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What did you say?
Version: 0.2
by: Jiltanith [More]
WDYS - What did you say. /wdys

WDYS can copy what specific characters say, emote and yell, to keep track of them when a lot of people are talking. I use it to keep my sanity in tavern roleplaying situations.

/wdys charname: Put charname on the observation list or removes it if it was on it already. Take care: it is case sensitive and does not check wether that character exists
/wdys observe/o: Put the target's charname on the list
/wdys list: List the observation list
/wdys show: Toggle visibility of the wdys text frame
/wdys lock: Toggle locking the frames position and making the mouse click through it
/wdys auto: If set, the frame will appear when text is added to it

Note: it works so far, but apparently still lacks a scroll bar, and it is somewhat awkward to use as it is.
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