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Updated: 11-14-10 10:42 PM
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Updated:11-14-10 10:42 PM
Created:11-14-10 10:42 PM


Version: 1.3
by: nebula [More]

Shift-clicking on a user name in chat shows a tooltip with their /who information.

I like to have a separate frame for General/LFG, Trade, Whispers and everything else. The basic idea of WhoTip is that you don't have to switch over to ChatFrame1 ("General" by default) to look at the /who information when you Shift-Click a name in another tab. It's useful for forming and looking for groups because you can just shift-click anyone who whispers you or that you see in a channel.

You can use /whotip to toggle the tooltip anchor between your cursor and the default (bottom-right corner).

I've taken over this project from AnduinLothar (

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