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Rustytotem's Honour/Honor bar addon

Version: 1
by: Rustytotem [More]

Note: I should probably mention that this addon (and in fact, most of my addons) has been abandoned at this point. That is to say, I don't maintain them, and there are possibly bugs in them.

This addon is a bar displaying your current honour compared to the honour cap. It looks like an XP/reputation bar. The bar is red. If you want to change the colour, you just need to alter line 121 of the XML file, and change
<BarColor r="1" g="0" b="0"/>
to the colour of your choice. The frame is clamped to the screen. Haven't tested for resolutions higher/lower than 1152x864.
The frame is draggable.

The commands are:

  • /ahb hide - This hides the frame, and makes it click-through.
  • /ahb show - This shows the frame again, and enables clicking.
  • /ahb 5 - This sets the frames scale to whatever number you type in, in this case, 5. (Default is 1).
If there are any bugs/comments, just make a comment and I'll take a look at it. In a way, this addon was inspired by the outdated HonorBar.

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