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Version: 1-2.1.2
by: Astromech [More]

BucketBags is a bag replacement addon with a twist. It allows you to sort your items into "buckets" which can be shown and hidden at will.


  • Create unlimited buckets for your items.
  • Create, remove, reset, sort, and associate an icon to buckets easily with a click, drag-n-drop interface.
  • Replaces the bag and bank frames.
  • Character specific buckets and item placements.
  • Auto-sorting of items, alphabetically, within a bucket.
  • Customize the look of the frames with minimal lua knowledge.
  • Support for LibDataBroker using Cargor's LibCargoShip. If you don't have this, BucketBags will display your character's money instead.

The backdrop, textures, and icon look can be customized in the settings.lua file with minimal lua knowledge. It's easy! All other settings can be done in game.
  • Drag an item onto a bucket icon to place the item into the bucket.
  • Click on the small plus icon on the sidebar to create a bucket.
  • If an item is inside a bucket already, dragging the item to the bucket icon will set that bucket's icon to the item's icon.
  • Clear a bucket of all items by right clicking on a bucket icon.
  • Sort the order of your bucket icons on the side bar by dragging them. Drop them in the place you would like them to appear.
  • Delete a bucket by holding ALT and right clicking on its icon. This will also clear all items from the bucket.
  • Finally, open and close a bucket by left clicking on its icon in the side bar.

More Information:
On initial install, BucketBags has two buckets: an empty bucket and a misc bucket. The empty bucket always contains all empty bag spaces. The misc bucket holds all items not inside any custom bucket. Create your own buckets to organize your items! Buckets are shared between your bags and bank, so you always know where to look for them.
The first icon on the side bar is a bag bar button. Click on it to see your currently equipped bags or bank slots. Mousing over these bag icons will cause any items not inside that bag to fade out, allowing you to easily tell if all your herbs are in your herb bag!
The side bar also functions as a bag space indicator. The bar will fill up as you run out of space. In addition, your free bag space is displayed at the bottom of the side bar.

This addon is based on Cargor's wonderful cargBags2 framework. It is embedded in BucketBags, so there is no reason to download a separate version (it will not even be detected by BucketBags).

Requests or Bugs?
I consider this addon feature complete. However, fell free to leave feature requests in the comments section. Please report bugs there as well. Thank you!

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great addon, im playing around with it and i think i really really like it.
it allows me to be super organized and i can micro manage it all i want.
i hope to see more like this

question though, is there a way to scale it down? the buttons are pretty big.
or change the background color? i see the last screenshot where its clear background, i would like something similar to that but i dont want to download another addon for it. and i really dont know anything about .lua stuff either
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