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Updated: 10-04-10 09:20 AM
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Updated:10-04-10 09:20 AM
Created:10-02-10 02:50 AM

Gragamhella V4 SpellDragon for Btex/SunnArt

Version: 1.1
by: ApatiaMax [More]

** UPDATE ** 1.1
** Changed the main 24 Buttons Background, 'cause on the early version it looks wrng
** Added a background buttons for the bags

; Gargamhella V4 (Mage Ui)
; Language: none
; Platform: PC/MaC
; Author: Gargamhella (Crushrdige)

Gragamhella V4 "Spelldragon" for Btex/SunnArt

this UI as been deigned for my Mages (Gargamella and Gargamhella, both on Crushridge, Alliance and Horde)
i love Blizzard Ui so i've worked on it have the most fitting default graphics.

* I've notice that 1 mainbar is too few, so 2 will be better !
* a new space for the bags icons on the left, on this way bags-icons will be visible also when bags are opened
* more space for the chat and the combat log, that have an improved space for the toolbar (With "Self" "Everything" "Kills" option).

for the 8 icons on the center of the screen that i've binded with Shift 1-8, also are binded with
[Alt + Q] [Alt + W] [Alt + E] [Alt + R]
[Alt + A] [Alt + S] [Alt + D] [Alt + F]

that's why are eigth

these zip file contain just the texture to be placed inside the Skins folder that you find inside the Btex addon
refear the this addon for more infos on how to use skins.
* I suggest also to use this skin in combiation with Dominos, which is a great addon to manage the buttons
* I suggest to use UIScale to have precise User Interface scale, i play in window mode with a resolution of 1680x1050 the scale is at 0.74

Crits and Suggestion are welcome !
have a nice day & good game

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10-02-10 02:50 AM

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