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Updated: 10-26-10 10:09 PM
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Updated:10-26-10 10:09 PM
Created:10-26-10 10:09 PM


Version: 1
by: bilalakil [More]

This extremely light weight addon creates:

  • a draggable frame displaying:
    • your coordinates, in the format: "71.2 - 64.9"; or
    • you and your target's coordinates, assuming your target is in your raid or party, in the format: "You: 71.2 - 64.9 Target: 43.7 - 12.6".
  • information near the bottom of your world map detailing your current location and cursor position in coordinates.
See the screenshots for examples of each feature.
Please note that some of the information on the draggable frame pauses when the world map is activated as the information displayed on the draggable frame may become innacurate.

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