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Updated:11-11-10 03:45 AM
Created:11-11-10 03:45 AM
Shut Up! Celestial Horse
Version: 1.0
by: Syxx [More]
Every had one of those tools who have a celestial steed constantly jump so it'll make that obnoxious noise all the time or do you own one of are sick of hearing it every time you jump? This mods for you (and me since I own one myself)!

This sound mod will silence the jumping and damage noises of the Celestial Horse only.

This is NOT an ADDON so it does not go into your Addon directory.

The File structure for this to work has been preserved in the zip so you can unzip this directly to your World of Warcraft folder.
If you'd like to make the folders yourself you'll need to find the World of Warcraft Directory.
Then create a Data folder,
then Sound,
then Creature,
then celestialhorse,
then move the sound files into it.
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