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Vacaliga´s UI

Version: 4.0.3a
by: SonneDK [More]

Optimized for 1680x1050 resolutions

I've had a couple requests to upload this, This UI is mainly directed at Dps/Tank classes but can be used to heal aswell as raidleading.

Installation Instructions:
-=[ 1 ]=-
Open there the wtf-folder and change the three folders:

ACCOUNT_NAME_HERE (has to be in caps)

to your specific ones.

For example: WTF\Account\Somename\someserver\Vacaliga
-=[ 2 ]=-
Go into your normal World of Warcraft directory.
Backup there your interface and wtf folder.
Then delete only your interface folder.
-=[ 3 ]=-
Copy & overwrite the folders wtf and interface from
\Vacaliga_UI\ to your world of warcraft directory.
-=[ 4 ]=-
Start WoW.
Make sure that the Checkbox "Load out of Date AddOns" is enabled.

Ingame: Type into your chat: /reflux switch Vacaliga (Remember upper and lower case)
The interface should reload automaticly.

Addon list

I have not developed or claim any rights to any of the add-ons used.

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