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Multiboxer Chat Toggler

Version: 1.3
by: Eniledahs [More]

MBCTog helps multiboxers control "multi talking" of their slaves, or also known as "double talking".

If you know a multiboxer that seems to have a "multi talking" problem, please suggest this addon :P

I hate double talking... If I type this: "Hi, how's it going sherry?" I'll get this:

Hi, how's it going sherry?
Hi, how's it going sherry?

And that is every type you type in chat and hit enter key! In trade, parties, dungeons, raids, etc. You may have a software work around, but maybe like me.. to use the software work around, it requires me to press a button to stop sending to my other toons and then "remember" to press it again so I can send my key commands to the other toons. This makes it hard to chat and fight in combat. Then people in your raid get very annoyed, and in dungeon groups if they think your a multiboxer you get kicked from the dungeon! (I've been kicked for groups even thinking I'm a multiboxer!)

I've heard from other players, other than keyclone users, having great success using this addon!

My addon is very verbal at this time.. so that you can understand what it needs from you.

Feature 1:

The "Set Master Talker" button --- This button you click on the toon you want to be the only talker.

You Can move the button around if you... Press and hold CTRL button and then click and hold your Leftmouse button on the button's frame to move it around. When you find a place you want to keep the button, just release CTRL and Leftmouse button.

Feature 2:

You can type the below with or without slash commands:

ENABLETALK or ET --- If you can't see your typing or your toon is in silent mode.. just type enabletalk or et (lower or upper case does not matter) and you will get your keyboard back :P

DISABLETALK or DT --- If you want to put a toon into silent mode, just typing this will do it.

Have not created a slashcommand for this one, you will need to type it as is:
CHATHELP or CHAT HELP --- will give you these list of commands should you forget.

This addon is stable as far as I know it. So I'm taking it out of beta.


-- auto party accept from teamlist
-- auto raid accept from teamlist
-- Will look at the other multiboxing addons and figure out what they are missing and what I can add to this addon to improve the overall multiboxing experience. Overall, I am a jamba fan... I will soon have options similar to Jamba without the "Flashy flashy" so that multiboxers whom are trying to squeeze all they can out of their computer can get better performance using my addon. If I do go towards a more graphical version, I will then make a "lite version" and a "regular version" of this addon.

*** Please read the Changelog.txt for further information on all changes made to this addon.

Let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions on how to improve this addon...

P.S. If you find this addon useful, please add this as your favorite :P Much Thanks for your time!

HERE is further explaination:
Bear with me.. this is a long explaination hoping I help everyone understand without confusing anyone:

I use keyclone. It sends a copy for every keystroke to each wow instance opened on my computer. If I press 1 on the keybaord.. it sends 1 to my other toons.. If I type /say Hello.. all my other toons will /say Hello.. and then everyone in range will see me and my toons say "Hello"!

Even though keyclone allows you to "Pause" it from sending copies of your keystrokes to other wow instances opened on your computer.. That in itself is a problem! If you disable your keystrokes.. then if you get into battle and forget you have "pause" on, even with it beeping and flashing.. you still can forget.. and i forget alot.. plus i disabled the beeping and flashing.. its annoying., you will end up fighting solo until you see your other toon not fighting. Its a headache to remember to press pause again to allow your keystrokes to go thru.. I thought.. an addon will allow me not have to worry about that.. so while in battle.. I type '/raid Incoming!!' It won't spam it through my other toons.

Don't get me wrong though.. you do need "Pause" if you plan to do other stuff other than chatting.. like Auction house searches.. typing information into other addons.. anything that isn't chat related.

With my addon, you don't have to worry about pressing "Pause" button to stop keystrokes while typing in chat. You don't have to worry about "double talking" or "multi talking"..

If i type /g for guild chat and say.. "Hey how's it going.. Ive been working on a few new addons.." it would look like this:

Hey how's it going.. Ive been working on a few new addons..
Hey how's it going.. Ive been working on a few new addons..

Everyone will see it twice for me.. im a dual boxer.. but for 3, 4, and 5 boxers.. i can only imagine.. everyone saying "SPAM!!"

You do understand if you "double, triple, quad, five and etc talk.." people will know your multiboxing.. and ive recently met a ton of players whom hate multiboxers.. As soon as you "multi-talk" they become problems for you.. Trying to get you kicked, ruining your Dungeon experience via pulling more mobs than your group can handle, cussing.. etc.

This addon helps take away the possiblity that you will be picked out for multiboxing! If you forget to stop your keystrokes from sending to all your wow programs, then they find out.. then its a chance for another headache!

My addon Allows the Master (or which ever is master at the time) to be the only "talker". Anytime I type something that Im about to say.. it will erase the letters from the slaves' default chatbox. Yet my latest update allows slash commands to go thru, except known emotes that i have added to the emote filter i've created.

by typing DT .. my addon will put which ever toon that you type this to into "silent" mode.. in otherwords.. no talking will be coming from that toon. If you want to re-Enable talking.. you type ET.

To use the button "Set Master Talker" you will need to be grouped with your slaves / other toons. Then you can press the button to set who you want to be master talker. You can move the button around by holding the control key and left mouse button and then drag the button to the position you want it at.

If I've confused you or have any more questions please ask.. I'm more that grateful to answer any and all questions! ...even if i miss-spell stuff...

- Aug 8th -

* The "Set Master Button" now changes to "Master" for whomever is the master talker.

* fixed bugs dealing with Teamlist on start up without any variables saved.

- Aug 8th -

* Multiboxer Chat Toggler now uses a teamlist for secure communication between toons. Having a teamlist
allows your addon to check against the teamlist before accepting a command.

* Using a chat channel for addon communication allows your addon to communicate with less lag.

* You can now use /et or /dt slash commands for enable talk or disable talk.

* While in Party or Raid, you can check your version against another multiboxer who uses same addon
by typing /chkversion -- plans to automate this soon.
This can also allow you to know if all your toons/characters have the same version of this addon.

* Multiboxer now uses Channels to communicate with its Teamlist of Toons/Characters.
This allows you to leave the "party" and still have control over who talks.

* The addon channel is now only used for checking between versions of your toons or other players.

* If you need to create a new party list of multiboxing toons, type /mbclear
It will clear your current Team list, password, channel name, and to create a new team
you will need to first party up with your new team and type /mbteam

- Aug 1st -

* Created a Emotes filter so that slash commands other than emotes can now work.

- July 31st - First release of addon
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A Kobold Labourer
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version 1.3 will be 1.3 for awhile...

Until I find any kind of bug or what not.. 1.3 seems pretty stable to me and nobody has given me any comments as to if there are any bugs or not.

I may make slight improvements, but as far as this month goes.. unless its a major bug.. I will probally not make a major update until the 9th month 2010 (next month). I'll post a comment then to keep everyone updated.

Another idea sitting on my mind is creating a little button bar with the team's names as buttons, so that you can click which team member you want to talk for you.. instead of having to move your mouse to each screen and clicking on Set Talk master... Im posting this idea, so I can remember so to speak :P

Any bugs or something that bothers you about this addon, let me know.

Thanks for your time!
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Unread 07-31-10, 11:41 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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I thought it was good to keep it filtering all slashcommands, so you don't "double talk" emotes. But, your right. I should create a filter for emotes only and allow the user to enable / disable that feature.

I'll work on a filter that uses my current setup. If it doesn't work, I'm so glad I have now a 2nd way to do it with your idea on OnUpdate timer. I prefer not to use OnUpdate timer as I've heard it puts a load on people's FPS.

Right now, I'm trying to work on a options menu and such.. so I can add more flexibility. Your Filtering idea is one more item to add to that list

I know this maybe off the subject of your comment, Xruptor, but I also wanted to say this:

There is one more important feature I'm working on... TEAMS..

I hope that I can find a way to do this.. You "Party" with only your slaves (All multiboxing accounts in one party). Then you click a button, and my addon will create a Team List based on the party members. Then it will Auto create a random channel name that all of the Team slaves and master will only know. That channel will be the area where this addon communicates with the other addons on the channel... And only the team mates on the list it will respond to.

The reason I want to do it this way will be much easier than to type ever team members name like Jamba does. I feel, the easier to the end user.. the less stress.. the more game time! Some of my characters use special characters, so typing it in is cumbersome.

At this time, Im using a global sendmessageaddon command to communicate with the other addon that may pose a problem later on, when more people start using this addon.

Just remember, its a work in progress and I put this addon out as soon as I can... Why? Its hard to find multiboxing addons! Maybe this will spur more players to get involved in the addon making process for multiboxers?

Once I fully flesh out this addon, I'm also open more other ideas for what multiboxers need that Jamba doesn't do, or any other addon made for multiboxing does not do. Throw me a line, it won't hurt.. I promise

Much Thanks for your time and support, Xruptor!

Like to hear for all of you on ideas to make this addon better and Much thanks for your time and testing this addon!
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Unread 07-31-10, 10:59 AM  
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Why not just parse all chat messages and let slash commands through. There are several ways you can detect a slash command being inputted.

You can hook into the editbox in the chatframe and check for "/" on text enter. If so then disable the chat parsing until the editbox is hidden. Then enable it again.

You can even use that to filter out only specific slash commands you want to go through.


Another way would be to do a OnUpdate timer to check for slash commands in the editbox. (By using GetText()). If a slash is found then disable the chat message parsing until the editbox is hidden or the editbox:GetText() returns nothing or no slash.

Just a couple of ideas to through out
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