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Version: 1.0
by: Hepping [More]

What is Vendetta?
Vendetta keeps track of an Assassination rogue's cooldowns, energy and debuffs on a target and suggests what would be the next best move. As well as rotation suggestion, Vendetta also gives you icons to show when your Tricks of the Trade, Vanish and Cold Blood abilities are off cooldown.

Vendetta's options can be accessed using the "/vendetta" or "/ven" command.
If you do have a high latency and you would like a bit of delay between the next rotation suggestion and your input, I've created an option called "Energy Offset" which should help you out a bit.

Future possibilities...
I plan to add racials and Hyperspeed Accelerators to the suggested rotation part of Vendetta in future.

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Unread 10-23-10, 11:56 PM  
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I've been using an addon called Mutilate from Curse for this same purpose. I'll give this one a try as well. Seems so similar, I wonder if you're the same author?

I did in fact decide to switch to Vendetta from Mutilate. Side by side, the addons give nearly the exact same rotation, with one small difference. Vendetta adds Vendetta as a part of the rotation, where Mutilate offers it as an option when it's off CD. Either option is good, but visually Vendetta is more symmetric and that appeals to me. Also, it has an option for "energy delay" or something of that nature to compensate for lag. So far I haven't messed with it, but it is nice to know it's there.

One question, is there a way to adjust the visual "buttons" of the addon with something like the old Button Facade, which is now called Masque? I know Vendetta doesn't use actual buttons, but it would be nice if the look and feel of the icons could be customized.

Thanks for the help.
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Unread 10-16-10, 11:59 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Impressive addon but i would very much like if it had an option so we can make our own custom rotation to be used.
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Unread 10-14-10, 08:12 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Impressive addon I must say. If I may, a suggestion, allow Vendetta to be queued much the same way vanish is. Vendetta is optimally used at specific times instead of just on cooldown.

Aside from that, great work.
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