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Hi-Res Images

Version: v1.0
by: Lulia [More]

Hi-Res Images for Power Bars
This package contains the first of the "optional" image packs which can be used with the AddOn. The custom image feature of Power Bars makes it relatively easy to implement these new images simply by copying and pasting the ones you need into the AddOn's img folder and then following the steps for custom images in the game.

This set of images are just higher resolution versions of the default images, ideal for those who want to make their image larger without sacrificing quality.

These Images Modify:
Eclipse - Yes
Runes - Yes
Shards - Yes
Holy Power - Yes

Custom Aspect Ratios
There should be no need to set custom aspect ratios.

These images will REDUCE, not increase the quality of the in-game images at the default resolution. With the way World of Warcraft handles the resizing of images, it's actually better to try and use an appropriately sized image than force World of Warcraft to scale an image down from 3 or 4 times the desired size. Use these images only if you want a significantly larger display than the default.

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