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ristretto Fonts

Version: 1.0
by: Hoern [More]

What is it..?

A simple replacement of the default damage font found in WoW. Simply install and forget. To change the font, head to the r_Fonts directory in your WoW install's AddOns folder and open the file named "core.lua".

On or around line 20 you will find:

 DAMAGE_TEXT_FONT = [[Interface\AddOns\r_Fonts\fonts\KARAN___.ttf]]
have a look into the "fonts" subdirectory. You'll find a number of fonts already there, including Anime Ace and Phlegyas, the two fonts used in r_Fonts predecessor, Phont.

You may substitute any of those fonts or any other font you'd like for the chosen one. You must, however, log out and back in to enable the new font. If you added a new font to the directory to use, you have to shut down WoW completely and start it back up. Sorry, their limitation, not mine.

Lastly, to simply enable/disable the new damage font type:

/rfont damagefont

this is for future versions which will change more than just the damage font.

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