frame, its' position is anchored to it and all the buttons on that bar target the raid member.

Kind of like the old group buttons. Would make a fantastic addition to this addon.
It sounds like an interesting idea although it falls beyond my intention for Button Forge (although I am looking into possibly exposing a Button Forge api down the track...).
Last edited by Alternator : 10-13-10 at 03:28 AM.
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Unread 10-13-10, 08:17 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Got this error and some of my buttons didnt show up.

1x ButtonForge-0.9.4\Button.lua:1053: Usage: GetItemCooldown(itemID)
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Button.lua:1053: in function `UpdateCooldownItem'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Button.lua:1059: in function `UpdateCooldown'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Button.lua:820: in function `FullRefresh'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Button.lua:879: in function `TranslateMacro'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Button.lua:831: in function `FullRefresh'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Button.lua:129: in function `Configure'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Button.lua:69: in function `New'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Util.lua:134: in function `NewButton'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Bar.lua:463: in function `SetButtonsFromSave'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Bar.lua:397: in function `Configure'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Bar.lua:341: in function `New'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Util.lua:197: in function `NewBar'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\Util.lua:113: in function `Load'
ButtonForge-0.9.4\EventManager.lua:216: in function <ButtonForge\EventManager.lua:193>

self = <table> {
 UpdateFlash = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1329:
 MacroName = "AutoHP"
 WHotKey = ButtonForge3HotKey {}
 UpdateTextCount = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1578:
 TooltipEnabled = true
 MacroBody = "#showtooltip
/use [mod:shift,target=player] item:34722; [combat] item:33447; item:45932"
 UpdateCooldown = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1055:
 MacroAction = "item:45932"
 UpdateTooltipFunc = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1226:
 Mode = "macro"
 Texture = "Interface\Icons\INV_Misc_Slime_02"
 FlashOn = false
 WName = ButtonForge3Name {}
 UpdateTooltip = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1578:
 FullRefresh = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:830:
 UpdateTexture = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:900:
 ButtonSave = <table> {}
 UpdateEquipped = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1023:
 WBorder = ButtonForge3Border {}
 UpdateRangeTimer = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1391:
 CheckRangeTimer = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1442:
 WFlashTexture = ButtonForge3Flash {}
 WCooldown = ButtonForge3Cooldown {}
 TranslateMacro = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:843:
 Target = "target"
 RangeTimerOn = false
 UpdateChecked = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:977:
 WCount = ButtonForge3Count {}
 GetCursor = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1295:
 MacroMode = "item"
 ItemLink = "|Hitem:45932:0:0:0:0:0:0:1765293440:80:0[Black Jelly]"
 ItemName = "Black Jelly"
 ItemId = "Black Jelly"
 Locked = false
 WIcon = ButtonForge3Icon {}
 WNormalTexture = ButtonForge3NormalTexture {}
 UpdateUsable = <function> @ ButtonForge\Button.lua:1113:
 Widget = ButtonForge3 {}
 MacroIndex = 2
(*temporary) = <function> @ Interface\FrameXML\Cooldown.lua:2:
(*temporary) = ButtonForge3Cooldown {
 0 = <userdata>

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Unread 10-13-10, 10:49 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Forum posts: 11
File comments: 183
Uploads: 14
Message: Interface\AddOns\ButtonForge\Util.lua:579: bad argument #1 to 'strfind' (string expected, got nil)
Time: 10/13/10 19:45:30
Count: 1
Stack: [C]: in function `strfind'
Interface\AddOns\ButtonForge\Util.lua:579: in function `GetSpellId'
Interface\AddOns\ButtonForge\Button.lua:376: in function `SetCommandSpell'
Interface\AddOns\ButtonForge\Button.lua:341: in function `SetCommandFromTriplet'
Interface\AddOns\ButtonForge\Button.lua:306: in function <Interface\AddOns\ButtonForge\Button.lua:301>

Locals: (*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "spell%d+)|"
(*temporary) = "string expected, got nil"
on attempt to drag "Freezing trap" from spellbook to bar with "?" (left from previous buttons).
Edit: cleaned bar from "?". Anyway I can't put this one spell there.
Last edited by another : 10-13-10 at 10:54 AM.
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Unread 10-13-10, 11:06 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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And would be nice to set bars strata to highest when cursor contains something since spellbook now almost 2/3 screen size. And back to original when empty.
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Unread 10-13-10, 01:44 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Forum posts: 20
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Uploads: 3

That issue you reported looks like the one in v0.9.5; it should now be resolved in v0.9.6, could you give that a try and let me know how it goes.


I'll see if I can reproduce the issue with Freeze Trap.
I agree about the spell book, and what you've suggested could be a good way to go about resolving the issue - I'll have a play and hopefully get something in place for this soon.
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