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.SBUI - Chronobars (every class)

Version: 0.9
by: .SkyBreaker [More]


layout for


Here you finally have the just accounced Chronobars layout for all classes for my interface compilation ".SKYBREAKER UI"

You don't know what Chronobars is? See here!

Installation (see screenshot)

1. Copy the AddOns\Chronobars folder to World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons

2. Copy the SavedVariables ACCOUNT\Chronobars.lua to World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\[youraccountname]\SavedVariables

3. Copy the SavedVariables CHARACTER\Chronobars.lua to World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\[youraccountname]\[yourservername]\[yourcharaktername]\SavedVariables

4. Ingame type "/cb". A blue and red bar should pop up. Rightclick one of the bars, go to "Profile Settings" then "Switch To" and load your class (e.x. .SKYBREAKER UI (Rogue))

5. An error will pop up, mostly. Just click it away. Type "/cb" again to close the configuration.

If you want to use Chronobars for all or other characters, you have only to copy the Chronobars.lua from the SavedVariables\CHARACTER folder to the specific character... And of course load the class profile

It's not 1.0 because i think that some of the spell id's are wrong. Cannot test them all because i don't have every class on level 80.

Big thanks to Phanx who created a almost complete list with all spell id's for every class that i was able to use to set up the spells

If you encounter any errors, missing oder not working spells, send me a message.


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