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Updated: 10-22-10 05:56 AM
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Updated:10-22-10 05:56 AM
Created:10-22-10 04:25 AM

Chat Timer

Version: r2
by: Xubera [More]

Chat Timer

Adds a movable Button to remind you when you can speak again.

The current filter allows you to post every 30 seconds after your second to last post.

For Example

0:00 - Post
0:16 - Post
0:29 - Post (Filtered )
0:31 - Post (Okay!)
0:45 - Post (Filtered )
0:46 - Post (Okay!)

It adds a red hash mark on the cooldown frame that demonstrates where the cooldown timer will start once you are past 30 seconds from your second to last post.

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A Murloc Raider

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5.4.7 fix

change line 28 of ChatTimer.lua to:
        if Ambiguate(author,"none") == UnitName("player") and generic > 0 then
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