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InstaQ's UI (1440X900)

Version: 1.3.1
by: InstaQ [More]

InstaQ's UI:

Graphical UI for all classes.

Resolution: 1440x900

Memory usage: 15-26mb max.

Other classes: To make them look like on the screenshow it comes down to personal prefference, so you can try to make the changes yourself for the druid and priest or other classes but thats how they where used.

IMPORTANT! - Do not update SharedMedia without making a backup of the media files. The custom files could possibly be deleted when updating.

InstaQ's UI is a UserInterface that was ment to be for warrior's only,But quickly grew out to ALL classes.
This UI is a graphical compilation intended for the daily use of playing World of Warcraft either PvE or PvP.
It's resolution might not be as big as the others but might be even effectiver then most!
It's build in order to get most out of your gameplay, by raiding/questing/PvP-ing, anything you can think of.
Ofcourse this UserInterface is able to be adjusted to your screen size/ resolution, but it requires some time in adjusting everything into place.

1. Back up your Interface and WTF folers, because you don't want to lose them! after you backed them up. Delete them from your World of Warcraft folder.
2. Download InstaQ's Fury UI, and extract the Interface and WTF folders to your World of Warcraft folder.
3. Go into the WTF folder and rename the "Account_Name", "Realm_Name", and "Character_Name" folders to your correct account/realm/character names. Please Note: There case sensistive, so realm
and player names will have a Capital Letters and appropriate punctuation. Make sure you check this, because its it's not the UI will not work as intended.
4. Start World of Warcraft, and everything should be working from that point on. If there are some difficulties? check out the jpg's to manage them as they are!

AddOns in Package:

-AzCastBar - Cast bars
-BadBoy - AntiSpam addon(no more gold sellers)
-Bagnon - Bag addon
-ButtonFacade - Button frames
-Clique - Macro addon/spellbind
-Coolline - Cooldown
-DBM - Boss/dungeon encounter
-Enhance Colour picker - Copy paste colors from addons
-Examiner - Inspect people in a different way
-Fontifier - Change every font from the UI
-FriendsWithBenefits - Copy paste all friends from 1 character to another
-Gearscore - Gear scores / statistics
-Grid - Raid frames
-InFlight - Flight timer
-KgPanels - Panel addon
-Macaroon - Action bar
-MBB - Minimap Button Bag
-MikScrollingBattletext - Scrolling combat text
-Minimalist - Making wow easier
-Omen - Threat meter
-OmniCC - Button Timer
-Postal/Postman - Mail Addon[/color]
-Prat 3.0 - Chat Addon
-Recount - Dps meter
-SatrinaBuffFrame - Buffframe addon
-SexyMap - Map addon
-SuF - Unitframes
-Skinner - Skinning addon
-SLDT - Stats/time/gold addon
-TipTop - Tooltip addon
-WIM - WoW Ingame Messenger

Last Words:
I hope you enjoy my UI as it is now and that it improves your gameplay.


1.3 Releasing for public

- Changed Color's of whole UI, addons removed and updated, re-Released.
- Feedback is welcome!

1.2 Releasing for public

- Addons updated for 4.0.1 CATA ready.

1.1 Updating UI

- Updating the whole UI for patching day, lots of addons are broken
- UI modifications and addons removed.

1.0 Releasing for public

- Uploaded my UI to the website, made minor tweaks for public use.
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