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Minor patch (6.2.3)
Fury of Hellfire (6.2)
Updated:02-09-16 12:25 PM
Created:11-27-10 11:16 PM
Categories:Data Broker, Bags, Bank, Inventory, Group, Guild & Friends, Map, Coords, Compasses, Mail

Broker Everything  Updated this week!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v2.14-Beta4
by: hizuro, Ekaterina


This addon is a collection of modules to display various informations in the game about the game, your character, friends, guild and more. It is recommended to display the modules with panel-addons like Bazooka, ChocolateBar, DockingStation, NinjaPanel, TitanPanel or single- button-addons like Fortress, StatBlockCore.

Current: Archaeology, Bags, Calendar, ChatChannels, Clock, Currency, Dual-spec, Durability, Equipment, Follower, FPS, Framenames, Friends, Game Menu, Garrison, GPS, Gold, Guild, GuildLog, IDs, Latency, Location, Mail, Memory, Missions, Nameplates, Quest Log, Speed, Stuff, Surprise, Tracking, Volume, WoWToken, XP, ZoneText
New in 2.13
: Achievements, Reputation, Ships

Info to new modules:
Achievements: Display the last achievements and achievements from watch list in tooltip.
Reputation: Displaying reputations in tooltip with some nice options.
Ships: A list of your ships like follower module.

Archaeology: A list of factions with fragments and keystones. currently the broker button display green colored faction names if you can solve an artifact.
ChatChannels: List your chat channels in tooltip and broker with amount of present users. the coloring depends on your chat channel color settings.
GuildLog: Display the guild log in a better readable style with the option to hide any action you won't like to see in the list.
WoWToken: Display the current wow token gold price.
Addon Core: Custom iconset support. Would you like to replace the icons used for the brokers of Broker_Everything? It is possible. Use Broker Everything - Demo Iconset as example to create your own iconset. Please read "For Iconsets and Localization" in the "Important" Section.
Broker - GPS / Location / ZoneText:
A click on the tooltip line "Inn" execute the hearthstone. A right-click on the broker button opens a menu with class specific spells and usable items in the character backpack like The Innkeeper's Daughter or Lunar Festival Invitation.
Broker - Bags: Optional list of item qualities with count and vendor price sum.
Broker - Clock: Display local, realm, UTC time. Display your playtime for session, level and all.
Broker - Calendar:
Since v2.12 with optional displaying holidays in tooltip. (current not complete)
Broker - Durability: Autorepair function with optional use of the guild funds and guild masters can disallow the automatic use of guild funds by adding "[noautorepair]" to the guildinfo. Optional list of last repairs with date, spend gold and player/guild fund indicator.
Broker - Equipment: List your equipment sets and your current equipment. the list of current equipment display item level, an # as indicator for unenchanted items, item info (like heroic, mystic, warforged or rank n of n) and Tier Set Number (like T17 or T18).
Broker - Game menu: Display duration time in of gm tickets in broker button.
Broker - Guild: Optional displaying applicants in broker and tooltip. Optional displaying mobile chatter in tooltip.
Broker - Mail: List of chars with number of mails in her box and the lowest days before return to sender.
Broker - Volume: Master volume adjustable by using the mousewheel on broker button. A list of your hardware in tooltip with the option to change it.
Broker - XP: XP bonus and a list of equipped items, spells (fast track) and if you are in group with your friend for 'recruite a friend' xp bonus. List of your chars on current realm with level, name (class color), faction (icon) and xp (<current>/<max> <percent>).

Tooltip scaling and tooltip addons like Tiptac
It is recommended the tooltip scaling in BE not to use, if you use other tooltip addons like tiptac. It can lead to truncated texts in tooltip.
For Iconsets and Localization
I have add some php scripts. the script generates the 3 example files for iconset and localization. I will try to use the php script in this folder to keep all examples up to date...

Bug reports, feature requests and Support
On WoW Interface
* Bug reports
* Feature reqests
* Comments & Criticism
On Curse & Curseforge
* Bug reports & feature requests
* Comments & Criticism

French incomplete [thanks at Chanir from Curseforge]
German incomplete
Chinese [thanks at thomasmo from WoWInterface]

For anyone how is interested to help translating this addon in other languages?

Please read "For Iconsets and Localization" in the "Important" Section.

Thanks to Hungtar for the original Broker_Everything and Ekaterina for futher developing.WowInterface and Curse community for an amazing amount of help.

v2.14-Beta4 | Hizuro
- wowtoken: added missing event ADDON_LOADED

v2.14-Beta3 | Hizuro
- wowtoken: fix wrong variable name
- gold: fix reported error - delete entry results in error message

v2.14-Beta1 | hizuro
- tanaanjungle: added new experimental module
- some code cleanups
- shared: changed tooltip scanning functions
- added toggle option for dialog sound and visualized disabled mastersound with grayed text in broker button
- surprise: added Strange Green Fruit/Ripened Strange Fruit to itemlist
- ships: added detection for shipyard upgrades
- missions: removed default enabled status preset
- memory: added option for update interval
- latency: fixed swapped labels home/world
- gps: added Bladespire Relic (id 118662) and Relic of Karabor (id 118663) to transport menu
- framenames: added ownership of elements by hold shift key and removed unused code
- followers: removed default enabled status preset
- equipment: code cleanup
- currency: fix error on expand/collapse currency list sections by user action
- calendar: removed debug dump value
- bags: changed tooltip building
- archaeology: added quest starter items
- some code cleanups

v2.13-Release5 | hizuro
- ships: fix error in tooltip by holding shift key
- followers: fix error for user with disabled garrison module
- ships: fix error for user with disabled garrison module
- missions: fix error for user with disabled garrison module

v2.13-Release4 | hizuro
- follower: added options to limit list size of 'show characters' option by 'all realms' and 'all factions'.
- ships: added options to limit list size of 'show characters' option by 'all realms' and 'all factions'.
- garrison: added options to limit list size of 'show characters' option by 'all realms' and 'all factions'.
- missions: added options to limit list size of 'show characters' option by 'all realms' and 'all factions'.
- mail: added options to limit list size of 'show characters' option by 'all realms' and 'all factions'.
- xp: fix 2 lua errors

v2.13-Release3 | hizuro
- shared: fix index field nil error in character data migration script.

v2.13-Release2 | hizuro
- garrison: fixed lua error in tooltip on lower chars

v2.13-Release | hizuro
# no changes

v2.13-Beta2 | hizuro
- ids: fix table index nil error
- update localization files
- bags: fix hint column span
- mail: correct spelling
- missions: fix compare with nil error

v2.13-Beta2 | hizuro
- added missing global saved variable be_character_cache

v2.13-Beta1 | hizuro
- update .pkgmeta file
- update localization files
- modules: adding achievements.lua to modules.xml
- core: some changes...
- bags: some little changes.
- calendar: adding event listing for tooltip and option to hide it.
- followersgarrison: some changes to use new savedvariable be_character_cache. add some options and option menu.
- fps: removed some unused code
- garrison: some changes to use new savedvariable be_character_cache. add some options and option menu.
- gold: some changes to use new savedvariable be_character_cache.
- gps: some little changes in tooltip
- guildlog: changed language string
- mail: some changes to use new savedvariable be_character_cache. removed some outdated code.
- memory: adding parts for a graphical memory usage histogram. (disabled)
- missions: some changes to use new savedvariable be_character_cache. adding icons for ships and follower missions. adding new character overview. adding option to hide character list.
- modules: adding reputation.lua to modules.xml
- reputations: adding new module reputations
- professions: some changes to use new savedvariable be_character_cache.
- modules: adding ships.lua to modules.xml
- ships: adding new module 'ships' to seperate it from followers
- some changes on spell and license detection and tooltip displaying.
- xp: some changes to use new savedvariable be_character_cache.
- wowtoken: add option for history with 5 last changes in tooltip, persist reload and relog between chars under 20minutes.
- gamemenu: change entries for PetJournal to CollectionsJournal plus icons. update PVEFrme and add Heirloom icon.
- garrison: fix missing building and changed garrison cache forecast
- gps: added missing itemid 128353 for admirals compass to transport menu
- expand pendingEquip option to use after death of the player
- update examples for localizations
- guildlog: correct spelling

v2.12-Release1 | hizuro
- update examples for iconsets and localizations
- equipment: added tier 18 item id's

v2.12-Beta2 | hizuro
- core: fix for bagScan error and adding 2 new global options

v2.12-Beta1 | hizuro
- update interface version in toc file
- shared: some changes...
- adding module chatchannels to modules.xml
- adding new module chatchannels
- updated list of heirlooms
- surprise: change to use event driven update instead of use 10 second interval
- speed: adding tooltip with learned riding skills, speed bonus (by race, class and guild) and flight licences.
- professions: removed '(Experimental)' info from cooldowns section in tooltip
- garrison: some changes
- friends: replaced character name from HofS playing friends with battle.net name of the friends
- framenames: changed to display <anonym> and the parentKey if possible instead of nil
- equipment: extend display of current equipment. Display heroic, mystic, warforged and T17 (for tier 17 items) after the item name. Tier 18 coming soon.
- calendar: adding holidays to tooltip and an option to disable it.
- adding new module wowtoken
- adding new module guildlog
- adding new module archaeology
- adding archaeology, guildlog and wowtoken module load to module.xml

v2.11-Release | hizuro
- no changes

w6.1-v2.11-beta2 | hizuro
- module mail: debug print removed
- module gps: fixed missing option panel module header
- core: fixed missing clickOptions for disabled modules without futher options

w6.1-v2.11-beta1 | hizuro
- module speed: added tooltip with informations about learned riding skill and flight licences
- update toc file
- module guild: changed color
- module guild: add option to display count of mobile chatter in broker button
- changed library loading
- toc file update
- module mail: some changes
- module garrison: some changes
- added quality color for legendary follower to module followers
- added free worker slot check in module garrison
- changed cooldown type of some secrets in module professions
- fixed remove NewFeatureIcon in module nameplates
- fixed wrong item id for cracked goren egg in suprise module
- fixed error on click fishing in profession menu
- fixed rare nil error message in module garrison
- added average ItemLevel to module equipment
- fixed maxTooltipHeight for LibQTip tooltip usage
- remove under_construction folder from repository
- renamed slider description key 'pat' into 'format' in some modules
- fixed problem with slider and improved the creation in option panel
- fixed missing 'forced closing tooltip' to show static popups for click options 'save/update set' and 'delete set'
- added default text element to module LibDatabroker registration table
- fixed DurationOrExpireDate function

w6.0-v2.10-final3 | hizuro
- fixed problem with option slider

w6.0-v2.10-final2 | hizuro
- fixed problem in xp module

w6.0-v2.10-final | hizuro
- changed two function calls to prevent taint frames (i hope...)
- removed deprecated event GUILD_XP_UPDATE

w6.0-v2.10-beta3 | hizuro
- fixed LibSharedMedia-3.0 include path

w6.0-v2.10-beta2 | hizuro
- fixed problem with gps module

w6.0-v2.10-beta1 | hizuro
- core: added new clickOptions system
- core: added new option panel
- core: changed event and update handling.
- core: fix problem with resetAllSavedVariables function reported by Ztrust (curse)
- bags: changed to use new clickOptions system
- calendar: changed to use new clickOptions system
- clock: changed to use new clickOptions system
- currency: changed to use new clickOptions system
- equipment: added list of equipped item and enchantment check.
- equipment: changed to use new clickOptions system
- follower: added item level to list sorting
- follower: added option to hide disabled follower in tooltip
- follower: added option to hide working follower in tooltip
- follower: added option to use background colored by status instead splitted table
- follower: fixed missing "Use prefix" handling
- friends: changed to use new clickOptions system
- game menu: fix hide section 3 option
- garrison: fixed missing "Use prefix" handling
- garrison: added achievement und blueprints level3 check
- gps: added missing teleport and portal spell id's for horde mages.
- gps: changed to use new clickOptions system
- gps: fixed "Use Prefix" functionality
- guild: added secondary tooltip to display optional zone, notes, officier notes and professions of a single guild member
- guild: changed to make guild member notes display choosable
- guild: changed to make guild member rank display choosable
- guild: changed to make guild member zone display choosable
- guild: changed to use new clickOptions system
- memory: lock update routine on startup and unlock it 15 seconds after player has entered the world.
- missions: fixed missing "Use prefix" handling
- modules: fix some descriptions
- questlog: added display how much group member on same quest
- questlog: added display names of group members there are on same quest by holding shift key
- volume: changed to use new clickOptions system
- xp: added broker text if player has reached the max level
- xp: added new selectable broker text "Percent + Resting"
- xp: added resting xp to twink list

w6.0-v2.9-final2 | hizuro | 2014-12-08 01:58:47 +0100 |
- fixed work order shipment creation

w6.0-v2.9-final1 | hizuro | 2014-12-08 00:58:47 +0100 |
- tagging as final

w6.0-v2.9-beta8 | hizuro | 2014-12-05 21:40:07 +0100 |
- xp: fixed lua error

w6.0-v2.9-beta7 | hizuro | 2014-12-05 11:41:21 +0100 |
- professions: fixed option menu. option menu produced lua error on chars without learned professions.
- xp: fixed rest calculation
- follower: changed ability/traits splitting
- tracking: fixed display only "none"
- stuff: changed broker button click handling. now with visual response...
- gamemenu: changed broker button click handling. now with visual response...
- gps: added missing spellid 147420 (one with nature)
- core: added addon recognition for coexist with other addons
- mail: removed prev. coexist code
- mail: added coexist function
- calendar: added coexist function
- follower: changed label "Unknown" to "Disabled"

w6.0-v2.9-beta6 | hizuro | 2014-11-23 15:32:31 +0100 |
- gps: added new item for transport menu (itemid: 112059)
- professions: fixed index field '?' error
- professions: fixed missing lockpicking in InTitle menu
- missions: added display of followers on missions (Hold shift)
- friends: fixed problem to use whisper

w6.0-v2.9-beta5 | hizuro | 2014-11-17 11:37:21 +0100 |
- professions: fixed cooldowns tracking...
- ids: fixed tooltip. Now displaying "No Ids found..." or hints.
- durability: fixed auto repair functionality again. 5 times tested...
- garrison: added duration/expire date to tooltip section "Under construction"

w6.0-v2.9-beta4 | hizuro | 2014-11-12 08:25:27 +0100 |
- professions: fixed displaying professions on english clients.

w6.0-v2.9-beta3 | hizuro | 2014-11-12 03:20:17 +0100 |
- durability: fixed auto repair functionality again -.-
- stuff: fixed IsShiftKeyDown problem. returns boolean instead of numbers.
- guild: fixed click to whisper or invite bug. sometimes the wrong member targeted.
- guild: fixed delayed visible selection on clicking an applicant.
- friends: fixed click to whisper or invite bug. sometimes the wrong friend targeted.

w6.0-v2.9-beta2 | hizuro | 2014-11-10 12:27:32 +0100 |
- core: added tooltips to option menus
- durability: fixed auto repair functionality
- durability: added "Repair info" option
- gps: fixed missing teleports and portals in transport menu
- ids: fixed missing instance difficults
- ids: added tooltip hint for Hold shift option
- guild: added description to "Show Realm names" option toggle
- guild: some changes around "Show Realm names" option. (added realm name/asterisk behind guild name in tooltip header, added realm name/asterisk to guild members and mobile chatter(armory app))
- professions: added tooltip hint for Hold shift option

w6.0-v2.9-beta1 | hizuro | 2014-11-09 09:00:14 +0100 |
- core: fixed event 'ADDON_LOADED' handling for modules
- core: fixed config reset function
- core: added addConfigElements to the EasyMenu wrapper
- core: added option to hide copper value of player money in broker buttons and tooltips
- core: restored suffix colouring functionality...
- core: added first step to move some savedVariables to be_<name>_db
- currency: update tooltip hints
- durability: fixed error on merchant close
- durability: update tooltip hints
- friends: added option menu to right click on broker button
- friends: remove unnecessary grapFriends function, all necessary elements moved into tooltip function
- friends: added option to show/hide BattleTags in tooltip
- friends: update tooltip hints
- gamemenu: added blizzard's addon panel to the list of addon panel.
- garrison: fixed displayed duration
- garrison: changed hint text
- guild: removed some unnecessary code
- guild: added support of "Show Realm names" option to applicants list
- guild: update tooltip hints
- ids: added new module to display active boss and instance id's with duration
- latency: remove alt+right-click and ctrl+right-click functions
- latency: add option menu as rigt-click function
- latency: update tooltip hints
- mail: changed tooltip to display mails leaved in box on twinks with duration
- mail: update tooltip hints
- memory: changed right-click option to open addon panels. choose your addon panel or disable the right-click option.
- professions: added new module with experimental cooldown tracking...
- volume: update tooltip hints
- xp: removed 5 and 10% xp bonus guild perk
- xp: added heirloom SoO weapons

w6.0-v2.8-final4 | hizuro | 2014-10-22 08:10:18 +0100 +DST |
- garrison: add follower/job row
- garrison: add building level
- garrison: add canUpgrade info
- garrison: add displaying duration time
- durability: change testing unknown slot

w6.0-v2.8-final2 | hizuro | 2014-10-21 19:10:28 +0100 +DST |
- core: bugfix in localization

w6.0-v2.8-final2 | hizuro | 2014-10-21 13:45:47 +0100 +DST |
- core: changed L metatable function to prevent rawset error messages.
- durability: add right-click option to hint in tooltip
- durability: changed version check from GetNumSubgroupMembers to GetBuildInfo. GetNumSubgroupMembers is back in game...

w6.0-v2.8-final1 | hizuro | 2014-10-20 12:42:27 +0100 +DST |
- core: added autoatic mouseover to LibQTip tooltips with visible scroll slider.

w6.0-v2.8-beta3 | hizuro | 2014-10-17 17:01:12 +0100 +DST |
- core: some changes in shared.lua
- core: added a wrapper for the use of EasyMenu.
- core: added modifier key for "hold to display" and "hold for mouseover" in in tooltips
- core: added chinese localization postet by thomasmo on wow interface. (thanks)
- currency: some changes in menu for currencies in title.
- currency: added collapsed/expanded functionality in tooltip.
- durability: fixed problem tooltip error reported by def9 on wow interface.
- durability: removed options from durability tooltip.
- durability: add option menu to broker button right click.
- guild: replace right click option menu. changed from LibQTip to EasyMenu.
- gps: added new teleport and portal id to transport menu.
- gps: removed button from mouseover tooltip to use the hearthstone...
- gamemenu: removed some buttons. reason: problems with in combat ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED errors. (thanks blizzard...)
- surprise: add new item id's 118205/118206
- added new modules: garrison, followers, missions (currently not auto enabled...)

v5.4.8.beta2 | hizuro | 2014-08-24 19:28:42 +0100 +DST |
- clock: bugfix in LibTime-1.0 that prevents displaying the time...
- durability: fixed problem with scrolling tooltip.
- core: reorganized general options in option panel
- core: add slider for new option "max. tooltip height" to option panel

v5.4.8.beta1 | hizuro | 2014-08-14 16:43:27 +0100 +DST |
- bags: fix handling items without informations from the server
- clock: add option for seconds in tooltip and broker button.
- clock: add utc and playtime to the tooltip
- core: add a workaround for the compat[Raid/Party]Frame taint problem.
- core: add color name 'unknown' needed by items in bagpack without informations from the server
- core: add hide frame function for use in modules to hide blizzard elements
- core: add twinkDB to manage twink data for modules [changes in module coming soon]
- core: string coloring system exported to LibColors-1.0
- durability: fixed rare division by zero. found by playing wod beta
- durability: split percent value into average and lowest item in tooltip
- durability: add toggle to change displayed durability in broker between lowest item and average
- gold: add class coloring to character names.
- guild: add check client version to support wod guilds without guild level.
- guild: add show guild xp in broker with option toggle.
- guild: fixed guild reputation displaying in tooltip.
- guild: fixed misspelling appplicants to applicants
- guild: fixed problem with to long tooltips... now scrollable.
- mail: change hide minimap mail button to use new hide frame function
- mail: change tooltip to display a list of mails there leave in mailbox...
- mail: add icon for stored mails displayed instead of new mails after opening mail box
- questlog: add coloring quests by difficulty
- questlog: add support for wod beta
- tracking: add option to hide minimap tracking button
- volume: add list of hardware to volume tooltip. (can be disabled) [requested by bbandit on curse]
- xp: add second tooltip to display xp bonus of your other chars

known problems:
# xp: displaying rest state...
# mail: sometimes icon changed on mouse over to wrong one...

v5.4.7.final2 | hizuro | 2014-05-21 07:16:41 +0100 +DST |
- core: add SetCVar hook to prevent addon_blocked messages for blacklisted cvars for update in combat

v5.4.7.final | hizuro | 2014-05-08 08:40:21 +0100 +DST |
- gps: added spells 120145 and 120146 to transport menu. (see more on http://www.wowhead.com/item=82470)

v5.4.7.beta1 | hizuro | 2014-05-08 23:41:16 +0100 +DST |
- core: simplified onupdate script. now supported options: nil=off, false=trigger in fps speed, float=trigger faster than a second if necessary
- core: fixed gold coloring. missing "00" silver between gold and copper.
- core: added optional use of prefix "BE.." on LibDataBroker registration to prevent problems with other addons. [request by thetakerfan on curseforce]
- core: added screen capture mode option and function.
- currency: fix problem with tooltip vs. right click options. force hide tooltip for other elements.
- friends: rename option "split friends" into "split friends in Broker"
- friends: add option "split friends in Tooltip"
- friends: fix bug on displaying friends in tooltip with correct class color and game icon. BNGetFriendInfo returns incorrect informations. correct data came now from BNGetFriendToonInfo.
- friends: add second tooltip for broadcast messages from battle.net-friends.
- friends: add icon to first column if broadcast message avialable if set.
- friends: add display of players own broadcast text in tooltip
- friends: add use of screen capture mode function for realid, character names and notes.
- guild: fix problem with tooltip vs. right click options. force hide tooltip for other elements.
- guild: fixed spelling error [reported by chorthee on curseforge]
- guild: add use of screen capture mode function for guild name, guild message of the day, character names, notes and officer notes.
- mail: hook onload and onevent to force hiding MiniMapMailFrame.
- mail: changed tooltip displayed informations. replaced "new mails" with "names of sender of the last 3 mails"
- mail: changed icon for new mail in box. [requested by Laren on wowinterface]
- mail: add use of screen capture mode function for sender names.
- xp: add xp bonus info. a list of items and spells. (can be disabled)
- xp: add a list of own characters with level and xp. with option to display chars under max player level only. (can be disabled)
- xp: add fast track 5% to the checklist of xp bonus spells in xp module.
- xp: add use of screen capture mode function for character names.

v5.4.6.final2 | hizuro | 2014-02-16 14:56:22 +0100 |
- disabled showSeconds in clock

v5.4.6.final1 | hizuro | 2014-02-15 19:46:22 +0100 |
- add missing am/pm usage in clock tooltip
- remove 'delete currencyInTitle setting' if currency not found on player. (global profile usage problem)

v5.4.6.beta4 | hizuro | 2014-02-11 18:39:22 +0100 |
- add color 'orange' as indicator in equipment tooltip for pending equipment that waits for next leave combat
- equipment broker displays now pending set instead of equipped set in orange.
- add display option for quality list in module bags.

v5.4.6.beta3 | hizuro | 2014-02-08 10:48:55 +0100 |
- little improvement in guild.lua
- necessary changes in game menu
- iconset support
- add new icon names for game menu into the example file
- enabled gmticket info + edit and cancel buttons
- add icon to calendar for pending invites
- add option for shorter broker text of the calendar module
- add chat command "equip" for use in macro's. usage within a combat delays the action to the next point you leave the combat
- add 'goldColor' as general option
- moved local GetCoinTextureString to shared.lua and renamed it in ns.GetCoinColorOrTextureString
- changed all click functions on broker buttons to use securecall for blizzard functions
- changed init event (PLAYER_LOGIN > PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD) in equipment. hopefully fixing rare wrong broker icon after login and reload.
- fixed not clickable 'share' in questlog if player in group or raid
- some changes in module durability.
- reset option in tooltip
- repair costs of items in character bagpack
- last repair costs with indicator for guild and player fund used for repairs.
- now last repairs saved in per character savedvariables

v5.4.6.beta2 | hizuro | 2014-01-25 20:29:55 +0100 |
- bugfix in durability.lua

v5.4.6.beta1 | hizuro | 2014-01-25 08:33:12 +0100 |
- bugfix in gold.lua
- bugfix in guild.lua
- bugfix in gamemenu.lua
- add custom iconset support (game menu icons coming soon)
- add example for iconset addon
- add custom icon color support
- add module surprise
- add list of last repair costs to durability (requested)
- replaced some icons from media with blizzards icons collection (xp, currency, mail, tracking)
- changed volume icon and add 3 more versions for up to 0%, 33% and 66%
- add list of item qualities with count and vendor price sum to module bags. an spontaneous idea :)

v5.4.5.final2 | hizuro | 2014-01-17 17:33:28 +0100 |
- moved secure button template function to shared.lua
- changed game menu to use ns.secureButton optional

v5.4.5.final | hizuro | 2014-01-13 22:54:28 +0100 |
- add questId to questlog

v5.4.5.beta3 | hizuro | 2014-01-09 12:36:37 +0100 |
- add toggle to disable click option for game menu
- fixed getBorderPositions function
- add toggle to show/hide applicant in broker button and tooltip
- add editbox support
- add custom title option for "Game Menu" with optional use in tooltip

v5.4.5.beta2 | hizuro | 2014-01-03 17:41:37 +0100 |
- limit comment length for applicants in guild tooltip
- bug fixed: gps_securebutton sometimes displayed in other tooltips
- removed windows/fullscreen mode switch for mac users in 'Game Menu' tooltip
- change co-ordinates displaying in gps and location to prevent wrong co-ordinates on opened worldmap.
- replaced all name entries of "Game Menu" with placeholders used from Blizzard for gamemenu and microbuttons.

v5.4.5.beta1 | hizuro | 2014-01-01 11:33:15 +0100 |
- add autorepair to module durability and option panel toggles
> NOTE: guildmaster can use "[noautorepair]" in guild info text to disallow member to use guild money for autorepair-function
- add professions to guild tooltip and option panel toggle
- replace guild right-click menu with a clickable tooltip to toggle options
- add applicants list to guild tooltip
- add controls to volume tooltip
- add new module Game Menu
- add new module Quest Log

v5.4.4.final2 | hizuro | 2013-12-23 06:40:00 +0100 |
- change default config handling
- bugfix in "Local or server time" option toggle
- bugfix in durability to display correct colors on durability in percent
- bugfix in "Show modile chatter" option toggle
- add slider for critical and warning low free bag slots.

v5.4.4.final | hizuro | 2013-12-17 00:41:07 +0100 |
- localization deDE updated
- removed creatures in namesplates
- bugfix in nameplates with enemy totems
- fixed wrong column title in guild (Online > Character)
- add language depend sorting to broker and option panel
- fixed tooltip scaling option. now all tooltips are scaling if option set.

v5.4.4.beta2 | hizuro | 2013-12-11 13:09:41 +0100 |
- localization deDE updated
- correct hide calendar button option
- add checkbox for LibDBIcon
- on open transport menu now hides mouse over tooltip
- replace hearthstone name in transport menu with his targeted inn

v5.4.4.beta1 | hizuro | 2013-12-11 10:37:41 +0100 |
- bugfix against option panel error
- clone LibQTip's SmartAnchorTo and increase distance between broker button and tooltip
- add dropdown "percent color set" to module durability
- add dropdown "Display in broker" to module durability
- add 3 color sets to module durability
- add 4 options to "Display in broker" to module durability
- add toggle "Display both zone names" to gps
- fix "Co-ordination format" displaying sometimes "user defined"
- add color to broker text if current equipment unknown
- change in tooltip of module calendar. Click instead of Left-click.
- localization modified to use some localizations from blizzard.
- fixed non working options in module nameplates
- add missing options in module nameplates
- chatcommand partly revised. now it is possible to extend the commandlist by modules
- WARNING: LibDBIcon-1.0 support enabled. :) This Library flood the minimap with icons if the user has no DataBroker Display Addon or forgot to active it.
- slowdown onupdate manager. onupdate runs on each frame per seconds. some module updateinterval if not set per second to update faster but so fast are never nessassary. nearly 10 times per second are enough.
- add click option to line "Inn:" of modules gps/location/zonetext for using the hearthstone or its replacements.
- add right-click menu to modules gps/location/zonetext with a list of class usable spells and items for transport you to an other location like portals, teleportation or hearthstone and more.
- add option to hide realm names in module guild

v5.4.3.final2 | hizuro | 2013-11-25 19:01:21 +0100 |
- bugfix with LibSimpleOptions-1.0

v5.4.3.final | hizuro | 2013-11-25 13:55:35 +0100 |
- removed label option from optionspanel
- changed module registration. not all modules automatic enabled after config reset or on first install.
- added onupdate function to prevent non hiding tooltips on leave.
- add a little tooltip display options menu to module guild.

v5.4.3.beta4 | hizuro | 2013-11-21 14:05:55 +0100 |
- add missing broker button text if equipment manager has no sets.
- some changes in german localization.
- add unspent talents info to module dual-spec
- add "XP gain disabled!" to xp broker button and tooltip
- include mobile chat user to guild list with "Mobile chat" as text in zone column.
- add different color for guild member status afk and dnd instead of class color.
- add different color for friends status afk and dnd instead of class color.
- fixed total friends count in broker button
- add option to display chars and bnet friends splitted
- add option to display repair costs instead of the durability in broker button
- change durability in percent colors for broker button. (100=green, 99-40=yellow, 39-20=orange, 19-0=red)
- add 'place in title' menu for currency. replaces 'click on a currency to display in title'.

v5.4.3.beta3 | hizuro | 2013-11-19 15:08:14 +0100 |
- added missing check box to hide minimap calendar button.
- crunch some tooltips.
- add different coloring for clicks in hints.
- change xp button text to a 3 step switch. (percent, total and "need to next level")
- add option for shorter tooltip of module currency. hides the category headers.
- fixed missing format change in clock tooltip

v5.4.3.beta2 | hizuro | 2013-11-16 09:33:11 +0100 |
- some bugfixes

v5.4.3.beta1 | hizuro | 2013-11-14 15:18:21 +0100 |
- split Broker_Everything.lua into core.lua, optionspanel.lua
- move some functions and tables into shared.lua
- changed listing available plugins in option panel
- change update interval for fps to 2 second. (old 10 seconds)
- new feature: update without interval in seconds... speed up some updates like location or speed.
- new feature: general setting "Show hints" to toggle displayed hints in tooltips.
- new feature: enable inactive modules without ui reload.
- new feature: onmousewheel in LibDataBroker registration. (Note: only tested with bazooka and titan panel)
- new feature: precision slider for gps/location in options panel.
- new feature: shift-right click on guild toggle motd
- new module: speed
- new module: volume (Note: Slider in Tooltip coming soon)
- bugfixed: wrong game icon in friends tooltip (blizz returns sometimes S2 instead of SC2)

v5.4.2.final2 | hizuro | 2013-11-10 05:13:27 +0100 |
- bugfix in localizations\de.lua

v5.4.2.final | hizuro | 2013-11-09 20:36:33 +0100 |
- fixed bug in latency tooltip

v5.4.2.beta5 | hizuro | 2013-11-05 18:24:02 +0100 |
- fixed missing game icons in friends module tooltip.
- fixed format error in shared.lua.
- fixed missing realm name in friends module.
- fixed currency global settings problem.
- fixed problem where some modules could not be deactivated.
- added select none and select all buttons to option panel broker.
- add workaround for missing localized faction string from BNetToonInfo()
- fixed missing class coloured char names in friends module

v5.4.2.beta4 | hizuro | 2013-11-03 02:40:52 +0100 |
- removed argument from ToggleFriendsFrame in fiends.lua that results in addon blocked messages. thanks blizzard.

v5.4.2.beta3 | hizuro | 2013-11-02 19:02:15 +0100 |
- bugfix in equipment, gold and guild modules

v5.4.2.beta2 | hizuro | 2013-11-02 01:43:52 +0100 |
- commenting out some lines in localizations\de.lua

v5.4.2.beta1 | hizuro | 2013-11-01 03:42:26 +0100 |
- added parts of Broker_EverythingConfig.lua into Broker_Everything.lua
- removed folder Broker_EverythingConfig
- moved module labels, descriptions and options into module files
* any module get the ability to add option elements to option panel with the module registration
- changed from goldDB to Broker_EverythingGlobalDB as global table in gold.lua
- added info message to slashcmd
* info message currently incomplete. not all descriptions to the commands are written.
- added command options to slashcmd
- bugfix in current.lua
* sometimes if blizz removing currencies and the user has set it in title results in a error message about d.icon is nil value.
- and some other bugfixes

v5.4.1 | Ekaterina | 2013-10-31 00:00:00 0000 |
- TOC update
- Added the new currencies to the currency broker
- Fixed bug in the gold broker caused by Blizzard code change.

v5.2.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-03-11 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated Config toc.

v5.2.1 | Ekaterina | 2012-03-10 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated toc to 5.2.
- Updated currency module to include latest currencies, courtesy of Hizuro
- German Localisation, courtesy of Hizuro

v5.1.1 | Ekaterina | 2012-11-28 00:00:00 0000 |
- Removed some debugging code.
- Bug fix to the friends module
- Updated currency module to include Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.

v5.0.5.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-10-07 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bug fixes with friends module.
- Added option to scale the tooltips using uiscale. Activate either by gui config or /be tooltips

v5.0.5.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-10-06 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bug fix for the Currency broker - was missing a few currencies.
- some minor code clean up.

v5.0.5.1 | Ekaterina | 2012-10-05 00:00:00 0000 |
- New Broker: Currency. Courtesty of Hizuro
- Bug fix for nameplate broker.
- Bug fix for Equipment broker.

v5.0.4.6 | Ekaterina | 2012-09-10 00:00:00 0000 |
- Actually fixed error with the clock
- Minor changes to latency broker
- New Broker: Equipment

v5.0.4.5 | Ekaterina | 2012-09-8 00:00:00 0000 |
- Fixed error for display of the bags.
- Major changes to the friends broker.

v5.0.4.4 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-31 00:00:00 0000 |
- Fixed error with option to use global profile not saving when using gui configuration
- Fixed error that occured when nameplate broker was disabled.

v5.0.4.3 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-30 00:00:00 0000 |a&b
- To fix a save fail. I should not be allowed to code at the end of my work week.

v5.0.4.3 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-30 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bug fixes
- Option to have a global profile for Broker_Everything. See gui config or /be global
- Option to have sound play when new mail is received.

v5.0.4.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-29 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated Libraries
- Corrected some API usage in the Friends & Guild modules
- Corrected logic error that was causing the addon not to remember settings after resetting the saved variables.
- Removed ranged slot from durability broker.

v5.0.4 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-28 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated to work with 5.0.4 & MoP.

v4.3.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-07-12 00:00:00 0000 |
- Changed Localization to the metatable method, rather than ACE.
- Fixed a bug with the ClassColors support.
- Changed to a different library for the configuration options.

v4.3.1 | Ekaterina | 2012-06-01 00:00:00 0000 |
- Change in versioning to bring it into line with what version of WoW Broker_Everything is compatible with.
- New Nameplates broker.
- Change to the way that the gold information was stored.
- Edited the mail broker to make it more responsive.
- Some code clean up.

v0.1.8 | Ekaterina | 2012-02-15 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bugfixes for guild & friends module regarding a players status.

v0.1.7 | Ekaterina | 2012-01-01 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bugfixes for the guild module xp display.

v0.1.6 | Ekaterina | 2011-12-01 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated TOC for 4.3
- Updated icon for the XP Module
- New GUI configuration panel.
- Added support for stAddonManager into the Memory Module
- Re-wrote the database format to make GUI configuration and future maintenance easier.
- Updated the Latency Broker to show both the Home and World Latency with options to display whichever you prefer.
- Added options to toggle class colouring of the suffixes.

v0.15 | Ekaterina | 2011-06-29 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated Friends module to fix RealId API Changes.
- Updated TOC for 4.2

v0.1.4 | Ekaterina | 2011-05-05 00:00:00 0000 |
- New Icon for tracking module.
- Guild module will now alert you if you can earn more weekly guild xp.
- Tidy up to the guild module tooltip.
- Updated TOC.

v0.1.3 | Ekaterina | 2011-01-30 00:00:00 0000 |
- Fixed issue with DualSpec module to avoid tainting the glyph frame. Thanks to Silverwind.

v0.1.2 | Ekaterina | 2011-01-28 00:00:00 0000 |
- Corrected error with ZoneText Module calling getZone incorrectly.

v0.1.1 | Ekaterina | 2011-01-24 00:00:00 0000 |
- ZoneText Module now will colour according to the pvp flag, updated the tooltip to show more detailed information.
- Guild/Friends - Added functionality to invite or whisper listed guildies/friends.

v0.1 | Ekaterina | 2011-01-02 00:00:00 0000 |
- New Icons for most datafeeds.
- Localisation! EnUs only, currently.
- Changed to the LibQTip library for the tooltips.
- Various code clean ups and updates.
- New Module - GPS.

v0.021 | Ekaterina | 2010-12-02 00:00:00 0000 |
- Uploaded to correctly name the old and new zonetrackers.

v0.020 | Ekaterina | 2010-12-02 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated the .toc
- Changed a couple of the icons used for various datafeeds.
- Updated the bags, clock and xp to fix an updating issue on the text line.
- Updated the zonetracker to open the World Map when clicked.
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add some chinese zhCN local

i use this addon and do some local

Lua Code:
  1. local _, ns = ...
  2. local L = ns.L
  4. if LOCALE_zhCN then
  5.     -- Simplified Chinese translations go here
  6.     L["%d unspent talent"] = "%d 未使用天赋"
  7.     L["%d unspent talents"] = "%d 未使用天赋"
  8.     L["12 / 24 hours mode"] = "12 / 24 小时模式"
  9.     L["24 Hour Time"] = "24 小时"
  10.     L["24 hours mode"] = "24 小时模式"
  11.     L["Active"] = "激活"
  12.     L["Active quests"] = "激活的任务"
  13.     L["Add a currency"] = "添加一种货币"
  14.     L["Addon"] = "插件"
  15.     L["All"] = "全部"
  16.     L["Alliance"] = "联盟"
  17.     L["Allows you to adjust the display options."] = "允许调节系统显示选项."
  18.     L["Alt+Click"] = "Alt+单击"
  19.     L["Alt+Right-click"] = "Alt+右键"
  20.     L["Amount"] = "金额"
  21.     L["Are you sure you want to Reload the UI?"] = "确认重载界面?"
  22.     L["Arena"] = "竞技场"
  23.     L["Auto"] = "自动"
  24.     L["Auto repair"] = "自动修理"
  25.     L["Average"] = "平均"
  26.     L["Bags"] = "包裹"
  27.     L["BattleTag"] = "BattleTag"
  28.     L["BattleNet"] = "战网"
  29.     L["Broker as Minimap Buttons"] = "作为小地图按钮"
  30.     L["Broker format"] = "Broker 格式"
  31.     L["Broker to alert you if you have mail."] = "邮件提示."
  32.     L["Broker to show and switch your character specializations"] = "显示并切换角色天赋"
  33.     L["Broker to show if you have any current invitations."] = "显示当前所接到邀请函."
  34.     L["Broker to show invitations"] = "显示邀请函"
  35.     L["Broker to show names of frames under the mouse."] = "显示鼠标下框架名称."
  36.     L["Broker to show realm or local time"] = "显示服务器或当地时间"
  37.     L["Broker to show the name of the current zone."] = "显示当前区域名称."
  38.     L["Broker to show you which friends are online."] = "显示好友在线状态."
  39.     L["Broker to show your different currencies."] = "显示当前拥有货币."
  40.     L["Broker to show your frames per second."] = "显示游戏帧率."
  41.     L["Broker_Everything will use the new setting on next reload."] = "Broker_Everything 将在重载后应用新设置."
  42.     L["Calendar"] = "日历"
  43.     L["Cfg"] = "Cfg"
  44.     L["Change how much digits display after the dot."] = "改变小数点后显示位数."
  45.     L["Character"] = "角色"
  46.     L["Characters"] = "角色"
  47.     L["Chat command list for /be & /broker_everything"] = "命令行列表: /be & /broker_everything"
  48.     L["Choose your "] = "选择传送"
  49.     L["Choose your favorite display format for the broker button."] = "选择喜好的 broker 按钮格式."
  50.     L["Click"] = "点击"
  51.     L["Clock"] = "时钟"
  52.     L["Co-ordinates"] = "坐标"
  53.     L["Co-ordination format"] = "坐标格式"
  54.     L["Collect garbage"] = "回收"
  55.     L["Collecting Garbage..."] = "回收垃圾..."
  56.     L["Combat"] = "战斗"
  57.     L["Completed quests"] = "已完成任务"
  58.     L["Contested"] = "争夺"
  59.     L["Count"] = "总计"
  60.     L["Creations"] = "建立"
  61.     L["Ctrl+Click"] = "Ctrl+点击"
  62.     L["Ctrl+Right-click"] = "Ctrl+右键"
  63.     L["Currencies in Title"] = "货币信息条"
  64.     L["Currency in title - menu"] = "货币信息条 - 菜单"
  65.     L["Currency"] = "货币"
  66.     L["Current"] = "当前"
  67.     L["Data modules:"] = "数据模块:"
  68.     L["Delete a set"] = "删除套装"
  69.     L["Disable displaying game icons and use game shortcut instead of"] = "禁止游戏图标以快捷方式代替"
  70.     L["Disable game icons"] = "停用游戏图标"
  71.     L["Disabling %s on next reload."] = "重载后禁用 %s."
  72.     L["Display XP in broker"] = "显示经验"
  73.     L["Display selection"] = "显示选择项"
  74.     L["Display zone names"] = "显示区域名称"
  75.     L["Dualspec"] = "双天赋"
  76.     L["Durability"] = "耐久度"
  77.     L["Enable to play a sound on receiving a new mail message. Default is off"] = "收到新邮件时播放声音. 默认关闭"
  78.     L["Enable/Disable Class colouring of the information display suffixes. (eg, ms, fps etc)"] = "信息显示启用/禁用职业颜色. (例如, 毫秒, 帧率等)"
  79.     L["Enable/Disable the showing of a global Broker_Everything profile across all of your characters."] = "启用/禁用全局 Broker_Everything 设置覆盖角色设置."
  80.     L["Enable/disable tooltip scaling."] = "启用/禁用提示比例."
  81.     L["Enabling %s on next reload."] = "重载界面后启用 %s."
  82.     L["Equip a set"] = "装备套装"
  83.     L["Equipment manager is not enabled"] = "装备管理未启用"
  84.     L["Equipment"] = "装备"
  85.     L["Exalted"] = "崇拜"
  86.     L["FPS"] = "帧率"
  87.     L["Faction"] = "阵营"
  88.     L["Framenames"] = "框架名称"
  89.     L["Free slots"] = "空闲位"
  90.     L["Friendly"] = "友善"
  91.     L["Friends"] = "好友"
  92.     L["Game Menu"] = "系统菜单"
  93.     L["GPS / Location / ZoneText"] = "GPS / 本地 / 区域"
  94.     L["GPS"] = "GPS"
  95.     L["Game"] = "游戏"
  96.     L["General Options"] = "常规选项"
  97.     L["Gold coloring"] = "货币颜色"
  98.     L["Gold information"] = "钱币信息"
  99.     L["Gold"] = "钱币"
  100.     L["Guild"] = "公会"
  101.     L["Hated"] = "厌恶"
  102.     L["Hidden"] = "隐藏"
  103.     L["Hide Blizzard's minimap calendar button"] = "隐藏系统小地图上日历按钮"
  104.     L["Hide calendar button"] = "隐藏日历按钮"
  105.     L["Hide mobile chatter in tooltip"] = "Hide mobile chatter in tooltip"
  106.     L["Hide modile chatter"] = "Hide modile chatter"
  107.     L["Hide motd"] = "隐藏公告"
  108.     L["Hide realm name in tooltip"] = "提示中隐藏服务器名称"
  109.     L["Hide xp/rep"] = "隐藏经验/声望"
  110.     L["Hide/Show tooltip hint."] = "隐藏/显示提示."
  111.     L["Home latency on/off"] = "本地延迟|cff00ff00开启|r/|cffff0000关闭|r"
  112.     L["Home"] = "本地"
  113.     L["Honoured"] = "尊敬"
  114.     L["Hostile"] = "敌对"
  115.     L["How fast are you swimming, walking, riding or flying."] = "显示当前游泳, 步行, 乘骑以及飞行速度."
  116.     L["Info"] = "信息"
  117.     L["Inn"] = "炉石"
  118.     L["Invitation"] = "邀请函"
  119.     L["Invitations"] = "邀请"
  120.     L["Invite a friend"] = "邀请好友"
  121.     L["Invite a member"] = "邀请成员"
  122.     L["Invite"] = "邀请"
  123.     L["Invites"] = "邀请"
  124.     L["Items"] = "物品"
  125.     L["Land"] = "陆地"
  126.     L["Last %d repair costs"] = "最近 %d 次修理花费"
  127.     L["Last 3 new mails"] = "最近 3 封邮件"
  128.     L["Latency"] = "延迟"
  129.     L["Leave in mailbox"] = "邮箱的邮件"
  130.     L["Left"] = "左"
  131.     L["Left-click"] = "左单击"
  132.     L["Level"] = "等级"
  133.     L["Local Time"] = "当地时间"
  134.     L["Local or server time"] = "当地或服务器时间"
  135.     L["Location"] = "区域"
  136.     L["Logout"] = "注销"
  137.     L["Louder"] = "|cff00ff00音量+|r"
  138.     L["Lowest item"] = "最低耐久装备"
  139.     L["Mail from"] = "邮件自"
  140.     L["mails"] = "邮件"
  141.     L["Mail"] = "邮件"
  142.     L["Max."] = "最大"
  143.     L["Memory Usage"] = "内存占用"
  144.     L["Memory"] = "内存"
  145.     L["Min."] = "最小"
  146.     L["Misc"] = "综合"
  147.     L["MobileChat"] = "MobileChat"
  148.     L["Module Options"] = "模块选项"
  149.     L["Modules"] = "模块"
  150.     L["Mousewheel"] = "鼠标滚轮"
  151.     L["MotD:"] = "公告:"
  152.     L["Nameplates"] = "姓名板"
  153.     L["Names"] = "姓名"
  154.     L["Names/Nameplates on/off"] = "名称/姓名板 开启/关闭"
  155.     L["Needs UI reload..."] = "需要重载界面..."
  156.     L["Neutral"] = "中立"
  157.     L["New Mail"] = "新邮件"
  158.     L["No data found"] = "无数据"
  159.     L["No Friends Online."] = "无在线好友."
  160.     L["No Guild"] = "无公会"
  161.     L["No item found."] = "未发现物品."
  162.     L["No Mail"] = "无邮件"
  163.     L["No Spec!"] = "无天赋!"
  164.     L["No addon manager found. Tried OptionHouse, ACP, stAddonManager and Ampere."] = "未发现插件管理器. 请安装|cff00ff00[OptionHouse]|r, |cff00ff00[ACP]|r, |cff00ff00[stAddonManager]|r 或 |cff00ff00[Ampere]|r."
  165.     L["No equipment sets found"] = "未发现装备套装"
  166.     L["No invitations found"] = "未发现邀请"
  167.     L["No sets found"] = "未发现套装"
  168.     L["No specialisation found"] = "未发现天赋"
  169.     L["No spells or items found"] = "未发现该法术或物品"
  170.     L["No tracking option active."] = "追踪项未激活."
  171.     L["None"] = "无"
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Unread 10-15-14, 06:41 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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oh. i can reproduce this error by open pet_journal. i hate blizzard...

one more point on my list of problems with the gamemenu module.

this and other problems force me to remove this module, because it is unusable thanks blizzard.

i will remove all problematic elements from the gamemenu module... more i can't do...

greetings Hizuro
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Unread 10-15-14, 04:28 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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toy box error?

broker everything disabled, can click on any toy to use.
broker everything enabled gives this error:

1x [ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN] AddOn 'Broker_Everything' tried to call the protected function 'UseToy()'.
!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:586: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:586>
[C]: in function `UseToy'
...eBlizzard_PetJournal\Blizzard_PetJournal-1.0.lua:2525: in function `ToySpellButton_OnClick'
[string "*:OnClick"]:5: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>

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Unread 10-01-14, 12:07 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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def9, thanks for reporting.

i've found the problem and fixed it. coming with next build. i've extend the script to track the problem and it's so nice to let it... hold shift-key to display all single damaged slots with durability in percent. i will make this optional and with changable modifier key.

my current problem: I feel tired every time when I look at the todo list...

greetings Hizuro
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Unread 09-30-14, 08:53 PM  
A Cobalt Mageweaver
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I recently updated to the beta2 and get the following error when I mouse over durability. Everything else outside your todo list seems to be working as intended for me at least.

Date: 2014-09-30 14:19:46
ID: 16
Error occured in: Global
Count: 8
Message: table index is nil
   [C]: rawset()
Epiria, level 100 Ret/Holy Paladin
Simkin level 100 Combat Rogue
Feldeemus, level 100 Arcane Mage
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Unread 09-23-14, 02:56 PM  
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not really... the usage of secure button template in tooltips was a bad idea. Looks nice but it makes to much problems. currently i work on an other addon but this problem is one of my next points on my todo list.

sometimes i hate blizzard for this secure bullshit... -.-

i hope i can fix this problem with use of Easymenu function.

greetings Hizuro
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Unread 09-23-14, 12:31 PM  
A Molten Giant
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Was still using the old final version untill you go out of beta but go this error. Is this already fixed in the betas?
3x Broker_Everything-5.4.7.final2\modules\gamemenu.lua:240: attempt to perform arithmetic on field "waitTime" (a nil value)
Broker_Everything-5.4.7.final2\modules\gamemenu.lua:240: in function <Broker_Everything\modules\gamemenu.lua:236>
Broker_Everything-5.4.7.final2\modules\gamemenu.lua:267: in function <Broker_Everything\modules\gamemenu.lua:262>

self = <unnamed> {
 0 = <userdata>
gmticket = <table> {
 ticketStatus = 4
 caseIndex = 0
 numTickets = 1
 hasTicket = true
updateGMTicket = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\modules\gamemenu.lua:236
ns = <table> {
 secureButton2 = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:580
 tooltipScaling = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:113
 color = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:242
 strLimit = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:459
 print = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:290
 bagScan = <table> {
 LDBI = <table> {
 GetLocalTime = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:837
 createTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:101
 insertAppend = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:396
 debugging = true
 commands = <table> {
 OP = <unnamed> {
 moduleInit = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\modules.lua:126
 secureButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:546
 onleaveTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:67
 LDB = <table> {
 toggleEquipment = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\modules\equipment.lua:47
 print_t = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:303
 GetItemData = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:625
 hideTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:119
 modules = <table> {
 LSM = <table> {
 updateList = <table> {
 GetUTCTime = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:841
 split = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:438
 GetGameTime = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:812
 scm = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:792
 Print = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:290
 GetCoinColorOrTextureString = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:774
 I = <table> {
 tooltipGraphAddValue = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:755
 pairsByKeys = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:354
 tooltipGraph = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:711
 LQT = <table> {
 L = <table> {
 GetFaction2PlayerStanding = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:656
 splitTextToHalf = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:424
 rgb2Hex = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:228
 RegisterMouseWheel = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:153
 print_r = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:303
 onleaveButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:146
 getBorderPositions = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:450
 GetPlayedTime = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:862
 SetCVar = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:47
 updateIcons = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:337
 realm = "Anetheron"
 forceHideTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:138
 splitText = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:411
 updateIconColor = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:269
 reversePairsByKeys = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:372
 UnitFaction = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:685
 LSO = <table> {
 player = <table> {
ldbName = "Game Menu"
customTitle = "M"
name = "Game Menu"
L = <table> {
  = ""
 Total Memory usage = "Gesamte Speiche
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
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Unread 08-30-14, 11:39 AM  
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Originally Posted by hizuro
I think it is possible...
I use 2 types of tooltip. GameTooltip from bizzard for all broker without in tooltip clickable options and LibQTip. Its not a bad idea to add an global option to make tooltip actions chooseable. i put it on my todo-list.
I woud like to have it all auto closed when mouseover the tooltip exapt for the Durability, Memory and Gear Swap moduls.
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
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Unread 08-30-14, 10:07 AM  
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I think it is possible...

I use 2 types of tooltip. GameTooltip from bizzard for all broker without in tooltip clickable options and LibQTip. Its not a bad idea to add an global option to make tooltip actions chooseable. i put it on my todo-list.

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Unread 08-30-14, 09:27 AM  
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It woud be nice especially for tooltips like Bags and FPS if they woud just hide if you mouseover the tooltip because there can't be klicked anything in the tooltip.
Its already working like this for the Lateny tooltip for some reason.
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
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Unread 08-30-14, 12:10 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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could you add an option (maybe also a global one?) to make those "information displays" click-troughable?

Would be really nice, so i can use them as info on some kgpanel buttons.

- Aproxx
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Unread 08-19-14, 02:12 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Happy to help, love the addon.
"Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a $%@$ how crazy they are!" - Seth Gecko (From Dusk til Dawn)
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Unread 08-17-14, 07:20 PM  
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thank you Wills.

I've found the problem. i upload a new beta version in some days...

greetings Hizuro
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Unread 08-16-14, 07:38 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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I just updated to the latest release (v5.4.8.beta1) and the clock stopped working, now my bars just display the clock icon and the word "Clock."

See THIS image.

Reverting to last stable release until this is fixed.

- Wills
"Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a $%@$ how crazy they are!" - Seth Gecko (From Dusk til Dawn)
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Unread 08-14-14, 10:17 AM  
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Talking I still live... i think... maybe... ;)

Hello friends...

sorry for this long time without changes. in some planed modules i have problems to create stable versions. futher, i didn't found a way to prevent blizzard taint messages. i had a little downtime to like playing wow. now i'm beta tester for wod...

i've modified the modules bags and guild for wow 6.0 (backward-compatible).

greetings Hizuro
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