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m ActionBars  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 5.1.3
by: Monolit [More]

m_ActionBars or monoActionBars

  • IMPORTANT: if you update to version 4.x from 3.x and older, you must update cfg.lua because it was redesigned.

  • Originally inspired by zork's amazing work with rActionBarStyler and rActionButtonStyler.
  • m_ActionBars is a very flexible lightweight add-on that handles your action bars.
  • This add-on is making use of default blizzard's action bars
  • This add-on aimed mainly for people with at least some experience in using lua-configured add-ons as all settings located in cfg.lua.

Key features
  • no GUI;
  • allows user to use up to 6 action bars (5 default + 1 extra action bar);
  • removes all the default action bars textures;
  • supports vehicle, totem, pet, stance and shapeshift bars;
  • built in totem timers functionality and ability to remove totems by right-clicking them;
  • custom exit vehicle button position;
  • styles action buttons' borders;
  • out of range/mana coloring;
  • allows player to choose the orientation and amount of rows for each bar;
  • grants the ability to set custom position, size and spacing between the buttons;
  • allows user to set number of visible buttons for each bar;
  • the ButtonsStyler module allows to hide/show hotkeys, macro names, item count numbers, and also to set custom font for each of those text fields.
  • key-bindings shortcuts;
  • built in HoverBind functionality (/kb to enter bindings mode) that also works directly from spell book and macros menu;
  • supports MicroMenu bar;
  • option to show bars only in combat;
  • 2 special bars for raid marks and world marker flares;
  • option to control bars' opacity;

  • Zork - for rActionBarStyler
  • Nightcracker - for ncHoverBind
  • Tukz
  • Allez

====== v. 5.1 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: added button_size value for exit vehicle button to cfg.lua (only for user-placed buttons)
m_ActionBars: adjusted default user_placed position for exit vehicle button
m_ActionBars: fixed missing micro buttons
m_ActionBars: updated state driver for override bar (should fix galakras problem)

====== v. 5.1 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: re-implemented script that enables 4 additional action bars by default
m_ActionBars: force action bars grid to always be visible
m_ActionBars: fixed styling for flyout buttons with more than 6 buttons

====== v. 5.1 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: .toc bump for 5.3
m_ActionBars: .cfg structure updated
m_ActionBars: exit vehicle button when docked will always have its position locked by last available Bar1 button
m_ActionBars: PARTY/RAID events replaced with new GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE event to properly handle mark bars
m_ActionBars: removed couple config values from RaidMark and WorldMarker bars
m_ActionBars: fixed the issue with bars not disappearing properly during a pet battle
m_ActionBars: raid mark bar will be shown in party group even if you are not a leader

====== v. 5.0 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: added [petbattle][overridebar] macro conditions to the OverrideBar frame (to fix some bars issues in DMF quests)
m_ActionBars: removed holy power coloring for Templar's Verdict in RangeCheck module (tullaRange update)
m_ActionBars: adjusted visibility conditions for raid mark bar
m_ActionBars: fixed new action bars texture names (to hide)
m_ActionBars: added possess bar (swaps with stance bar)
m_ActionBars: added styling for possess bar
m_ActionBars: reworked how the main bar works
m_ActionBars: propperly implemented OverrideBar
m_ActionBars: fixed taint issues with extra action bar (bar6)
m_ActionBars: updated raid / world mark bars spawning logic
m_ActionBars: code refactoring cfg.lua MUST BE UPDATED
m_ActionBars: removed depricated frames, updated styling function, fixed hooks
m_ActionBars: updated RaidMark with new group status requests
m_ActionBars: fixed extra action bar not updating on page swap, locking it to page 1
m_ActionBars: bye bye totembar, you sure wasted allot of my time
m_ActionBars: removed totembar styling functions and config vars
m_ActionBars: removed raid button from micro menu (replaced with companion and mounts button)
m_ActionBars: removed updater script to keep micro menu after swapping a spec
m_ActionBars: reworked art removing function
m_ActionBars: enabled stance bar & updated stance bar styling
m_ActionBars: Broker_Equipment updated to reflect API changes
m_ActionBars: new petbar varriable in cfg file - scale
m_ActionBars: simplified mAB.ShowInCombat function using RegisterStateDriver
m_ActionBars: added petbar holder state conditions so it's no longer clickable when invisible
m_ActionBars: fixed taint on manual page swap when in combat
m_ActionBars: updated cfg.lua, changed var names, but old versions should be fully compatible

====== v. 4.2 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: reworked button styler module, now compatible with 4.3
m_ActionBars: removed old cooldown scaling function (replaced with a simplier solution)
m_ActionBars: accidentally included old version of the add-on that caused huge CPU cycles leaks, so it's fixed now
m_ActionBars: minor fix for RangeCheck module
m_ActionBars: marking bar will now be available in party even if you are not a leader
m_ActionBars: fixed macro text being hidden even if set otherwise in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: implemented new ExtraBar button (4.3)
m_ActionBars: reposition (update cfg.lua) for new ExtraActionButton1
m_ActionBars: slight ExtraActionBarButton1 rework
m_ActionBars: few fixes for the ButtonStyler module to avoid taint
m_ActionBars: little fix for the marking bar, now you should only see it in raid if you're either raid leader or assistant

====== v. 4.1 rev 5 ======
m_ActionBars: forgot to include default config in cfg.lua

====== v. 4.1 rev 4 ======
m_ActionBars: typo in combat visibility function for raid marks bar
m_ActionBars: raid marks bar visibility conditions
m_ActionBars: removed 'hide side bars' option as it was a little confusing, /extra will now toggle all hidden/disabled bars instead (remember to update cfg.lua)

====== v. 4.1 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: petbar will not 'jump' for shamans if it does not overlap with totembar anymore
m_ActionBars: added TotemBar holder to the testing function
m_ActionBars: added Dungeon Journal and Raid buttons to MicroMenu bar

====== v. 4.1 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: adjusted petbar and micromenu position due to scale of those bars, so changes in cfg.lua required for those 2 bars
m_ActionBars: removed old totembar scale and opacity vars
m_ActionBars: petbar repositioned to be right on top of your 2 main action bars (cfg.lua)
m_ActionBars: removed specific petbar position for Death Knights and Shamans
m_ActionBars: default value for ammount of buttons displayed @ stance bar now set to 6
m_ActionBars: fixed EVB_user_placed var
m_ActionBars: implemented 1 more action bar
m_ActionBars: modified visibility conditions for ExtraActionBar
m_ActionBars: added ability to set keybinginds for new ExtraActionBar via /kb mode
m_ActionBars: implemented experimental fix for a prowling bar hack incorrectly functioning after talent switch
m_ActionBars: removed MainMenuBar_UpdateKeyRing() call due to 4.2 changes
m_ActionBars: complete code overhaul and restructure
m_ActionBars: config file redesigned so it's easier to maintain and update it, so unfortunately you must update your cfg.lua

====== v. 3.7 rev 5 ======
m_ActionBars: implemented style for flyout multicast buttons (hunters, mages and warlocks rejoice!)
m_ActionBars: fix for recall totems button position
m_ActionBars: and another fix for totembar slot buttons having wrong size and missplaced anchores
m_ActionBars: reanchor totemtimers frame to buttons' slots so we can have them for any "Call" page
m_ActionBars: totembar moved down a little to compensate for summon button position adjustements

====== v. 3.7 rev 4 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed a bug with totembar for low level shamans who didn't have any totems yet

====== v. 3.7 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: disabled default PetActionBar frame
m_ActionBars: fixed some transparent frames being clickable
m_ActionBars: petbar visibility and transparency adjusted in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: added totem timers coloring according to the totem group (earth, fire, water, wind)
m_ActionBars: fixed hotkey text on MulticastSummon/Recall button to match the style of other hotkeys
m_ActionBars: .toc update for 4.1

====== v. 3.7 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: bugfix for totem bar

====== v. 3.7 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: reworked the way TotemBar spawns, so now user has full controll of buttons (size, spacing)
m_ActionBars: new config section for totem bar in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: main/bottomleft/totem-bars moved down few pixels
m_ActionBars: totem bar will now be visible for <30 level shamans
m_ActionBars: bugfix for totem bar
m_ActionBars: disabled default PetActionBar frame
m_ActionBars: fixed some transparent frames being clickable
m_ActionBars: petbar visibility and transparency adjusted in cfg.lua

====== v. 3.6 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: removed mainmenubar artwork at the bottom of the screen

====== v. 3.6 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed hotkeys sometimes not working after talent switch
m_ActionBars: fixed the problem causing additional bars to disapear after reload ui / zoning
m_ActionBars: fixed some minor scaling issues with buttons overlay textures

====== v. 3.6 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed the main action bar page for rogues during shadow dance
m_ActionBars: added little fix for world mark bar to prevent tainting (it will be hidden during the combat)
m_ActionBars: also changed available options for world mark bar
m_ActionBars: flares bar will only be visible for party/raid leaders.
m_ActionBars: implemented special visibility conditions for Main Action Bar, make sure to UPDATE CFG.LUA
m_ActionBars: added ability to completely disable main action bar
m_ActionBars: added opacity setting for totem bar

====== v. 3.5 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: implemented action bars alpha
m_ActionBars: added option to set actionbar alpha to cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: added option to set fade out alpha for action bars with "show on mouseover" enabled
m_ActionBars: new position for raid marks bar
m_ActionBars: removed pitchbar code
m_ActionBars: Removed Holy power spells that only do linear scaling (Inquisition)
m_ActionBars: REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR OLD CFG.LUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

====== v. 3.4 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: MiddleButton is now bindable via /kb
m_ActionBars: you can keybind spells straight from your spell book via /kb
m_ActionBars: fixed gametooltips sometimes not disappearing even if you're not in key bindings mode
m_ActionBars: added specific option to 'disembed' exit vehicle button from the main bar and to set custom position for it
m_ActionBars: holder name and test mode for exit vehicle button
m_ActionBars: RangeCheck update
m_ActionBars: added HoverBind functionality for totem bar
m_ActionBars: now sets a single key binding to the selected set of totems!
m_ActionBars: getting rid of the default totem bar multicast buttons' borders
m_ActionBars: and from the "empty" totem button too!
m_ActionBars: added right click to destroy totem functionality
m_ActionBars: implemented totem timers right on the totem bar buttons
m_ActionBars: added slightly transparent background to the totem timer
m_ActionBars: added option to enable/disable totem timers in cfg.lua (cfg.totembar_enable_timers)
m_ActionBars: added overlay coloring for exit vehicle button

====== v. 3.2 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: added "show when in combat" feature
m_ActionBars: cfg.lua updated again :S Captain Obvious was waay to generous this time
m_ActionBars: added /tm or /mab function allows user to enter testmode to see bars' holders
m_ActionBars: the buttons grid on main actionbar will be hidden by default to prevent it overlaping exit vehicle button
m_ActionBars: new border texture for exit vehicle button to match other bars style
m_ActionBars: adjusted exit vehicle button's dimensions so it fits exactly @ 8th button slot
m_ActionBars: exit vehicle button now propperly anchored to ActionButton8 slot
m_ActionBars: added overlay for totembar's holder
m_ActionBars: added 2 special bars: RaidIcon and WorldMarker
m_ActionBars: applied buttons style for RaidIcon and WorldMarker bars
m_ActionBars: added Mouseover and ShowInCombat functionality to special raid bars
m_ActionBars: overlay highlight for raid mark bars
m_ActionBars: orientation settings for raid mark bars now in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: raid mark bar's holder frames adjusted relatively to orientation setting
m_ActionBars: tooltip anchor changed to "ANCHOR_TOPRIGHT" for raid mark bars
m_ActionBars: fixed typo preventing /eb and /extra commands to function properly

====== v. 3.1 rev 6 ======
m_ActionBars: cfg.lua updated with new options so you HAVE TO reconfigure your bars
m_ActionBars: added abiliy to set spacing for each bar individually
m_ActionBars: option to show micromenu on mouseover
m_ActionBars: fixed HotKeys apearing in combat even if cfg.hide_hotkey set to true

====== v. 3.1 rev 5 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed MicroMenu bar disappearing after talent switch

====== v. 3.1 rev 4 ======
m_ActionBars: cleaned up code a bit, removed few unused variables etc.
m_ActionBars: hidden bars toggling function reworked to avoid conflicts with other visibility options you may set in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: added option to scale Micromenu
m_ActionBars: few bars position adjustments in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: fixed vertical layout with multiple rows

====== v. 3.1 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed mainbar button1 anchor
m_ActionBars: fixed /eb and /extra commands (now they actually do work
m_ActionBars: hidden bars toggling function reworked to avoid conflicts with other visibility options

====== v. 3.1 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed mainbar holder size
m_ActionBars: fixed totembar error when it's actually disabled
m_ActionBars: Captain Obvious passed by the other day and left more comments in cfg.lua file
m_ActionBars: cleaned up code a bit, removed few unused variables etc.

====== v. 3.1 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: buttons borders always visible now
m_ActionBars: implemented "show on mouseover" feature, make sure you update you cfg file!
m_ActionBars: added micromenu, cfg.lua updated
m_ActionBars: added option to disable additional bars

====== v. 3.0 rev 4 ======
m_ActionBars: few code optimizations
m_ActionBars: fixed the mainbar holder size so it doesn't screw mainbar positioning

====== v. 3.0 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: added little script to enable default optional actionbars

====== v. 3.0 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: added key-bindings shortcuts
m_ActionBars: major code revamp
m_ActionBars: mainbar modifications are now done via RegisterStateDriver func (credits to Tukz)
m_ActionBars: config file is backward compatible!
m_ActionBars: fixed main bar size, position and rows settings
m_ActionBars: now includes ncHoverBind as module (credits to Nightcracker)
m_ActionBars: added global function name for toggling key bindings mode
m_ActionBars: OOR and OOM colors smoothened up a bit in cfg.lua

====== v. 2.1 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: just a small fix for pitchbar preventing empty slide bar from showing

====== v. 2.1 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: Added PitchBar modifications (position and scale may be set in cfg.lua)

====== v. 2.1 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: consolidated 2 of the bar styling functions
m_ActionBars: allow player to choose the exact amount of buttons he want to see for each bar
m_ActionBars: new ability to set up to 3 rows for each action bar (together with the ability to set bar orientation this should cover all possible bar layouts)
m_ActionBars: bar holder size now adjusts dynamically when you change the amount of visible buttons
m_ActionBars: added option for totembar scaling
m_ActionBars: added extensive options list
m_ActionBars: all the options transfered into a new file cfg.lua
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A Fallenroot Satyr
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>>m_ActionBars: force action bars grid to always be visible

hello......can any options cancel this fuction?
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Unread 07-11-13, 02:07 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Exp Bar

Why isn't there a Exp bar?
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Unread 11-04-13, 08:22 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Hey mate, would love to get rid of the out of range red colour.
Every time I try to edit the LUA it just makes all my icons white.

How would I go about fixing the out of range to go away?

Cheers mate.

Figured it out, cheers mate!
Last edited by Solvexx : 11-04-13 at 08:25 AM.
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Unread 12-10-13, 10:54 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Hey mate, there's been a nice icon added in the micro bar called shop.
Can you please add it to the coding so mine is hidden like the rest?
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Unread 12-11-13, 10:15 AM  
A Black Drake
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Originally Posted by Solvexx
Hey mate, there's been a nice icon added in the micro bar called shop.
Can you please add it to the coding so mine is hidden like the rest?
yeah I just noticed it today, so I'll update the add-on tonight
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Unread 12-12-13, 06:20 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Is character profiles possible with this addon?
Not sure if I missed it, cheers.
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Unread 12-21-13, 05:42 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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There is an invisible PetActionBarFrame somewhere around petbar cannot click through, don't know what's the problem.

Cheated it with PetActionBarFrame:EnableMouse(false)

And how to use default vehicle UI?
Last edited by chrislue : 12-31-13 at 03:04 AM.
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Unread 04-30-14, 06:06 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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I cannot seem to see an exit vehicle button when on mounts...
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Unread 10-04-14, 03:49 AM  

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Hi love your addon there is 1 problem though.

When using the mousehover functionality while using stuff that flips out like Portals/Poisons etc the Actionbar will hide so will the actual Button and you can only identify it by tooltip.

Is there a fix for that?
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Unread 11-15-14, 12:55 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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any one know how to fix range color on m_actionbars?
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Unread 11-15-14, 01:03 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Originally Posted by EKE
any one know how to fix range color on m_actionbars?
TullaRange works for me.
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Unread 09-18-16, 10:00 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Please make them movable
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