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Zahell is insane

Version: 1.0
by: chaltione [More]

This is a simple text-based addon to display to the user or send to guild/raid/party/say the progress on the feat of strength called Insane in the Membrane.

To display the progress, simply write /zahellisinsane or /zii to show to the user the progress on the feat of strength.

Write /zahellisinsane guild or /zii guild to send the output to guild chat.
Write /zahellisinsane raid or /zii raid to send the output to raid chat.
Write /zahellisinsane party or /zii party to send the output to party chat.
Write /zahellisinsane say or /zii say to send the output to default local chat.

The name Zahell is in honor of my guildmate Zahell (on EU-Aggramar) : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Aggramar&n=zahell

The addon is not localized for anything beyond enGB, it may work on enUS. This is due to comparing literal reputation names.

I follow the following rules for percentages:

Bloodsail buccaneers need 51k rep (from 0 hated to honored)
Steamwheedle needs 84k rep (from 0 hated to exalted)
The last 3 reps need 42k rep (from 0 neutral to exalted)

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You should have made this when I was still on it! Now I already have the achi noone asks anymore
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