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Version: 1.0.7.
by: perle [More]

MoonTime shows cooldowns and durations of DoTs and eclipse in a compact way in the center of the screen:

The default layout consists of four tiny frames showing all essential information of the moonkin-rotation

Duration of moonfire and insect swarm on the target
Duration and cooldown of the active lunar or solar eclipse
Cooldown of starfall
The Layout noBrain shown what key to hammer. Don't stop the casting, it just tells you what button to press.

The priority is IS>MF>Starfire (while Lunar and before Solar)>Wrath which leads to a 'always refresh dots and standard eclipse use'-rotation
Two additional frames show the cooldowns of Starfall and Treants
Type /moontime or /moon to configure the addon

Addon is updated for 4.3

vers 1.0.7 - 4.3 fix for noBrain-Rotation vers. 1.0.6 - fix

vers. 1.0.5 - minor bugfix

vers. 1.0.4 - really changed to 4.0.6 - /moon 4t11 to toggle the rotation - major improvements in performance

vers. 1.0.3 - change to 4.0.6 - 4t11 proc priolist can be actived via code editing, new version of editing the Next() function will be coming in the next not-bugfix release

vers. 1.0.2 - little code changes - separate designs from core - type /moon or /moontime

you have to be level 85 and in moonkin form

bugfix for 3.3.3
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