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rNameplates - No Ellipsis Patch

Version: 4.004
by: Sojik [More]

This patch alters rNameplates to shorten names differently. See the screenshot for an example. In raids and dungeons mobs regularly have longer names than the nameplates will display and are shortened with an ellipsis chopping off the last word. In most cases the most important part of the mob's name is the last word.

To install just unpack the zip into your addon folder and when prompted to overwrite core.lua do so.

Credit to Zork for rNameplates and all the work he does for the addon community. I believe I originally got the code snippet used from Tekkub in a forum post a long time ago. It's reworked a bit but credit to them as well.

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Unread 08-26-16, 12:02 PM  
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This patch is for a version of rNameplates from almost 6 years ago. I'll mark the addon as outdated so this problem doesn't happen again. I'll leave it up in case someone wants to update it.
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Unread 07-17-16, 04:31 AM  
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I wont get the Addon to work.
I have installed the required "rNamePlates" made by Zork.

Could you say whats wrong?
1. Installed the rNamePlates into WoW/Interface/Addons.
2. Installed the rNamePlates (no ellipsis patch) into wow/interface/addons.

Starting wow.... the Names are still "full lenght" and becomes like "Raider training..."

Could you please update this, or tell me whats wrong?
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