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Mana Time

Version: 0.3.4
by: Artimidrous121 [More]

Mana Time Is Back!!!!!!!!!

I have completely recoded it so no more false alarms. It's been updated to work with 4.0. A few features were removed and added, ill add more as i get the time.

If you have an old vs of Mana Time please delete it and install this release. the folder has been renamed to ManaTime instead of Mana_Time.

== Plays a sound clip saying (Stop.... Mana Time) when someone types mana in party Chat ==

=== Current Features ===

* Plays A Sound Clip When Someone says Mana, OOM, MB, I Need Mana, Mana Break, Drinking, Out Of Mana, and Water.
* message Displays on screen in the form of a raid warning.
====== Possible Features To come ======

* More Sound Clips
* a random sound player if multiple sounds are selected for use
* only activated if in a party and you the tank

===== * * any other ideas please email or PM me * * =====

if you would like any other ways of saying i need mana Please let me know

0.3.4 : Completely recoded, the features removed until a later release are minimap icon, extra sound files, and the UI.

0.3.0 : Added a configuration menu and a extra sound file, also added a movable minimap icon

0.2.1 : added many more things for mana time to ignore. so less likely to go off because of something said in the game like mana wyrmling or names with oom in them.
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