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Updated: 08-23-10 03:03 AM
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Updated:08-23-10 03:03 AM
Created:08-23-10 03:03 AM


Version: 1.0.0
by: Ragic [More]

This is a repack of MiksScrollingBattleText,where instead of scrolling damage heals and such stuff it scrolls all defensive and offensive cooldowns as they are activated,and when they are deactivated. All credit goes to Mikord the author of MSBT. In your addon list/when youunzip it,it is known as MiksScrollingBattleText.I will check for errors and update if required.

NOTE:This version was made late at night and may have some things I am not tracking. Will try add any missing things reported to me in a few days.

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A Defias Bandit

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So I'm unclear. Is this just a repack of the MSBT addon with different default settings?
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