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Gem Queue

Version: 0.2.3a
by: Jotaro [More]

This AddOn is designed to ease the process of trading down emblems to buy epic gems.

Open the main window with /gq.
Specify the count and type of gems you wish to purchase, and check the emblems cost.
After clicking on "Buy" you *need* to interact with the specified vendors in the right order, this will convert your emblems step by step and purchase all of the specified gems at the end.

Aborting the process will set the gem queue back to 0, but once you started trading emblems these cannot be refunded.

Additional Information:
The queue should take Emblems of Conquest and Valor into account, and as of 0.1.5a should now point you directly to the first vendor you need to talk to.
If you want to abort but closed the process window already, use the "/gq abort" command

Important: This has not been extensively tested yet, so it might eat you or cause spontaneous insanity when looking through the source code.

- frames scale down to 80%
- frames are now movable

- Complete Interface rewrite, should now be valid XML

- Visiting all vendors no longer required if you don't have to trade emblems with them
- Buy function called by OnUpdate script to ensure everything is bought
- As a result, you can now talk to Usuri Brightcoin to convert all emblems at once

- Properly refresh when buying
- Debug mode added

- SetButtonState instead of Hide()
- Added Reset on Refresh if cost == 0 ( -> ButtonState)

- "Buy" Button hidden on empty queue
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Unread 09-07-10, 11:30 PM  
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Originally posted by Dridzt
Would Usuri Brightcoin need special handling?
I thought about it, but then what would be the purpose of running all the way to the sewers just to trade down your emblems and back to the gem vendor?

I think the AddOn should work with that NPC too (can't test it now since my servers are down), but you'll have to open the VendorFrame 3 times since that's the only event currently registered. I might rewrite it to include some OnUpdate Scripts.

Edit: with 0.1.5a it received some changes, see the changelog. It'll convert all of your Emblems at once when you talk to Brightcoin.
Last edited by Jotaro : 09-08-10 at 07:37 AM.
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Unread 09-07-10, 04:15 PM  
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Nice idea.
Would Usuri Brightcoin need special handling?

You may even drop a hint to addon users if it simplifies things
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Unread 09-07-10, 10:14 AM  
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I'm gonna give it a shot. Having to trade emblems down still brings a scowl back on face from days when server was full and NPCs in Daralan lagged so bad I could go buy coffee at Starbacks and be back in time to complete a single transaction. Addon will cheer me up =P.

I really dislike that we have talk to 4 different vendors but oh well, Cataclysm will be here soon and it should be solved.
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