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OpthimusUI (1080P 1920x1080)

Version: 1.3.2
by: Opthimus [More]

OpthimusUI (1080P 1920x1080)

**WORKS WITH 4.0.1**


This interface works great for all classes that want to be able to see real easy when there CDs run out.
I use this both as a Restoration druid and as feral dps and it works great.

Better screen shots from raid-dps and PVP will come shortly.

Named after our 10-man raid when we did LK hc first time a late summer night when the birds... (named after me).

This is a compilation of several Addons I have accumulated (the mane frame in this UI is from Oui i think) over the years.

It was originally designed and used with healing in mind, but due to further interest from guildmates (and through beta-testing by me in cat form) it has been modified to multi-purpose use.
If you prefer a minimalist UI, this one is for you since its primary purpose is to provide the user with a certain level of information, but still be able not to overload you CPU, GPU or memory.

If you should prefer Grid instead of Vuhdo, then you can replace it.
I have left the settings in "SavedVariables" for many addons that i think i might go back to, or others might be interested in.
These addons aren't included in the compilation because of size limitations.

I have used this UI with the widescreen resolution (1600x1024), but now its totally re-maid for "full HD".
Use the UI at lower resolutions at your own risk.

Please follow the installation instructions below, very carefully. I did my best in trying to make the installation seamless.


1. Back up your existing "Interface", "WTF" and "Font" (if you have one) folder in a new map on your desktop.

2. Unzip the "Opthimus UI 1.3" file, and place the new "Interface", "WTF" and "Font" folders in your game directory.

3. Rename the following folders accordingly, with your own account, server and character names.

YOUR ACCOUNT = Your account name (with big letters)
YOUR SERVER = Your Server name
YOUR CHARACTER = Your Character name

4. If you wish to install the UI for multiple characters, copy and paste the "YOUR CHARACTER" folder within the same directory, and then rename each copy to the proper character name you wish to install the UI for.

OBS! If you wish to preserve your macros and bindings, retrieve the "macros-cache.wtf" and "bindings-cache.wtf" files from the old WTF folder you backed up in step 1. Copy these files into the following directory:

...World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCOUNT NAME

5. You can go ahead and log into the game now.
Make sure that "Load Out of Date AddOns" is enabled in the Character selection screen. Keep in mind that when you log in, all the bars and frames will be out of place. Don't panic!

In the chat window, type "/reflux switch opthimus1" without the quotes. Your UI is going to reload by default, and you should have a working UI when you get back into the game.

If that shouldent work make sure you have the right resolution 1920x1080,
And you must be sure that the UI Scale on Video options "Advanced" is set to "Low".

Should any individual addon act strange, all my layout/config settings are saved under the profile "Optimus1" (If reflux have missed any addon it might be under the profile "Opthimus/Opthi1") for every addon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an in-game mail with your e-mail included.


When you have used the interface a while im sure you can take away a few addons that might not fit your play style.

And if you dont "gamble" on AH, never fish, lead raids etc, then you can take away some addons right away.

ACB CastBar - Cast bar Plugin for AzCastBar.
AzCastBar - Casting Bar Addon with Plugin Support.
ButtonFacade_Caith - Caith skin for ButtonFacade.
Addon Control Panel - Addon manager in game.
Advanced Trade Skill Window - You get it i think.
Auctionator - Light Auction program.
BadBoy - A light automatic reporter of spam in trade chat.
Better Inbox - Including Open all mail.

Broker Addons:
Control - Raid target control.
Tracking - Tracker plugin.
AltGuild - Spy on your guild.
Location - Keeps track of your current location.
SocialState - A friend/guild list viewer.
MailNotifier - notifies when you got mail (hope for uppdate).

Svelte (hope for a update).
Trinity - Skin.
Caith - Skin.
DualSpeccer - Switches specializations when clicked.

ButtonTimers - Action bars with timers.
Clique - Simple powerfull click-casting interface.
CoolLine - Shows cooldowns on a single bar.
Chinchilla - Minimap.
Crap Away! - Auto sell all gray items.
Dominos - A main actionbar replacement.
EnsidiaFails - Reports fails in raids.
ErrorMonster - Filter and register errors.
FishingBuddy - Helper with all fishing related tasks.
FuBar2Broker - Shows FuBar addons in LDB display.
GoodNewsEveryone - "I've invented a device that tells you when reactive abilities are avalible!" (like omen of clarity).
GTFO! - GTFO, you're dying! (makes a really nasty sound if you stand in fire and such.
IceHUD -Ace3- - Another HUD addon
kgPanels - Create custom panels.

Mapster - Simple Map Mod.
MikScrollingBattleText - Scrolls battle information around the character model.
Omen - A lightweight, flexible, multi-target threat meter.
OmniCC - Cool down count for everything.
Opie - Group Abilities in rings
Prat-3.0 - A framework for chat ehancement modules.
RaidBuffStatus - Keep track on buffs in raid.
Recount - "dps meter"
Reflux - Addon to switch all AceDB profiles.
SatrinaBuffFrame - A replacement for the UI buff frame.
Skinner - Changes the look of the UI.
Smartres2 - Co-ordinated targetless raid recovery.

StatBlockCore - A core for your informational plugins to plug into.
Tekability - (similar to Durability, haven't decided what to use yet)

Stuf Unit Frames - Main unit frames replacement.
TidyPlates - Modifies the default Blizzard nameplates. Eat your greens.
TidyPlates - Neon Theme.
TidyPlates - Threat Plates.
TipTac - Highly Customizable Tooltip Enhancement Addon.
VuhDo - Raid Frames providing click-heal functionality, buff and debuff control, main tank management and much more.
XLoot - A remake of the built-in lootframe.
XLoot - Group
DBM - Deadly Boss Mods
DBM - Raid Leader Tools


Authors of all the included addons, much of this text, the "main frame" of this UI are things and work that i have "ninja looted".

90% of the interface is changed by me, and not much of the former addons involved in the UI are left.

BUT if someone get angry feel free to mail me.

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