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Version: 40000.1
by: Ailae [More]

Did it annoy you too that you have to click that pesky little tab on the bottom of the spellbook to get access to your professions?

Well, TabThis will add 3 (at most) tabs on the right side for your convenience. 2 for each of your primary professions* and another one that pops out your secondary professions. Also, the extra skills related to your primary professions (for instance milling or disenchant) will also be added to the popout.

As can be seen on the screenshots there are 3 new tabs:
* Jewelcrafting
* Smelting (from Mining, bit of a special case)
* Popout with Prospecting, Cooking, Basic Campfire, First Aid.

* By default, TabThis ignores Skinning and Herbalism since there's really no point in having them on your spellbook. This is locale-specific however, so if you use another locale than enGB they wont be ignored. You can remedy this as well as add other professions to ignore by opening TabThis.lua and edit the appropriate line. All the other parts should work in any locale, I'm hoping.

Please report any bugs you might encounter!

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